Top Highest-Paying Cloud Certifications for Beginners and Professionals in 2024

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Cloud Certifications

If you are thinking to start and expand your IT career specifically in the cloud computing domain- you’re on a right track. Cloud computing is the present and future of advanced tech. Cloud computing and cloud migration are major concerns for IT professionals around the world. Cloud usage has increased due to increased internet access, decreased cloud computing costs, and modern digitization resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak. Cloud certifications will shape your cloud computing skills making you an asset to your company with better employment, salary, and job opportunities. 

Previously, we discussed the best IT certification for beginners in 2024, and today we will discuss the best cloud certification to pursue in 2024.

What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing also called utility computing and on-demand computing is the provision of computer services over the internet, including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence. The cloud provides an unlimited capacity range for storing data. Cloud computing services are classified as

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS) 

Types of Cloud

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

Historical Context of Cloud Computing

It was first invented in the 1960s by J.C.R Licklider- an American psychologist and Computer scientist. He created the ARPANet known as the primitive version of the internet in 1969. The modern era of cloud computing started in the twenty-first century. Amazon launched AWS (Amazon Web Services) in the mid-2000s, most likely in 2006, and also announced its Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2). By 2008, Google had also released a beta version of its search engine. Preceding, Microsoft announced its cloud computing service called Microsoft Azure in 2008. Google’s computing engine was released in 2012 and it was made public in 2014. Oracle Cloud was launched with three core business services (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS). 

Reasons why a cloud computing career is a way to go in 2024

Are you thinking about a career in cloud computing? Give it a go- because it is the way to go today and in the future. Here are the reasons why anyone should pursue a career in the cloud sector.

All Businesses are Shifting to Cloud

Cloud computing services are growing significantly and many businesses are shifting to the cloud. Cloud computing services will assist you in lowering operating expenses, running your infrastructure more efficiently, and scaling as your business demands change. The top reasons why companies are shifting to the cloud are:

  • Cost Saving
  • Scalability
  • Increased productivity
  • Privacy and storage of data

Greater Job Opportunities

Millions of companies are determined to benefit from the cloud’s scalability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, accessibility, and are moving towards the cloud. The increased usage of the cloud tremendously increases job opportunities. Organizations are effectively hiring efficient candidates with advanced cloud skills that can fill the gap in cloud computing.

Higher Salary Range

The Cloud sector is one of the top-paying fields in IT. Cloud professionals earn an average of $117,000 in the U.S. The salary range may go up to $180,000. There are numerous job roles for cloud professionals with higher salary packages. Despite being a lucrative field, IT companies are having difficulty recruiting competent individuals for cloud job roles.

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Major Vendors that offer Cloud certifications

Many vendors offer cloud computing certifications but we have listed four major vendors that provide top cloud computing certifications:

13 Best Cloud Certification in 2024

  • Cloud Certifications for Beginners
    • AWS Cloud Practitioner
    • Microsoft Certified- Azure Fundamentals
    • Google Digital Cloud Leader
    • SnowPro Core Certification
    • SnowPro Core Certification
  • Cloud Certifications for Associate-level
    • AWS Certified Solution Architect- Associate
    • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
    • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
    • Google Associate Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Certifications for Professional/Expert level
    • CompTIA Cloud+
    • AWS Certified Solution Architect- Professional
    • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer
    • Google Professional Cloud Architect
    • Microsoft Certified: Azure Solution Architect Expert

1. Most In-demand Cloud Certifications for Beginners

The entry-level cloud certifications are intended to develop fundamental skills and knowledge of the cloud and its services. These certifications are the best way to initiate a cloud career. You can start your cloud career with these entry-level certifications.

I. AWS Cloud Practitioner

 The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification validates cloud fluency and core AWS expertise. This certification also builds a foundational understanding of AWS cloud concepts, services, and terminologies and it is a good way to start your cloud career with no or less cloud experience. 

II. Microsoft Certified- Azure Fundamentals

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification demonstrates your fundamental understanding of cloud services, concepts, models, and how they are delivered through Azure. Also, it builds your expertise on how Azure supports security, privacy, compliance, and trust.

III. Google Digital Cloud Leader

 A Cloud Digital Leader is familiar with the capabilities of Google Cloud core products and services and how they benefit businesses. The Cloud Digital Leader may also highlight common industry use cases and how cloud solutions benefit businesses. 

IV. SnowPro Core Certification

 The SnowPro Core Certification validates a candidate’s ability to use core skills when deploying and migrating to Snowflake. The candidates can understand the Snowflake cloud data platform in depth and it is capable of designing, developing, and maintaining secure Snowflake solutions to meet business requirements.

2. Cloud Certifications for Associate-level

Associate-level cloud certifications are intended for those who have some experience (1 or more) in the cloud domain. It is not compulsory to get a foundational certification first, you can directly earn associate-level certification having some prior experience.

I. AWS Certified Solution Architect- Associate

This credential demonstrates your understanding and skills in AWS technology, services, and concepts. This certification focuses on the design of cost and performance-optimal solutions while demonstrating a thorough understanding of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. It is also responsible for creating and managing cloud-based solutions.

II. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator shows that you have experience implementing, managing, and operating workloads on AWS. Also, this certificate assists the organization in identifying and developing personnel with important skills for cloud initiatives.

III. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

The Azure Administrator Associate certification will validate candidates’ experience in implementing, maintaining and monitoring a Microsoft Azure infrastructure, including virtual networks, storage, computing, identity, security, and governance. This certification will also build expertise in implementing, managing, and monitoring identities in a cloud environment.

IV. Google Associate Cloud Engineer

Associate Cloud Engineers are responsible for the deployment of applications, the monitoring of operations, and the management of enterprise solutions. Moreover, Associate cloud engineer certification will validate the candidate’s expertise in deploying, managing, configuring, implementing, cloud solution, and setting up a cloud environment.

3. Cloud Certifications for Professional/Expert level

The professional cloud certification will build professional expertise in the cloud domain and are for experienced candidates.

I. CompTIA Cloud+

CompTIA Cloud+ is a worldwide recognized certification that certifies the abilities required to deploy and operate secure cloud environments that support business processes and data availability. This certification is best for experienced professionals.

II. AWS Certified Solution Architect- Professional

 This credential allows certified individuals to demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in complex problem solving, optimizing security, cost, and performance, and automating manual procedures. It also builds expert skills for implementing cloud initiatives in organizations.

III. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification recognizes people’s technical proficiency in deploying, operating, and managing distributed application systems on the AWS platform. The candidates who earn this certification can provide speedy, secure, compliant, and scalable systems.

IV. Google Professional Cloud Architect

A Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect helps businesses use Google Cloud technologies. The professionals can create, develop, and manage resilient, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions that drive business objectives using knowledge of cloud architecture and Google technologies.

V. Microsoft Certified: Azure Solution Architect Expert

This certification develops candidate experience in developing cloud and hybrid solutions that run on Microsoft Azure, including computing, network, storage, monitoring, and security. The candidate should also have advanced IT operation experience and knowledge.

Are Cloud Certifications worth your money? Major Advantages

Whether you’re taking an entry-level certification or want to enhance your skills in the cloud by taking an associate or professional certification- it is definitely worth it. Let’s talk about the advantages of being cloud certified.

Add Value to Resume

Cloud computing is one of the growing IT fields. Many candidates are opting for it. Certifications play a vital role in building a career. Earning cloud certifications will add value to your resume and will give you an upper hand on non-certified ones.

Greater Chance of Being Hired

Companies are always looking for candidates with cloud certifications. Cloud certifications are proof that you have innovative and advanced cloud skills and you will know how to manage, deploy, and implement a cloud environment according to business requirements. According to research, cloud credentials make a prospect more appealing to 82% of hiring managers.

Advanced Cloud Computing Skills

As we all know, the cloud domain is always evolving and expanding, and it requires innovative and advanced cloud abilities to meet the industry standards and requirements in this ever-changing industry. The cloud certifications develop strong expertise in the cloud domain, so you can maintain and expand your cloud career.

Job Roles on the bases of Certification Levels

Following are the job roles according to certification level:

Cloud Certifications Salary

The salary is dependent upon several factors- previous experience, certification level, and job role. But the average salary you can get after earning these cloud certifications is given below:

Ending notes

Ultimately, you will get to know about top cloud certification and their worth at the end of this article. Almost every company is shifting to the cloud and that has increased the number of cloud jobs. Earning a certification in the cloud will advance your cloud career in a lucrative way. In simple words, if you have some goals in the cloud field, it is the right time to earn these certifications and accomplish your goals.


The ones that are mentioned in this blog are the top and most in-demand cloud certifications. which certification you want to earn is based on your experience and interest. Whether you want to start your cloud career or build expertise- all certifications are there. 

It solely depends upon your knowledge, expertise, and previous experience. If you’re a beginner or want to start your career, entry-level certifications are best for you. But if you have some experience go with associate-level certifications and so on.

Senior Solutions Architects earn an average of $141,000 per year, according to a report, making it the highest-paying career. With an average income of $135,977, the position of a cloud architect is also exceptionally rewarding.

In India, the average beginning salary for AWS is roughly 2.0 lakhs per year (16.7k per month)

The most in-demand cloud jobs are:

  • Cloud administrator
  • Cloud support engineer
  • Cloud network engineer
  • Cloud software engineer
  • Cloud automation engineer
  • Cloud engineer
  • Cloud consultant

The biggest and number one cloud provider is Amazon Web Series (AWS). According to current estimates and data, AWS has emerged as the largest and most important cloud service provider. AWS holds around 32% of the total cloud service market. Amazon has absorbed the lion’s share of the remaining leading challengers, including Google and Microsoft’s Azure.

AWS Architect Professional is the most advanced level of certification. It is also considered the most difficult AWS cloud certification, requiring substantial expertise and knowledge of the AWS cloud platform.

Absolutely yes, Google Cloud certification can provide you with a competitive advantage in the cloud industry. If you want to design or manage cloud-based applications and services, Google Cloud certification could be for you.

The top cloud computing positions are always difficult to come by because of strong competition and market demand. Earning certifications can provide you with a competitive advantage, and with advanced cloud skills, you can get the highest-paying cloud job.



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