10 Proven Tips For Passing The Microsoft AZ-801 Exam

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AZ-801 Exam

Are you worried about passing the AZ-801 exam? Do you need a study guide for a successful exam attempt? Since this exam was updated in May 2023, you might also be worried about getting the updated exam prep material. Take a sigh of relief because this blog will provide the best tips and tricks for passing the exam. Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services Exam with the exam code AZ-801 is the passing criteria for earning the skill badge from Microsoft. Passing this exam is important for attaining the Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate certification

Effective Pointers to Direct the AZ-801 Exam Preparation

Having a preparation guide will save you from facing any trouble in the preparation. Let’s unleash how to crack the exam successfully.

1. Learn What The Exam Is About

AZ-801 exam has 40-60 questions. The time to complete the exam is 120 minutes. The questions are either multiple-choice or multiple-responses. The exam is offered in various languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Traditional) and Italian. The cost of the exam registration is $165. The passing score on the exam is 700. 

2. Learn What Skills Are Tested in AZ-801 Exam

You must clearly understand the skills that are required to pass the exam successfully.  

  • Deploy and manage AD DS in on-premises and cloud environments
  • Manage Windows Servers and workloads in a hybrid environment
  • Manage virtual machines and containers
  • Implement and manage an on-premises and hybrid networking infrastructure
  • Manage storage and file services
  • Secure Windows Server on-premises and hybrid infrastructures
  • Implement and manage Windows Server high availability
  • Implement disaster recovery
  • Migrate servers and workloads
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Windows Server environments

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3. Be Clear About the Target Audience of AZ-801 Exam

This exam is designed for the candidates who wish to make their career in the following job roles:

  • Administrator
  • Identity And Access Administrator
  • Information Protection Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • Support Engineer
  • Technology Manager

4. Keep in View the Detailed Course Outline

Following is the detailed course outline of the AZ-801 exam.

5. Know Which Two Exams Are Important

Passing the AZ-801 exam will make you eligible for the Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate certification. This certification is earned by passing two prerequisite exams given below: 

  • Exam 1: Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure exam (AZ-800)


  • Exam 2: Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services (AZ-801)

You have to pass both exams to earn the credential badge. 

6. Choose a Study Course

Preparation for the AZ-801 exam with a study course is helpful. You may choose either a self-paced study path or an instructor-led study course. Self-paced courses are free, while instructor-led courses are paid. If you have previous knowledge about the course topics, you can use the self-paced. However, if you feel that you will better work under an instructor’s guidance, then instructor-led will be more useful.

7. Practice Reliable Questions

Practice questions are useful for understanding the concepts. You will learn how to apply the learned concepts. You will also get a clear idea of the exam questions such as what type of questions are expected. It is not advised to learn the practice questions. Just take the idea of the exam questions and use them for the purpose of concept clarification. Dumpsgate practice questions are most reliable as they are according to the recent exam updates.

8. Join Discussion Forums

Various discussion forums are available online. These forums are useful for discussing any questions or queries about the AZ-801 exam. The participants in these forums are either the experts who have passed the exam or the candidates preparing to take the exam. The concerns and problems are discussed, and an appropriate solution is provided which is beneficial for all. People with the same aim also turn out to be motivational sources for one another.   

9. Validate Your Preparation Level

Before taking the AZ-801 exam, it is important that you validate the level of your preparation. The most useful way is to take a mock test. Mock tests are available on the official Microsoft site. These practice tests are free of cost. You can take their multiple attempts. Check which questions are getting wrong. Prepare the topics again that lack preparation. 

10. Revise and Link the Concepts

Revision gives a final furnish to your concepts. You must revise the exam topics so that your chances to pass the exam are maximized. Next to learning, you must also link the concepts. Linking will help you organize and memorize the concepts comprehensively.

Final Wording…

Preparing for an exam without proper guidance may not produce the desired results. The tips in this blog will help you to attain the desired results. Following the study path is always more fruitful than haphazard learning. Many study materials are available to prepare the AZ-801 exam but choosing the right material is important. Make sure that you have the most authentic stud material.

Frequently Asked Questions

It would take about 2 weeks to prepare for the exam. If you have some prior knowledge or experience with windows server hybrid, you can prepare for the exam in less time.

AZ-801 exam is not much hard. It does not require any coding for this exam. The topics can be easily prepared. You must use a proper study path for the preparation of the exam.

Yes, Az-801 is an extremely beneficial exam if you are interested in making your career in Microsoft administration. Microsoft credentials are highly recognized, and they have a vast scope in terms of learning topics and income benefits.



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