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Does every certification hold the same value? Have you ever pondered why data IT certifications are so much in vogue? What are the parameters that determine how worthy and vital a certification is?

Today we will discuss the value of one of the certifications that have made its substantial place among hundreds of certifications. Snowflake certification has exponentially mounted to achieve a top position in the Data field. Snowflake certification is not only ruling the digital aura but the certified candidates have shown eminent working capabilities. 

We focus exclusively on data, making it simple to enable governed access to practically endless amounts of data as well as innovative services, tools and applications. With the help of the Data Cloud, you may work with all sizes of organizations to create unique and applicable ideas, develop previously unanticipated business prospects, and recognize and know your customers at any time through smooth and pertinent interactions.

Before discussing the worth and importance of Snowflake certification, let us have a quick idea about what is Snowflake. It is a data service platform developed in 2012 that provides data processing services. 


  • Snowflake-certified professionals are a great asset to any organization. Companies highly prioritize hiring Snowflake professionals. A survey on all the recent hiring in US multi-organizations has shown that they prioritize candidates with Snowflake certifications. 
  • Data platforms work differently with structured and unstructured data. However, this is not the case when using Snowflake. You have structured, semi-structured or unstructured data; Snowflake can turn all data into seamless external output with the same speed and proficiency with each type of data. 
  • Members holding the Snowflake certification can acquire and share all the tools, applications, technologies, and even governed data. The data can be shared with different partner business users within the organization, as well as with customers of any value. 
  • Organizations’ data is greatly confidential and sensitive. The data in the Snowflake environment is encrypted end to end. This security is a prominent feature of data security. The professionals have never encountered any data breeching in the Snowflake environment. 
  • Legacy-on-premises is not applicable on Snowflake. This implies that you can assimilate and analyze any set of data. Data professionals can analyze, administer and manage and maintain data in a systematic and presentable manner. 
  • There is no risk of data being lost, intervened or destroyed to maintain the safety and security of data. The data is continuously transferred across the business network so it is crucial to value data protection. Hence, it is completely reliable. Any sensitive data is secure to make sure that the safety terms are followed.


  • Individuals can utilize the tools and applications that are unique to Snowflake. The leanings and skills offered by Snowflake enhance the productivity of data processing by 90%.
  • Snowflake helps to create the codes in the Snowpark. This feature is suitable for candidates who are experts in Java, R, Python and Scala. It is applicable when data science theories are put into use. 
  • When Snowflake enables you to produce a copy of the data, tables and schemas. The interesting feature is that the cloned data can be edited and processed. This cloning feature has dramatically increased the efficiency of data processing. 
  • The individuals with the Snowflake certification are significantly considered credible in the technological world. It provides a demonstrated knowledge of working with  data warehouse and applying data analytics. 
  • Snowflake certification opens up new opportunities for career development and advancement. The individuals with certifications are offered senior roles of employment. Moreover, they work on more specialized projects that employ data management and analysis and architecture. 
  • The earning potential of Snowflake-certified professionals is 65% more than that of non-certified. Employers are most inclined to entrust their data with certified professionals who have the ethics of data security. The professionals are paid according to the demands of the market. 

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There are five Role-based certifications offered by Snowflake as given below: 

Data Architect

Data architects are IT experts whose job is to create the models, procedures, policies, and technologies that will be used to gather, organize, store, and retrieve data for the company. He develops the company’s data strategy, which addresses data security, flows within the organization, and quality standards. This data management specialist’s perspective transforms business requirements into technical requirements.

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Data Administrator

Database administrators are the information technicians in charge of overseeing and carrying out all operations necessary to successfully manage a database environment. DBA ensures that a company’s databases and associated applications run effectively and functionally. They are also responsible for sticking to the company’s management and security policy and to ensure that the database can be securely backed up in case of data loss.

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Data Engineer

Data engineers gather, transform, and disseminate data to accomplish data-driven tasks. Designing, developing, operationalizing, securing, and monitoring data processing systems focusing on security and compliance, scalability and efficiency, reliability and fidelity, adaptability and portability should be within the scope of a data engineer’s abilities. Pre-existing machine learning models should be able to be used, deployed, and constantly trained by a data engineer.

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Data Scientist

Data Scientists are professionals who are responsible for providing solutions to technical problems that arise in the data field. They are computer scientists with great expertise to spot and solve the arising data issues. They create systems that gather, organize, and transform unprocessed data into information that can be analyzed by data scientists and business analysts in a variety of contexts. Their final objective is to open up data so that businesses can use it to assess and improve their performance.

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Data Analyst

Data analysts are professionals who gather and analyze data from various business units in order to make wise choices on their own or to support other team members and leadership. They collect data from different sources and analyze and review data utilizing the data analysis tools to make business-driven decisions proficiently.

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The salaries offered to the Snowflake professionals depend on the job role they choose and the expertise areas. Their salaries range from $84,000 to $180,000 per year. This means that Snowflake certification can boost your income prospect and you have guaranteed chances to land a database job. 

The following table gives the job roles open to Snowflake-certified professionals along with their corresponding salaries.

Job Role Salary
Data Architect $174,365 per year
Data Administrator $146,302 per year
Data Engineer $158,946 per year
Data Scientist $137,274 per year
Data Analyst $90,000 per year


Snowflake certification would help you to stand out in the data community. According to data community reports, all renowned data organizations have 70% hiring who have earned Snowflake certifications. The professionals are highly proficient in catering the skill-based roles and responsibilities. Data solutions that lay a pipeline to drive secure and smooth data delivery are provided. All aspirants who wish to make their career in the data field can use Snowflake certification as a golden badge to showcase their skills and expertise. Thus, Snowflake certification is worth it!


Snowflake certification is actually easy to tackle. It does not contain scenario-based questions. The questions are simple and based on your learning. Hence, it is recommended to take Snowflake exams to prove your skills.

Yes, Snowflake certification is valuable as it gives validation to your skills and expertise. Your income would boost many times more and you will gain professional recognition.

You will attempt 100 questions in 2 hours when you take the Snowflake exam. For exam preparation, 2-3 weeks are sufficient to gain all the required concepts

Yes, the Snowflake Core exam is a requirement to take the advanced exam. Moreover, two years of experience is also recommended. 



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