Highest Paying Azure Certifications for 6-Figure Salaries

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Salary is the main factor that you would search for when you have to choose any Azure certification. There are much higher chances that you would pursue a certification that pays higher than other certifications. It gets really hard to search for the salary of every certification and then compare it. This blog will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of 8 highly paid Azure certifications and their salary so it gets easier for you to decide your career.

What Factors Determine the Salary of Azure Certification?

1. Scope

The first and foremost determinant of salary is how high is the scope of the certification. Some certifications are more demanding than others. Azure architect, data engineer, and security administrator are one of the few certifications that are required in every organization. This means that certifications related to these important job roles would pay you higher than the others.

2. Location

Location is another big factor that controls the salary. For instance, metropolitan cities in the US like New York and San Francisco are the hub of the IT world. Hence, these cities have major IT companies that pay higher salaries. Azure certification salary will be many times higher in bigger cities.

3. Acquisition

The number of people that acquire the Azure certification also determines the salary. If few people in the market hold a particular certification, their demand will be higher, and salaries will be higher. Usually, a few candidates earn professional certifications because of their difficulty level

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8 Highest Paying Azure Certifications of 2024

There are many Azure certifications but you would be seeking those credentials only that would pay the highest salaries. In this section, there are the top highest Azure paying certifications.

Certifications Exam code Yearly Salaries Hourly Salaries
Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 $101,730 /year

$49 /hour

Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate AZ-500 $138,904 /year

$67 /hour

Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer Associate AZ-700 $121,151 /year

$58 /hour

Microsoft Certified: Cybersecurity Architect Expert SC-100 $147,660 /year

$71 /hour

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate DP-100 $125,205 /year

$60 /hour

Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty AZ-220 $129,279 /year

$62 /hour

Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert AZ-305 $153,098 /year

$74 /hour

Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate AZ-204 $133,519 /year

$64 /hour

All You Need to know about Microsoft Azure Fundamental AZ-900 Exam 

Which Azure Certification is best to acquire?

No doubt that the Azure certifications are very demanding and help you to obtain the most updated skills. It is completely alright to choose an Azure certification that would help you to earn a very high salary. However, it is important to consider your interest and career too. It is also possible to mold your interests according to the type of credential that you choose. The best thing about Azure credentials is that they offer a variety of role-based credentials, so you can choose any of them according to your interest and market scope.

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Your ability to find employment in the present labor market depends on both your skills and your degree. You could have wondered which cloud certification is worthwhile. Since they allow you to gain in-depth, professional understanding of a particular area, these top 8 highest-paid courses in the US are among the most well-liked options for higher education today. Before enrolling in more challenging professional courses that also pay well, if you’re just starting out in your career, begin with the courses that would lead you to attain the best-paid Azure certification.


The professional certifications are more targeted at learning the focused topics. They are preferable to recruiters when they have to hire candidates. Entry and associate credentials would help you successfully participate in the entry projects.

It takes about 2-3 weeks to fully prepare for the Azure certification. The more focused you are on learning the topics, the more quickly you can prepare.

Microsoft Learn provides the most comprehensive and precise study material for Azure certification. There are lectures and videos to help you learn. Dumpsgate provides best practice questions to enhance the concepts. 



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