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Splunk’s popularity and demand have increased tremendously as computer usage has expanded, resulting in an exponential growth of machine data. This is also due to the rise of IoT devices and the increasing number of machines in the IT industry. The advancement in machine data gives rise to many data analytic tools, and Splunk is one of them. It is used for gathering data from IT systems. Splunk provides various certifications that open doors to many professional job roles with major advantages.

What is Splunk?

Splunk is a tool or software platform that is commonly used for monitoring, searching, analyzing, and visualizing machine-generated data. It finds data patterns and provides necessary metrics for company operations. If you want to know about Splunk certification tracks, its benefits, and why you need to get certified- let’s explore this blog.

The Origin of Splunk

Splunk Inc is an American company located in San Francisco, California. It was formed in 2003 by Michael Baum, Rob Das, and Erik Swan. August Capital, Sevin Rosen, Ignition Partners, and JK&B Capital all invested in the company. It raised $40 million by 2007 and it became profitable in 2009. It now takes all types of machine data, from logs to Twitter feeds to network traffic. Moreover, it made its initial public offering in 2012. It was named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM in 2020. Splunk was ranked as a Leader for the seventh year in a row.

Splunk Certifications- Get Certified in a Wide Range of Certification Options

Splunk provides a wide range of certification options in different areas. These certifications will strengthen and deepen your knowledge and skills in your area of expertise. 

1- Splunk Core Certified User

2- Splunk Core Certified Power User

3- Splunk Core Certified Advanced Power User

4- Splunk Certified Cloud Admin

5- Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin

6- Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect

7- Splunk Core Certified Consultant

8- Splunk Certified Developer

9- Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin

10- Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Administrator

11- Splunk SOAR Certified Automation Developer

4 Reasons why become Splunk Certified?

Splunk certification is becoming the most demanded and popular certification in the industry and it easily leads you to the highest-paying job. Since Splunk is the most sought-after certification, let’s find out more reasons why becoming Splunk certified is a big deal.

Worth Pursuing as a Career

Is Splunk worth pursuing as a career? The question came into everyone’s mind when opting for this as a career. Yes! Splunk is worth pursuing as a career because of the market demand. It has become an industry-standard tool for gathering and managing machine data. The major advantage of learning Splunk nowadays days is that there is a high demand for specialists but there are fewer professionals.  This means that the industry has fewer competitors, which equals more job opportunities and higher income. So, if you want to become Splunk certified, now is the time.

Vast Career Opportunities

Getting certified in any of the Splunk certifications will open doors and new heights to many lucrative job roles in big data architecture, administration, and management. According to research, the demand for Splunk-related skills is expected to increase by 28.9% over the next decade. Moreover, it is widely used and growing in popularity among businesses.

Significant Salary Increase

Having Splunk certifications will increase your salary more than you can imagine. Splunk entry-level professionals typically earn roughly $80,000 per year. You can earn well over $100,000 as your skills and expertise grow. Also, according to some stats, the starting salary for Splunk software developers is $103,000, and those with a few years of experience (three to five years) can earn up to $114,000. So, choosing Splunk as a career is a good move. 

Mark of Achievement

Earning Splunk certification is considered a mark of excellence. It shows your commitment, dedication, and hard work. These certifications will add more value to your resume and shows that you have proven skills and expertise. Organizations are looking for professional Splunk certified. Earning such certifications will make you hired faster by companies and mark up your achievements.

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Final Thoughts

Splunk is popular in the industry and regarded as an industry-standard tool at the current time. Individuals who are aware of its worth, most want to pursue their career in it. Establishing a strong career required learning the latest and innovative Splunk-related skills. Splunk certifications are the only possible way to learn skills and build expertise in Splunk software. Ultimately, learning Splunk will lead you to the highest-paying job roles and advance your career.


The cost of every Splunk certification is $130 per exam attempt.

Splunk is the industry-standard tool for gathering and managing machine data. It is very popular in the industry and learning Splunk is surely worthwhile. Splunk certifications will boost and expand your knowledge in many domains (area of your choice) and they will increase job opportunities and salary at an exceptional level.

All Splunk certificates have a validity period of three years beginning with the most recent certification exam passed. Your certification will be considered inactive if you have not completed the recertification criteria by the expiration date of your badge.

The Splunk Core Certified User exam consists of 65 multiple-choice questions. The exam lasts 60 minutes in total, with 3 minutes set up for reviewing the exam agreement.

Passing the Splunk Core Certified Power User Exam is not difficult if you have the right information, resources, and a strong study method. With proper preparation and dedication, you will be able to pass the exam.

The difficulty level of Splunk certification examinations is entirely determined by your understanding and knowledge level. If you want to achieve your goals, no exam is hard for you. In general, if you invest proper time and effort you can pass any Splunk certification exam.

Splunk is used by almost every organization for managing machine data. It simply leads all the security information and security event tools. As a result, Splunk careers are among the most demanding and lucrative in the industry.

The average annual salary for a Splunk admin in the United States is $129,081 as of the Current year

Deloitte and Splunk collaborate to help enterprises achieve transformative digital corporate goals while improving their security posture through a variety of combined products and managed services.



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