Top 9 Salesforce Certifications for a rewarding profession

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Are you planning to start your career in Salesforce and don’t know much about it? If yes, there will be beaucoup questions popping up in your mind like – What are the best Salesforce certifications? Are they really worth taking? And many more. Let’s have a brief introduction to Salesforce before getting on point.

What is Salesforce?

Many of us recognize Salesforce as the Tallest Building in San Francisco, and others see it as the best CRM platform. It is much more than that. Salesforce provides innovative tools and software to run your business from anywhere. It is the digital spot where you can find devious solutions for your business or a base to start your remunerative career. 

Following the warp speed of the IT World, Salesforce provides a range of Certifications to validate your cloud-based skills. There is a misconception that it’s difficult for individuals to work on Salesforce without knowledge of informational technology. It is somewhat true unless you prepare for and earn the Salesforce credentials. The platform categorizes these certs according to different roles, including administrator, developer, architect, marketer, consultant, and designer. Do you want to know which Salesforce Certifications are most in demand?

The Best Salesforce Certifications

The best Salesforce certification depends upon your career track. If you want to choose your career path, the overwhelming credential options available on the Salesforce platform will create confusion. The following list of the best and most in-demand Salesforce certifications will help you select the top credential for your professional goal.

1. Administrator and Advance Administrator

2. Business Analyst

3. Platform App Builder

4. Java Script Developer

5. Platform Developer Ⅰ and Platform Developer Ⅱ

6. Marketing Cloud Administrator

7. Marketing Cloud Consultant

8. Service Cloud Consultant

9. Financial Services Cloud

Worth of Salesforce Certifications

  • We all know that organizations and companies prefer to hire Certified Salesforce professionals for their cloud-based roles. Every reputable company uses the broad ecosystem of Salesforce to meet its specific business needs. For that, the company needs employers with expertise in Salesforce. It will guarantee the development and maintenance of the organization by using the platform. In short, earning Salesforce credentials is the best way to assure the employer about your skills to administer a customized system.
  • These certifications also make you a preference for an interview or job call. Adding your earned Salesforce certifications to your resume will inform the world that you have specific in-demand skills they are looking for. In addition, getting a certification while doing a job can help you excel in your career.
  • One of the perks of Salesforce certifications is lucrative skills. A higher salary compensates for the exhaustion you get from hard work. 
  • Everyone needs respect along with higher salaries. Salesforce certifications will highlight you in a competitive environment. Which in return, provides you with respect and appreciation from higher authorities and your co-workers.

In a Nutshell:

We have gathered some top skills that are highly in demand. These certifications are best according to their market demand as well as remunerative skills. Now it is up to you, which certification will be best for you according to your career? Go through the exam guides to overview the required skills and discover your dream certification.


Having a Salesforce certification is definitely worth it. These certifications validate your skills and expertise in utilizing the Salesforce cloud platform. These certifications can help you land a better job or aim for a better salary.

All professionals with Salesforce Certification are required to maintain their certification yearly. Regularly check the expiry date of your certification to keep it active.

It totally depends upon the prior knowledge you have. If you are a beginner in the IT field, it will need hard work and devotion to prepare for Salesforce Certifications. The preparation may take up to months unless you have the proper resources.

Salesforce provides a range of certifications for every career path. These certifications also include some entry-level certs. A few of them are as follows:

  • Salesforce Administrator Certification.
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification.
  • Salesforce Developer.
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant.

If you are currently employed and get a certification, you’ll definitely get a promotion. Promotion always comes with a higher salary. Earning new skills will help you advance in your career.



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