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Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification corroborates your ability to assemble data, connect data sources, explore and analyze data, and share insights and patterns. Tableau desktop certification is a choice for many IT beginners as this course covers complete data analysis domains. Moreover, this certification does not have any prior requirements which makes it favorable for every technical or non-technical candidate. 

Tableau Desktop Certification has three major categories as given below:

  1. Desktop Specialist
  2. Desktop Certified Associate
  3. Desktop Certified Professional

In this blog, we will discuss the initial level of certification-Desktop Specialist Certification. This will work as a source guide to pursue higher-level Tableau certifications designed by Salesforce like desktop associate and professional certifications.  

Exam Overview of Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification

Fee: $100

Reschedule Fee: $25

Required Prerequisites: None

Suggested Product Experience: 3+ Months

Exam expiry: None

Languages Offered: English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese

Time Limit: 60 minutes

Question Format: Multiple choice, multiple responses

Number of Questions: 45 (40 scored, 5 unscored)

Passing Score: 750

Languages Offered: English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Exam Delivery Method: Testing center and online delivery are both available.

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Course Outline of Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam

Domain1: Connecting to and Preparing Data (25%)

  • Create live connections and extracts
  • Create and manage the data model
  • Manage data properties

Domain 2: Exploring & Analyzing Data (35%)

  • Create basic charts
  • Organize data and apply filters
  • Apply analytics to a worksheet

Domain 3: Sharing Insights (25%)

  • Format view for presentation
  • Create and modify a dashboard
  • View and share workbook data

Domain 4: Understanding Tableau Concepts (15%)

  • Understand dimensions and measures
  • Understand discrete and continuous fields
  • Understand aggregations

Follow the Exam guide to pass  certification in the first attempt

Who Is Recommended To Take Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam?

Tableau Desktop Certification does not have any prerequisites. However, there are a few recommendations for the candidates who wish to appear for this examination. The candidate must have:

  • Knowledge and basic skills about using Tableau Desktop
  • At least 3 months of working experience on Tableau Desktop

What Skills Will You Acquire Through Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification?

Following is the list of skills that are learned through Tableau Desktop Specialist certification:

  • Use the drag-and-drop function in Tableau to filter and analyze data
  • Create data visualizations and data configurations to analyze data
  • Develop interactive dashboard using appealing elements 
  • Connect data to various sources

What Changes Have Been Made To The Latest Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam?

If you are preparing for Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification in 2024, then you might be interested to know what changes have been made in this recent certification. This would help you to prepare for the exam in a more precise and focused manner. Let us know what the key alterations are:

Format Of Questions

Previously, the exam used to have both hands-on and knowledge-based questions. According to the recent exam pattern, there will be knowledge-based questions only. Hands-on questions are no more included in the exam.

Restriction On Tableau Desktop Or Internet

Tableau desktop or internet is no longer allowed in the exam. This is because the exam is now entirely theory-based. The menu options in Tableau formatting were greatly useful in previous exam patterns so the candidates did not learn them. Now, they need to do every thing in the course as the manual and software is not allowed.

Addition of New Topics

 There has been an addition of some new topics in the recent updates. However, the main course is almost the same as the old one. One of the topics is relationship VS join. Another important addition to the course is ‘animation’ which was not a part of the previous course outline. 

What Are The Tips To Prepare For Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam?

Preparation for Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam may require many great tips which are listed below:

  • You must have complete knowledge of all the topics which are part of the course outline. This would ensure that you prepare all the topics comprehensively and none of the topics are left out. 
  • Make a list of all the topics that you already know if any. Figure out all those topics which you are not familiar with. 
  • Start your preparation with an online or instructor-led Tableau training course. Make sure that you got a complete hang-on of every concept. 
  • Take practice tests to check where your preparation stands. If you are lacking in some concept, prepare for that domain once again. 

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Why Is Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Worth It?

Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification has many great perks and benefits. This is the reason why many people are pursuing this certification. Below are the reasons why this certification is worth it:

Huge Leading Community

The Tableau Community is agile, diverse, innovative, and helpful to one another. It has online and offline, sharing connections, experiences, and best practices. The Tableau community has over one million members from groups all around the world. 

Innovative Platform

Based on BI and analytics, Tableau has invested a lot in research and development. They have an open room for customer feedback which enables them to solve business problems in a comprehensive and smart manner. Working on Tableau will open the door to exploring more in the field of data analytics

A Trending Certification

More and more customers are pursuing Tableau in recent times. This platform has a data-driven culture that can be easily adapted by a person at any stage of learning. To put data at the center of focus, Tableau provides more opportunities for a distinct, flexible and transforming data-driven platform. 

Boost Your Earning Potential

Gaining Tableau Desktop Specialist certification can help you to be in the limelight. You learn new skills which would enable you to analyze your data efficiently. Your earnings will elevate to an unexpected level given that you have learned each aspect of the course and you know how to apply it.

Learn Credential Skills

Tableau Desktop Specialist certification enlightens you with the ethics to keep any data secure. It promotes models that ensure the safe delivery of data across all levels of an organization. You are made to learn all the right tools and steps to keep data at the highest level of security. 

What Salary Is Offered To Tableau Desktop Specialists?

According to online resources, the average yearly salary earned by a Tableau specialist is $72,913 per year. 

What Are The Job Roles Offered To Tableau Desktop Specialists?

Following are the job roles and their respective yearly salaries offered to Tableau desktop Specialists:

  1. Tableau Architect: $166,640
  2. Tableau Consultant: $148,719
  3. Tableau Solution Architect: $138,491
  4. Cognizant Tableau: $121,798
  5. Senior Tableau Developer: $120,027

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Final note...

The increasing popularity of Tableau Desktop Specialist certification has raised its demand among IT professionals. If you wish to develop your career in the field of data and IT, Tableau certification is indeed a great choice for you. This certification can open door to several great opportunities which are beneficial in learning beneficial skills and earning profusely. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Tableau Desktop Certification is a basic level certification that is not as hard as other associate-level certifications. This is one of the easiest certifications which does not have any expiry, unlike many other certifications. 

Tableau recommends you to study and complete the course before taking the examination. It is recommended to study for 5 months. However, some candidates succeed in preparing it a few weeks earlier while others may take a few more weeks to complete the entire course. 

When companies analyze the working skills and ethics required to maintain and use data-related skills, Tableau professionals prove to be the best in the crowd. They acquire skills that are needed by many IT professionals. Moreover, Tableau-certified employees enjoy a remarkable salary package. 

Yes, you can learn Tableau without coding. It does not involve any intensive coding skills. Thus, any technical and non-technical candidate can earn Tableau certification. 

Yes, Tableau is an IT skill that is related to data analytics. Tableau certification enables you to analyze large formats of data and enhances your decision-making skills.

No SQL is not required to learn Tableau. Conversely, knowing SQL is useful if you are asked to make a Tableau dashboard with the help of data. In short, if you do not have knowledge of SQL, you must not worry and worry about not learning Tableau. 

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