SPHR Certification in 2024: How much does SPHR cost and what are the certification requirements?

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If we break the letter SP-HR, it is obvious that is something related to Human resources (HR). SPHR certification- one of the best HRCI certifications, is the leading and future-proof certification in the dynamic field of human resources. For several years, there has been little debate about whether it is necessary to get human resource certifications or not. While HR certification is not required for most organizations, it is now fast being desirable for most high-profile HR positions. However, HR is not specified to one general role, there are diverse responsibilities that come under the HR domain: workplace management, defining policies, talent acquisition, compensation and budgeting, employee relation and many more.

So, if you’re looking for ways to advance your career as an HR professional, it’s time to investigate the various sorts of HR certifications available to you. SPHR is one of the top eight HRCI certifications that you should consider. This blog is all about SPHR certification: How much it does to get SPHR certification, the eligibility criteria and potential salary. Are you ready to explore and deep dive into SPHR certification?

SPHR Certification: Way to Propel Your Human Resources Career

The SPHR certification is no less than a miracle in Human Resources. SPHR is an abbreviation for Senior Professional in Human Resources, which is a professional certification offered by the Human Resources Certification Institute. As the name suggests, this certification is intended for experienced HR professionals who want to demonstrate their understanding of the field. The certification is intended for leaders who are in charge of strategic planning rather than implementing HR policy.

SPHR Certification Exam

The exam, in particular, showcase and test mastery of strategic and policy-making aspects of human resources and is oriented towards HR professionals who plan rather than implementing policy.

Glance at Functional Areas that are Included in the Exam

Functional Areas %Weightag Brief Description
Leadership and Strategy 40% Managing the HR function through the development of HR strategy, contribution to organizational strategy, influence on people management practices, and risk management.
Talent Planning and Acquisition 16% Analyze organizational talent requirements and create strategies to attract and retain new personnel..
Learning and Development 12% Create strategies for employee training, development, and retention.
Total Rewards 12% Evaluate the effectiveness of salary and benefit options for attracting, rewarding, and retaining the workforce
Employee Relations and Engagement 20% Develop and monitor employee satisfaction and performance strategies such as diversity and inclusion, safety, security, and labor strategies.

How can I get SPHR Certification? Eligibility Criteria, Requirement, and Cost

To get an SPHR certification, you have to meet the eligibility criteria and fulfill basic requirements. The basic requirement includes passing the SPHR exam.

SPHR Certification Requirement

1- Fulfill the Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the SPHR, you must meet one of the following educational and/or experience requirements: 

  • Have at least four years of professional-level HR experience and a Master’s degree or above. 
  • Have at least five years of professional-level HR experience and a Bachelor’s degree, OR
  • Have at least seven years of professional-level HR experience.

Criteria of Professional-level Experience

Professional experience is defined in RCI’s Certification Policies and Procedures Handbook as

  • Having the ability to make decisions
  • When fulfilling duties, use independent judgement.
  • Experience in collecting and analyzing data roles
  • Interacting with individuals on a variety of levels
  • Individual accountability for outcomes

2- Pass the Required Exam

SPHR Exam Format

If you meet the eligibility criteria, the next step is to pass the SPHR certification exam. The exam has 115 scored questions, mainly multiple-choice questions. To complete these questions, 2 hours and 30 minutes will be provided.

3- Keep your Certification Valid: Recertification

Your SPHR certification is valid for three years after you pass the exam. To keep your SPHR, you must acquire 45 HR and 15 Business recertification credits (a total of 60) over three years or repeat the exam.

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SPHR Certification Cost: Application and Exam Fee

Before acquiring any certification, it is important to note how much that certification will cost and whether it is worthwhile to invest in this certification. The SPHR certification cost is comprised of an exam fee and an application fee. Moreover, keep in mind that if an applicant withdraws or no longer intends to take the exam after their application has been approved, no reimbursements will be issued.

SPHR Certification Cost in the United States

The overall cost to get SPHR depends on many factors: such as application fee, exam fee, cost of reattempts (if any), the rescheduling fee (if any) and preparation bundles. The application fee and exam fee are the same for all and it is $595 (combined).

Certification Exam Fee Application Fee Total Fee
SPHR $100 $495 $595

Is SPHR Certification best suited for you: 3 reasons to look for before getting the certification!

If you’re confused about whether you should invest in this certification or not or if it is right for you? Take ease, here are the things you should look for while getting the certification.

Your past job roles correspond to the skills exhibited in this certification

It is important to check if your previous experience and job responsibilities align with the skills and knowledge showcased in the certification. As of Senior Professional Human Resource (SPHR) certification, HR professionals with strategic and policy-making experience are suitable candidates. So, if you are a seasoned HR professional in planning and making policies, this certification is best for you.

You fulfil the eligibility criteria and demanded experience

As you are all aware, and it is not rocket science to comprehend the certification, you must meet the eligibility criteria to appear in the SPHR certification. If you fulfil the listed educational/experience requirements, it indicates that this certification is right for you.

You need this certification for career advancement and more job opportunities

With a Senior Professional Human Resource certification, you may be able to qualify for more advanced HR responsibilities. When considering advanced careers in HR, you may discover that certain firms demand or include the SPHR certification as a coveted credential. Obtaining certification can improve the number of job options available to you. Moreover, it is from the HRCI top 8 certifications that will help you boost your career with many benefits and perks.

Potential Salary and Job Roles of SPHR Certification

The following are the potential job titles with the average salary you can get with the SPHR certification:

  • Human Resources Manager $64k-114k 
  • Director of Human Resources $75k- 148k
  • Human Resources Generalist $58k-75k
  • Human Resources Business Partner $65k – 118k 
  • Vice President of Human Resources $108k- 202k

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How SPHR Certification Helps Job Seekers and Professionals: Some Recent Statistics

We have gathered and researched some latest statistics that will tell you how SPHR certification proves beneficial to job seekers and other professionals. According to a study of around 1,029 people conducted on Indeed,

  • Around 80% of job seekers obtain Senior Professional Human Resources certification to help them in their career progression.
  • 65% of the professionals stated that earning this certification help them in rising their salary to a better level. 
  • 62% said that Senior Professionals in Human Resources proved to be a great choice for earning a good job.

These numbers prove how significant SPHR certification is for many professionals and job seekers.

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To achieve the SPHR certification, you have to fulfill and meet the eligibility criteria. The educational and experience requirement necessary for the SPHR certification is explained in detail in this blog. Read above for more information.

To pass the exam, your score should fall around 500 on the scale range of 100 to 700. The score will be between 100 and 700, with 500 being the passing mark.

The time required to take the SPHR certification comprises many factors such as your previous knowledge, how fast you can comprehend the concepts, your learning strategies and how much time you can give in a single day. As this certification is for seasoned professionals with a strong educational background, it hardly takes 2- 3 months of rigorous preparation for them. However, if you’re preparing with appropriate resources, you can cover the extra preparation time and study for the exam quickly. It is only possible if you use our exam dumps. So, make this certification less difficult and pass it quickly with our refreshed SPHR exam dumps.

According to various research, the pass rate for the Senior Professional Human Resource SPHR exam is 58%. So, from this you can access it is not that easy to pass and get the SPHR certification.

The SPHR exam has 140 questions, 25 of which are unscored, and you have 2.5 hours to complete it. The 25 unscored questions, known as “pretest” questions, are used to evaluate questions for future exam versions.

Yes, SPHR certification is valid for three years after you pass the exam. To keep your SPHR, you must acquire 45 HR and 15 Business recertification credits (a total of 60) over three years or repeat the exam.

Senior Professional in Human Resources, or SPHR in short, is the name of a professional credential offered by the Human Resources Certification Institute. The SPHR is one of HRCI’s eight certifications that verifies the expertise of HR professionals.

Both these certifications are the best Human resource certifications but the former is the highest designation. However, PHR is not a prerequisite for SPHR certification. Both of these certifications have different eligibility criteria, requirements, and skills measured. So, it is better to choose a certification that corresponds to your job roles and helps you advance your career irrespective of the designation level.



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