Prevail the AZ-104 Exam Difficulty with 4 Powerful Tips

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AZ-104 Exam

Whether you’re appearing in the AZ-104 exam, or struggling to pass it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate is challenging for many but it doesn’t infer that you cannot achieve it. 

This blog is all about the AZ-104 exam, its difficulty level, and how to ace it with proven expert tips. From learning about the exam format, topics covered, and which resources to utilize, this blog is your way to go. So, let’s get started without further due. 

A Glance At Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Exam

If you’re appearing in the exam you should have subject matter expertise in managing, monitoring, and implementing an organization’s Microsoft Azure environment, as well as virtual networks, storage, computing, identity, security, and governance.

As an Azure administrator, you’re frequently part of a larger team tasked with implementing a company’s cloud infrastructure. Azure administrators also collaborate with other roles to deliver solutions for Azure networking, security, databases, application development, and DevOps.

You should also be familiar with operating systems, networking servers, and virtualization. Moreover, you’re also proficient in using PowerShell, Azure CLI, the Azure portal, Azure Resource Manager templates (ARM templates), and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra.

Format of the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104 Exam

Exam Format and Duration: The exam consists of 40-60 questions mainly multiple-choice, case studies, and drag-n-drop. You will have a maximum of 2 hours to complete the exam. 

Languages: The exam is available in English, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese (Traditional), Italian, and Indonesian (Indonesia). 

Cost of the AZ-104 exam: This exam costs $165. The price is subject to change according to the location where the exam is proctored. 

AZ-104 Exam Module: The latest exam domains that will account for the major percentage of exams are

  • Module 1: Manage Azure identities and governance (15–20%)
  • Module 2: Implement and manage storage (15–20%)
  • Module 3: Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20–25%)
  • Module 4: Configure and manage virtual networking (20-25%)
  • Module: Monitor and maintain Azure resources (10–15%)

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The Difficulty Level of the AZ-104 Exam

The exam is intermediate when we compare the difficulty level of the AZ-104 exam with other Microsoft role-based certifications. It doesn’t show that it is easy to obtain. To pass this exam, you must accomplish thorough preparation and get a complete overview of the related concepts apart from exam domains. The exam is multiple-choice and consists of case studies, so make sure you prepare according to the exam format. 

However, the difficulty level of the AZ-104 exam is also influenced by several factors. For instance, if you have taken the Microsoft Azure fundamental exam, you have a strong understanding of Azure services and cloud concepts that make the exam less difficult. Getting AZ-900 is definitely not a prerequisite, but undoubtedly, it can prepare for many Azure role-based certifications; in which Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate is one of them

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Test Takers Experience

We asked many candidates that appear in the AZ-104 exam about the exam difficulty level. Many of the candidates found this exam average. Some also reported that it is a challenging exam. According to their experience, multiple-choice questions are not much difficult and you can solve them if you prepare well. The real difficulty comes in solving case studies. The case studies demand hands-on experience and inclusive knowledge. If you solve the case studies, you can pass the exam with exceptional scores. 

If you’re intimidated by the exam syllabus and wondering how can you ace the exam and overcome the difficulty level; don’t panic, by following our preparation guide and powerful study tips, you can pass the AZ-104 exam with ease. 

Preparation Guide for Acing the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate

Take a deep breath and get ready to prepare for the AZ-104 exam with this preparation guide. In this guide, we have listed important exam preparation resources that will help you effectively prepare.

Take a Look at the Study Guide

Before starting your preparation, go through the AZ-104 study guide. The study guide consists of the relevant information including exam format, modules, recommended knowledge, and everything you need to know before the exam.

Enroll in Microsoft Learning Path 

Microsoft’s learning path is one of the best and most effective ways of preparing for the AZ-104 exam. The learning path consists of self-paced and instructor-led training.

Self-paced: The self-paced training consists of 8 courses that cover all the exam domains. You can take these courses at your ease and desired time. The basic purpose of the self-paced courses is to provide you with extensive preparation tailored according to your learning needs. The courses included in the learning path are:

  • AZ-104: Prerequisites for Azure administrator (6 Modules)
  • AZ-104: Manage identities and governance in Azure (8 Modules)
  • AZ-104: Implement and manage storage in Azure 
  • AZ-104: Deploy and manage Azure compute resources
  • AZ-104: Configure and manage virtual networks for Azure administrator
  • AZ-104: Monitor and backup Azure resources

Instructor-led: The courses provide you with insights into how to manage their Azure subscriptions, secure identities, administer the infrastructure, configure virtual networking, connect Azure and on-premises sites, manage network traffic, implement storage solutions, create and scale virtual machines, implement web apps and containers, back up and share data, and monitor your solution. You can get this training in virtual and in-person. 

Clear your Concepts with Online Tutorials and Webinars

You can also enhance your preparation with many online tutorials and webinars. Many resources provide free online webinars that supplement your exam knowledge and provide detailed information about the exam.

Get Insights with Microsoft Community Platforms and Online Forum 

The community platforms and online forums will help you to learn about the latest exam updates. You can discuss exam topics and gain exam prep tips from experts and aspirants who appeared in the exam. Moreover, you will also get suggestions on which resource to use for preparing for the exam.

Discover your Skill Gap with Dumpsgate Exam Dumps

Practicing exam concepts is a real game and it is possible only with authentic exam questions. By practicing Dumpsgate exam questions, you can test your knowledge and find out the skill gap. The AZ-104 dumps are intended to increase your readiness level and give you actual exam experience. 

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4 Powerful Expert Tips to Overcome AZ-104 Exam Difficulty

These proven tips will help you to overcome exam anxiety and difficulty.

Manage and Invest your Study Hours Wisely

Have you ever wondered why some candidates study too much but still do not manage to perform well in the exam? The reason is not investing proper study hours. Make a study schedule and stick to it properly. Studying one day and remaining idle for other days don’t help in better preparation.

Cover Each Concept Thoroughly

Don’t hassle and learn each concept and domain thoroughly. Spend time on each domain according to the percentage weightage in the exam.

Practice More and More

You all must be heard that practice makes a man perfect. It is true, the more practice you do more chances of passing the exam with exceptional scores. Before appearing in the exam, practice your concept as much as you can.

Don’t Panic and Give your Best Shot

When to appear in the exam don’t get panic. Relax, take a minute, and then read the exam carefully. Solve every question. Manage your time effectively and try to complete your exam 10 minutes before the overall time. Give your best shot and leave the rest on luck!

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Wrapping Up

It’s a wrap!

Acing the AZ-104 exam means access to get the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification. The certification is not merely a piece of paper but a ticket to a world full of job opportunities. Undoubtedly, passing the exam is not a walk through the park but it also doesn’t show that it is impossible.

The blog has provided you with complete insights on the AZ-104 exam, the difficulty level, and a preparation guide to overcome the difficulty level. So, give it a read and make a way to accomplish your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The exam is not too difficult or too easy. If you are well-prepared, you can pass this exam effortlessly. Many candidates find the exam and pass it with only a few weeks of preparation. 

This certification is worthwhile as it builds your knowledge and expertise in computing, managing, and configuring Azure. Moreover, you will also grasp proficiency in the basics of cloud storage, networking, security, and computing. Apart from the latest skill development, it also opens a wide range of opportunities with better salary prospects.

There are five attempts of the AZ-104 certification exam in a year from your first attempt.

The AZ-104 exam is valid for one year and after the one year you have to retake the exam

Yes- but only if you prepare and utilize authentic exam dumps. We at dumpsgate provide comprehensive, reliable, authentic, and refreshed exam dumps for the AZ-104 exam. By practicing these dumps, you can surely pass the exam. Moreover, in case you don’t pass the exam, we offer a complete refund.



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