Unlocking the Worth of CySA+ Certification in 2024: Exam Cost, Salary Trends and In-Demand Jobs

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CYSA+ Certification Salary

Increased cybercrimes fueled the demand for seasoned cybersecurity professionals. Cybersecurity is one of the most lucrative fields in the modern IT world and because of this many IT professionals are pursuing or even switching their careers to it. However, in a crowded field, it is difficult to demonstrate your competency and stand out from the competition. Certifications will help you to stand out from your counterparts and also assist you in the better jobs and opportunities. However, choosing a certification that matches your career goals and is worth taking is important. One of the best certifications in the field of cybersecurity is CYSA. Because the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ is relatively new, many prospective candidates are curious whether the CySA+ is truly worthwhile or not. This blog will discuss the CYSA salary trends, the cost of getting this certification, and its worth.  

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ (CYSA) Certification

The CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) certification is for cyber professionals who are responsible for incident detection, prevention, and response via continuous security monitoring. It is also one of the baseline certifications of DoD.

How can you get CYSA certification?

To get the CYSA certification, you have to pass the CS0-003 exam. The CYSA certification exam verifies that successful candidates possess the knowledge and skills needed to detect and analyze indicators of malicious activity, comprehend threat intelligence and threat management, respond to attacks and vulnerabilities, perform incident response, and report and communicate related activity.

What is the cost associated with getting a CYSA certification?

The cost of getting a CYSA certification varies and depends on several factors such as exam fee, cost of exam material and exam retake fee (if any). Moreover, the exam fee varies according to location or geographical region.

In the United States

The cost of the CYSA exam in the United States is $392.

In Different Countries

Country Examination
Emerging Market 219 USDe
Great Britain 233 GBP
Great Britain 233 GBP
EURO 353 Euro
Japan 46,065 JPY
Australia 529 AUD
South Africa 3,017 ZAR

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Discounted Prep Bundles and Vouchers

CompTIA provides various prep bundles and discounted exam vouchers. The cost of a basic exam voucher is $392. But if you get exam bundles, it may cost you less. There are several exam bundles you can opt for. The price range of these prep bundles varies from $565 to $977 depending on the perquisites in each bundle. Every prep bundle has an exam attempt. Moreover, if you’re a student, you can also get a discount. The single exam voucher cost for a student is $219 in the United States.

Is the CySA+ Worth it?

If you need an explanation in a word, it is yes. The CompTIA CySA, as you know, is the newest certification in the field of information security and cybersecurity but it has garnered much popularity and attention ever since. The worth of any certification is determined by several parameters such as knowledge, value, and career opportunities that come with it. Let’s explore the different parameters that add to this certification worth.

Validation of Skills as a Mid-Level Cybersecurity Professional

CompTIA CySA certification is the best fit for anyone working as a mid-level cybersecurity professional. This certification will build your strong competencies in incident detection, threat management, and accessing vulnerabilities and provide baseline knowledge for various higher-level cybersecurity job roles. If you’re looking for renowned, worthwhile and less expensive intermediate-level cybersecurity certification, this certification is surely the best fit.

Breakthrough your Cybersecurity Career to Next Level:

If you’re not getting a breakthrough in your information security career, this certification might help you. Any professional in the cybersecurity realm can benefit from this demanding and newest certification provided by a well-known vendor CompTIA. The hands-on, lab experience you will get from this certification put your knowledge into a more practical, living perspective. It will also establish your skillset across all the disciplines that CySA covers and will prepare you better for advancement in your information security career. 

Salary Trends and In-Demand Jobs for CYSA Certification in 2024

Despite the other benefits, if certification doesn’t offer a greater salary hike, it is not worthwhile. Salary is one of the biggest factors that influence the value of a certification. In this part, we will explore the salary trend of CYSA certification in today’s job market and across various factors.

CYSA Salary by Top Job Roles

One of the factors on which salary varies is the job roles. Every job title has a different salary depending upon the role and responsibilities. The top CySA job titles and their average salaries are given below:

Job Titles Average Salary
IT Security Analyst $71,735
Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst $115,871
Vulnerability Analyst $113,210
Cybersecurity Specialist $94,742 Euro
Threat Intelligence Analyst $107,670
Security Engineer $94,004
Cybersecurity Analyst $80,370
Information Assurance Analyst $83,287
Information Security Manager $80,370

Salary by Experience

Experience is predominately another factor in cybersecurity that contributes to the salary hike. Experienced candidates get higher salaries than less experienced ones. Let’s explore the CYSA salary according to experience level.

Experience (in Years) Average Salary
0 – 4 years $69,000
5 – 9 years $74,000
10 – 19 years $80,000
20+ years $97,000

Salary by States

Salary also depends on the geographical region and city. Certified CySA professionals get higher salaries in some states rather than others. According to ZipRecruiter, these are the top countries that offer higher salaries to CySA certified.

Cities/ States (United States) Average Salary
New York, NY $83,000
Houston, TX $67,000
San Diego, CA $75,000
Chicago, IL $71,000
Washington, DC $80,000
Seattle, WA $82,000
Las Vegas, NV $65,000

Salaries Offered to CySA Certified by Top Companies

Organizations in which professionals are working also impact their salaries. Top firms pay higher salaries to their employees than other firms. So if you’re a CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst looking for companies offering you better salaries, we have arranged data, especially for you. 

Companies Average Salary
Booz, Allen, Hamilton $93,130
Lockheed Martin Corp $95,920
U.S. Army $72,796
Raytheon Co. $96,960
Amazon.com Inc $89,615
Deloitte $97,730
BAE Systems Inc. $101,628
Accenture $97,591

Key Takeaway

The need for seasoned cybersecurity professionals cannot be overlooked as cyber threats are increasing significantly. CompTIA provides many cybersecurity certifications out of which CySA+ is the one that stands out for mid to senior-level professionals. Even if it is new in the market, we cannot ignore that it is also the most lucrative and highest-paying certification in the cyber security or information security domain. So, if you’re thinking of getting CySA+ certification, take this certification confidently and expand your expertise.


Without even a doubt. This certification will help you to grow your career and expand your expertise in the information security field. It is also one of the top baselines for DoD certification, which increases its value and worth more. Earning this certification will build the necessary cybersecurity skills that will increase your demand as a professional.

Both of these certifications are worth it and are best in their respective domain. The major difference between these two certifications exists in the level of difficulty and approach to security. CySA is an intermediate-level certification that focuses on defensive security. On the other hand, CEH is more advanced and focused on offensive security.

Cybersecurity is a challenging field and earning any certification in this is not an easy nut to crack. However, the difficulty of each certification may depend on your previous experience and knowledge. But if we compare generally, candidates find CySA much harder than security+ because of the advanced concepts in the CySA. Despite being the toughest exams, you can make it easy by learning and practicing concepts from Dumpsagte exam dumps.

The best part about CompTIA certification is many of them don’t any prerequisites before attaining the certification. The same goes with CySA+ certification, there are no prerequisites but CompTIA recommends candidates have a minimum of three to five years of security experience and hands-on practice for appearing in this certification.

Yes. The CySA expires after three years from the date it has been earned. After taking this certification, you can relax for three years and then recertify it with a continuing education program.



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