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PL-900 Exam

Taking the PL-900 exam is worthwhile only when you pass and earn its certification. PL-900 exam is the Power Platform Fundamentals Exam. In this exam, you have to answer 60 questions. The time to take the exam is 60 minutes, and the passing score is 70%. In this section, you will explore the best tips and tricks to pass the PL-900 exam. The tips are given below:

Powerful Tips to Prepare for PL-900 Exam

1. Understand the Audience of the Exam

It is important that you understand the audience of the exam before you start preparing for it. The candidate must understand who is the targeted audience of the exam and then prepare accordingly. The exam is designed for candidates who wish to learn the Microsoft Power Platform for running businesses. They use the platform to produce the best business outcomes. Basically, this exam helps the candidate to learn how to run the Microsoft Power Platform.

2. Prepare the Updated Exam Course

You must keep the topics that you have to prepare for the exam. Keeping the topics will help you to have a focused preparation. You can also keep a record of the topics that are done and those that need to be prepared. The updated course outline announced in June 2023 is given below: 

Describe the business value of Microsoft Power Platform (20–25%)

  • Describe the business value of Microsoft Power Platform services
  • Describe the business value of extending business solutions by using Microsoft Power Platform
  • Describe Microsoft Power Platform administration and governance

Identify foundational components of Microsoft Power Platform (10–15%)

  • Describe Microsoft Dataverse
  • Describe connectors

Demonstrate the capabilities of Power BI (10–15%)

  • Identify basic Power BI components
  • Build a basic dashboard by using Power BI

Demonstrate the capabilities of Power Apps (20–25%)

  • Identify basic Power Apps capabilities
  • Build a basic canvas app
  • Build a basic model-driven app

Demonstrate the capabilities of Power Automate (15–20%)

  • Identify basic Power Automate components
  • Build a basic Power Automate flow

Describe complementary Microsoft Power Platform solutions (15–20%)

  • Describe the capabilities of Power Virtual Agents
  • Describe the capabilities of Power Pages
  • Describe the capabilities of AI Builder
NOTE: Recent Course Outline will be updated on 27 December, 2023

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3. Learn the Requirements of the Exam

Microsoft exam has certain prerequisites that must be fulfilled to take the exam. Without these prerequisites, you cannot take the exam. Since the PL-900 exam is foundational, it can be taken by any candidate. You do not need to fulfill any strict requirements to take the exam. This exam is open to all.

4. Choose a Reliable Study Course

Just like books are important for learning, a study course is important for learning the exam topics. One of the most widely used are the lectures and guides provided by Microsoft Learn. A wide range of people trust this official course for preparation. However, you can also opt for paid and instructor-led courses available online.

5. Practice Your Concepts Thoroughly

One of the biggest mistakes that students make is that they don’t practice their concepts. Learning the course is not enough. You must practice the concepts practically too. You must also learn how to attempt the questions in the exam. Using reliable and authentic exam dumps can help you with this.

6. Join Community Forums

The community groups and forums of Microsoft Power Platform are very useful in discussing the preparation queries related to the exam. You can take help from the experts in the groups to help you with any questions. The expert answers are really helpful, which you can follow them to get the desired results.

7. Take the Mock Test

The mock test is basically the preliminary assessment. It helps you to analyze how well your preparation is. You must take the mock test before appearing for the exam. Prepare for the topics that are not prepared well.

Secret Tips for Taking the PL-900 Exam

Many candidates prepare for the exam but get nervous when taking the exam and ultimately they are unable to pass the exam. Let’s discover some great tips and tricks to pass the PL-900 exam. 

  • Stay confident during the exam

Make sure that you don’t get confused when you see the questions in the exam. The questions in the exam are multiple-choice and they are pretty easy to attempt. 

  • Verify your system and environment 

You must check that the system and other apparatus are working properly if you are taking an online exam. The space of your exam must be free from any distractions. Any technical problem can cause serious issues. 

  • Don’t leave the questions unattempted

Microsoft PL-900 exam is foundational level. It does not have any negative markings. So, you must make sure that you attempt each question. Also, make sure that you check and revise your exam properly.

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Final Wording

If your organization already utilizes Power Apps, your drive in PL-900 exam preparation might convince management to slot you into a process development team. The preparation process is an essential part of achieving any certification, so you should not ignore it. Use the appropriate resources, build confidence in your exam-taking skills with the PL-900 practice test, and you will get high results in the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the exam is very easy. The topics tested in the exam are basic which tests the candidate’s ability to run the power platform for business growth.

The salary of a power platform professional is $124,729. This means that these professionals earn a great deal.

It takes about 2 weeks to prepare for the exam.



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