Mastering VMware: Your Complete Certification Roadmap

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Vmware certification Roadmap, Vmware certification pathway

VMware certifications are the way to go if you are in the IT and virtualization domain. VMware technology has advanced and simplify the IT field because of its increased effectiveness, deployment, cost saving, and taking the IT to the virtual setting. Globally, businesses and institutions rely on VMware as it is the first and top provider of virtualization technologies and solutions. Many candidates want to earn this advanced-level certification for career progression. The article gives a complete roadmap and picture of VMware certifications if you’re not sure where to start it.

Where to start?

VMware provides six certification tracks. The tracks further consist of three levels of certification i.e. associate, professional, advanced professional and some may include expert. You can choose a certification track based on your respective field, choice of interest, and previous experience.

Certifications Pathway

  1. Data Center Virtualization
  2. Network Virtualization
  3. Cloud Management and Automation
  4. End-User Computing
  5. Security
  6. Application Modernization

1- Data Center Virtualization

VMware Data Center Virtualization certifications are intended to assess your ability to design, build, deploy, and monitor VMware vSphere infrastructures in a real-world setting.

2- Network Virtualization

VMware Network Virtualization certifications are designed to assess your ability to design, build, and manage a VMware NSX infrastructure.

3- Cloud Management and Automation

VMware Cloud Management and Automation certifications track and evaluate candidates’ ability to install, configure, and optimize VMware realize for a cloud system. 6 certifications come under this certification track starting from associate to expert.

4- End-User Computing

The end-user computing certifications are built to access the individual ability to design, deploy, and maintain VMware Workspace One Digital Workspace solutions and VMware Horizon Desktop Management solutions. The certifications offered in this track are end-user computing, digital workspace, and desktop management.

5- Security

VMware Security certifications verify a candidate’s knowledge of VMware’s security solutions as well as the candidate’s ability to provide entry-level assistance for VMware products such as NSX-T Data Center, Workspace ONE, and VMware Carbon Black Cloud.

6- Application Modernization

VMware Application Modernization certifications are intended to assess your degree of expertise, which is proven by passing specialist exams. VMware can help you build an effective workforce with proven capabilities, whether it’s developer expertise of specific frameworks or administrator understanding of emerging technologies like Kubernetes and containers.

Cost of VMware Certifications

Certification Level Cost Exam Delivery
VMware Technical Associate $125- USD Online Proctored Exam
VMware Certified Professional $250- USD Online Proctored Exam
Foundation Exam $125- USD Online Non-Proctored Exam
VMware Certified Advanced Professional $450- USD Online Proctored Exam
VMware Spring Professionals $250- USD Online Proctored Exam

Benefits of VMware Certifications

These certifications are one of the leading and recognized certifications and can bring you a lot of benefits and opportunities. VMware has shifted the business to virtualization and companies rely on VMware technologies.

1- Build your Expertise in Virtualization

The VMware certifications build expertise in virtualization and cloud environments. The skill-focused certification can make you proficient in the respective domains and expand your knowledge with high-level advanced skills and hands-on experience.

2- Infinite Career Opportunities

The VMware certifications provide certifications in many domains which boost and increase career opportunities for professionals as well as beginners. The demand for VMware certification is increasing tremendously and many top companies are opting for candidates who are aware of VMware technologies. Virtualization is becoming one of the most important fillers of the IT industry’s employment gap and so as job opportunities are increasing.

3- Get Advanced and Higher Job Positions

Earning this certification will lead you to get advanced and higher-level job roles. These certifications will always be a career ladder for individuals. You can get more advanced and professional job roles in top companies.

4- Better Salary Options

VMware certified has better salary options than non-certified. There is an unprecedented salary surge of VMware-certified professionals. You can have an idea of salary from these statistics. According to, the average VMware Certified Professional income varies from $74,650 for a Systems Administrator to $103,739 for Senior System Engineer. According to, the annual salary for a VMware Certified Professional in the United States is roughly $87K. According to, the average compensation of a VMware Certified Professional in the United States is $41,571 per year.

How to prepare for VMware Certifications?

  • VMware Customer Connect Learning

VMware provides online training and can take access through VMware Customer connect learning. The online training courses provide complete preparation.

  • Dumpsgate Preparation Material

Dumpsgate provides the best exam material for VMware certification preparation. The exam material is reliable, and valid, and covers all the domains for certifications.


In summary, this article gives you deep dive into the VMware certifications pathway. The article covers the complete picture of the VMware certifications track and its levels. It also included the benefits and perks of acquiring these certifications. So, if you’re confused about how and where to start, you must give read this article. Ultimately, VMware certifications are the top and progressively demanding in virtualization and cloud environments.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ's

Yes, VMware certifications are worth it and in demand. The individuals who have VMware certification earned approximately $73k to $131k. The certifications also provide benefits such as career progression, more growth & job opportunities, and a salary increment.

The VCP6-DCV is the most popular VMware certification. The individuals with the VCP6-DCV earned up to $132,000. This certification is included in the top 10 highest-paying IT certifications.

The average annual salary for a VCP in the United States is $136,665 as of October 24, 2023.

Usually, the VMware VCP certification expires after two years. Many candidates recertify their certifications after 2 years. To see the recertification policy and certification expiration refer to the VMware certification policy and rollback.

Earning a VCP certification can be time-consuming and complicated, taking three or more months. It is also determined by the level and type of certification- six or more months if you decide to proceed to the Advanced Professional Certification and 18 or more months for the Design Expert Certification.

The VCP exam consists of 130 questions and you have 70 minutes to complete it.

Such credentials have a lot of value and benefits. VCP-DCV 2022 certification demonstrates that you have advanced and effective skills in administering and troubleshooting vSphere infrastructure. Furthermore, it demonstrates your competitiveness. This accreditation will boost your prospects of advancement and income increase.

A Proctored VCP-level exam costs $250 in the United States. The price may vary depending on your location and country. Specific exam pricing can be found at



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