ServiceNow Certification Path: Streamline and Automate your Career as a ServiceNow Professional!

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ServiceNow, like many other cloud platforms, is a well-known cloud-based platform that offers a suite of IT management tools for businesses. This platform allows companies to automate their IT operations, streamline workflows, and improve and modernize collaborations across teams. Those who work with this platform or intend to do so should pursue ServiceNow certification. It verifies their ServiceNow skills and expertise, which can lead to more career prospects and higher earning potential.

Overview of the ServiceNow Certifications

ServiceNow provides various role-based certifications to enable professionals with the platform and rationalize cutting-edge skills. Understanding the suite of ServiceNow products and applications is important whether you are seeking certification for personal growth and development or to fulfil the demand of the company. In this article, we have provided you with the complete path of ServiceNow certifications. Which certification you want to attain, depends on your career path and best matches your job roles. 

ServiceNow Certification Path: Which Certification you should Pursue?

ServiceNow provides many credentials. We have provided you with the list of the most acknowledged certification. The main area of focus includes

1. Certified System Administrator

This certification is intended for professionals who administer ServiceNow instances and apps. It offers user and group management, data management, reporting, and scripting, among other things.

2. Certified Application Developer

Professionals who design custom apps on the ServiceNow platform are eligible for this certification. It discusses application design, data modelling, user interface customization, and security.

3. Certified Implementation Specialist

This certification is for professionals that work with clients to implement ServiceNow systems. It covers topics such as gathering requirements, solution creation, testing, and deployment.

List of Foremost ServiceNow Certifications

Here is the topmost ServiceNow certifications list of what you can obtain to pursue your career goals.

The right certification for a person is determined by their professional path and employment role. A system administrator, for example, may benefit from the Certified System Administrator certification, but an application developer may profit from the Certified Application Developer certification. The Certified Implementation Specialist certification may be useful for a consultant that implements ServiceNow solutions for clients.

Cost of ServiceNow Certifications

The cost of these certifications varies according to the path and qualification you desire to achieve. ServiceNow provides a variety of credentials for individuals who work with its platform, including certifications for developers, administrators, and implementation specialists, among others. ServiceNow certification exam cost is $300. Moreover, this platform also offers vouchers for instructor-led or online training courses which also contain a free exam attempt. Each voucher is only applicable for one exam. 

Is there any free ServiceNow certification?

ServiceNow certification provides free courses and on completion of them, you will get a free exam voucher. For example, ServiceNow Foundations On Demand is free, and following successful completion of the course, a one-year voucher to take the Certified System Administrator (CSA) exam will be granted.

What is the renewal fee for ServiceNow certification? Verification, Retake Exam and More!

Retakes: There are three retakes allowed for any certification exam. In case, you failed all three attempts you have to take the certification course again. 

Renewal and Verification: To renew your ServiceNow certification, you have to give a renewal exam (delta exam). In addition, there is an annual maintenance charge of $200 to renew the certification. With each new ServiceNow version release, there is also a delta exam. The annual maintenance fee includes the cost of the delta exam. Once your certification expires, you have to take a full, proctored exam. Also, to know more about ServiceNow certification verification, check the official website.  

Salary Potential of ServiceNow Certification

The following table will show you the average salary for ServiceNow Certification according to the certification path:


To rationalize and automate business processes, ServiceNow provides a suite of IT management tools. ServiceNow offers a variety of certifications to validate skills and master this platform in different areas including system administrator, application developer, and implementation professional. Obtain these certifications now, to master cutting-edge skills and equip knowledge of the ServiceNow platform. Furthermore, these qualifications will help you advance your profession and set yourself apart from the competition.


The cost of ServiceNow CSA certification cost $300

It usually depends on which certification course you are taking. You can learn ServiceNow in some weeks to months. The average time someone takes is 3 months depending on the qualification. Moreover, which study resources are you using also define how much time it will take. With Dumpsgate exam dumps, you can complete the certification learning in 3 weeks.

Usually, the ServiceNow training is not free and you have to pay an amount to avail of the training but it also provides some completely free courses. This platform offers a “Welcome to ServiceNow” training that will get you started on your ServiceNow journey. It is also completely free! The on-demand course takes 2 to 4 hours to complete and allows you to work at your speed.

Generally speaking, the CSA exam isn’t that hard. If you know the ServiceNow platform and are well aware of CSA exam domains, you can easily pass the CSA exam. Moreover, with the practice test, you can also increase your readiness level and be well-prepared for the exam. Dumpsgate provides the most refreshed and reliable CSA exam dumps to increase your exam preparedness level and make the exam less difficult for you.

There are three ServiceNow certifications available:

  • ServiceNow Certified System Administrator
  • ServiceNow Application Developer Certification
  • ServiceNow Implementation Specialist certification

Absolutely! ServiceNow certifications are worth it. As it is one of the most known cloud-based platforms and provides a set of IT management tools. ServiceNow certifications provide various courses to grasp the demands and standards of this platform through various certification paths. ServiceNow Certifications not only advance your career in the IT Business Management platform but also provide you with the necessary expertise to distinguish yourself from competitors and acquire the skills and knowledge required to bridge a gap in business infrastructure.

To become skilled with the ServiceNow platform, you must be familiar with programming languages, primarily JavaScript, to develop code on the ServiceNow tool.

 ServiceNow employees earn an average of $118,697 per year. ServiceNow salaries range from $80,150 to $169,915 per year on average.



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