General Questions

Q1.Which certification should I choose?

We don’t provide any consultation regarding this.

Q2.What are our products ?

Our products include only Pdf files for certification preparation purposes.

Q4.Which certifications do you provide ?

No, we do not provide any type of certification. We only provide certification exam preparation material.

Q5.For how long can I claim a money-back guarantee?

We provide a money-back guarantee for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Q6. Is it true that you provide a 100% success guarantee?

Yes, we assure 100% success guarantee that you will succeed in your first attempt. If you failed to do so, you could claim your money back.

Q7. I failed after using your product, how can I get the refund?

 Visit our guarantee page for details about the refund policies and how you can claim.

Q8. Is my credit card information secured?

Yes, we have multiple security protocols that secure our data. Your data is safe with us, don’t worry about it.

Q9. Does any third party have access to our information?

No third party has access to your information. Our security system is so strong, and we assure you that no one can steal your data through our database.

Q10. If there are any problems with your product, what should I do?

 We’re trying our best so that you won’t face any kind of difficulty in our product however, if you still face any kind of problem you can email your queries at (email address) we will reach you ASAP.

Q11. When can I connect to your support team?

Our support team is active 24/7. If you have any queries connect to us at any time.

Q12. How Often the product is updated?

Our products are updated depending on many factors. our Experts are trying their best to update the content according to the latest trend.

Q13. How to receive Updates?

You can log in to your account and get your updated product if your purchase is valid.

Q14. Getting an older version after updating. What to do now?

Please clear the browser’s cache if you have the older version. After that, you can get access to the updated version.

Q15. Do you provide free updates?

Yes, we provide free updates for 3 months after the date of purchase. Also, you can update the product for one year at 50% OFF.

Q16. What are the payment methods you accept?

We accept all major banking cards (debit & credit) and also Paypal.

Q17. I Paid for the product, but the product is still not accessible.what to do?

You don’t have to worry about this. The system takes some time to configure your purchase. You can also contact us on live chat or submit a support ticket if it gets too late.

Q18. How can I download the product?

Please login to your account from top navigation, and go to the member area then click on the Download section to get access to your products.

Q19. How can I update the product?

If any new update of your product comes, our team will notify you through email, and also it’ll be shown in the notification bar of your account. Through that, you can easily update your product.

Q20. What if I need any product on demand?

 Don’t worry about it. If you need any on-demand products, you can email us your product details.

Q21. I have already purchased the product. How can I download it again?

You can download product files again anytime within three months. Please login to your account from top navigation, and go to the member area then click on the Download section to get access to your products.

Q22. When will I get access to my On-demand product?

After confirming your purchase for an on-demand product, you will get access to your product within 2,3 days.

Q23. Didn't get access to the product even after the given time. What to do now?

Don’t panic. You only have to submit a ticket  with your transaction details and product type.

Q24. How can I get discounts?

Buy one product and get 40% off on another product. Our system will automatically give you 40% Off if you buy two products at a time.

Q25. Is there any discount available if I buy multiple products?

If you want to get a discount on buying multiple products, you can contact our support team, and they will guide you.

Q.26 Is there any discount available for the product renewal?

Yes, you will get 50% Off on product renewal.

Q27. Do you have any free products?

We don’t have any free products except for free demos, which we provide for every product.

Q.28 Which operating systems are required for using your product ?

No specific operating system is required for using our product. Most likely our supported platforms are (Android, Apple, iOS, Windows and Linux) and supported browsers for using our products are ( chrome, Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera mini and Siri).

Q.29. I forgot my password. How can I get access to my account now?

Click on forgot password. After that, we will email you a new password. If you’re still having problems, then contact our support team.

Q30. How can I get the INVOICE update?

Login to your account from the top navigation, click on my profile section, and update your information. Then click on order history and click on the print icon, to get an updated invoice.

Q31. Why does the product have less number of questions?

We frequently update our products. If there are less number of questions in the new update, then don’t panic. Our experts have included the utmost important questions to save your time and prepare you with a selective study approach.

Q32. I can't find any email from you. What to do?

If you do not find our email, it is most likely because our emails are sometimes landed in spam and junk folders. Make sure that you also visit the spam folder of your email. If you still haven’t found an email from us, then you can contact us. To unmark our email from the spam folder, you can add our email to your address book to find our email in your inbox next time.

Q33. How can I keep up with the news from your website?

Make sure you often visit our website to keep up with the latest news.