All you should need to know about Salesforce Admin Certification Exam (Adm-201) – 2024

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Salesforce Administrator exams (Adm-201)

The Salesforce Administrator exam is a certification exam designed for those candidates who have ample knowledge about the salesforce community and wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in order to serve their company in a better way. In order to bring companies and customers closer to each other, Salesforce, a customer relationship management software is being used. It’s a single, unified platform that gives all of your departments a common perspective on each client. 

Cracking the admin certification exams is the dream of every candidate. It not only boosts your knowledge and confidence but also adds more weightage to your resume. But one needs to have proper material and a perfect study guide in order to ace Adm-201 exams. If you are the one who is eagerly waiting for the preparation and guidance for this exam then this website is a perfect choice to get answers to all of your queries about Adm-201. This page will act as an excellent tool for you by providing all of the information that may be asked in the exam, as well as suggestions for study materials that would be most beneficial. You’ll have a full understanding of the exam and its particulars after reading this article till the end. So, let’s get started.

The Salesforce Administrator Exam……. A brief introduction

Individuals who have worked with Salesforce before and are continuously seeking methods to help their companies use additional features and functions even more effectively must take the Salesforce Administrator exam. The certification tests the Service,  breadth of applications, collaboration Clouds,  including the features and functions available to an end user, controls accessible to a system administrator across Sales, as well as administrative settings.

The Salesforce Certified Administrator Program consists of two certifications i.e. the Salesforce Certified Administrator credential (Adm-201 Exam) and the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator (Adm-211). The Salesforce Certified Administrator credential pays attention to functionality and features helped to maintain a salesforce implementation. While the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator is intended for individuals who have completed Salesforce configuration maintenance and can show an understanding of administration standards.

Overview of ADM-201 Exam

Exam Name: Salesforce Administrator Exam

Exam Code: ADM-201

Exam Questions: 60

Exam Time: 105 minutes

Exam Fees: $200

Exam Format: Multiple Choice Questions 

Passing Score: 60

Registration platform: Kryterion global testing solution 

Recommended Exam Prep Material: Salesforce Admin Certification Dumps or Salesforce Practice Exam Questions

Salesforce Admin Exam Registration Policy

Kryterion global testing solution offers a worldwide testing solution that allows you to schedule your exam. For making your webassessor account you need to go to the official salesforce site. After making your account you are all set for taking the exam. 

Prerequisites for the Adm-201 Exam

Candidates must have 6 months or more experience as a Salesforce Administrator and should know how to perform the task efficiently as described in the course outline. 

Moreover, salesforce recommends that the Salesforce Certified Administrator candidates should have enough knowledge regarding configuration options available to a Salesforce Administrator and features available to the end users. Candidates should be able to keep a Salesforce organization up and running, respond to standard corporate demands, and execute basic administrative tasks with existing Salesforce capabilities.

Salesforce Adm-201 Exams Retaking Policy

The price for retaking the exam is $100.

 In accordance with Salesforce release cycles, Salesforce updates all certification exams three times a year( Summer, Winter, Spring). You have 3 chances per release in order to appear in Salesforce Certified Administrator exams. 

  • During a release cycle if you fail your first attempt, you must wait for 24 hours in order to register for the second time 
  • If you fail your second attempt then you must wait for 14 days in order to register for your third attempt
  • In case you failed your third attempt then you must wait for the next release cycle in order to register again for the exams

Learn more about salesforce admin retake policy here

Additional Exams Policy

Before sitting for the exam, be sure you know all of the vendor’s terms and conditions and examination rules so that you don’t lose out on anything essential while taking the test. You can go to the company’s official site for salesforce exams to get all of the exam-related information.

Salesforce Adm-201 Exams Outline 

Configuration and Setup: 20%

  • Describe the information discovered in the company settings (for example, fiscal year, business hours, currency management, and so on).
  • Evaluate and comprehend the declarative configuration of the User Interface’s administration. (for example: UI preferences, app menu, list views, worldwide actions, Lightning App Builder).
  • Demonstrate how to set up and maintain users under a given condition.
  • Describe the organization’s security controls in detail. (for example: Audit Trail, Login Hours, Session Settings)
  • Apply the appropriate security measures to a user request based on the Salesforce sharing model’s features and capabilities. (for example: public groups, org wide default, sharing: roles, subordinates, hierarchy)
  • Given a scenario, determine the best use of a custom profile or permission set by comparing the various profile settings and permissions.

Object Manager and Lightning App Builder: 20%

  • Describe the typical object architecture and relationship model in your organization. (For example, there are standard objects, parent/child relationships, master detail/lookup/junction connections, and record types.)
  • Know how to create, delete, and edit fields and page layouts on common and custom items, as well as the consequences of removing fields.
  • Determine how to generate and assign page layouts, record types, and business processes for custom and standard objects given a scenario.

Sales and Marketing Applications: 12%

  • Given a scenario, examine the sales process’s capabilities and consequences. (for example: impact of the sales process on opportunities, paths, forecasts)
  • Apply the appropriate sales productivity features to a given scenario using opportunity tools. (For example: dashboards, lead scoring, Einstein opportunity scoring, and homepage assistant.)
  • Describe the lead automation tools’ and campaign management system’s capabilities. (For example, leads, lead conversions, lead assignment restrictions, campaign members, and campaigns.)

Service and Support Applications: 11%

  • Describe the case management’s capabilities. (For example, include case rules, assignment rules, and queues.)
  • Identifying how to automate case management in a scenario is easy. (for example: support process, case auto-response rules, and case escalation.)

Productivity and Collaboration: 7%

  • Describe activity management’s capabilities.
  • What are the features of Chatter?
  • Describe the features of Salesforce’s mobile app.
  • Identify use cases for AppExchange applications.

Data and Analytics Management: 14%

  • Describe the issues to consider when importing, updating, moving, mass deleting, exporting, and backing up data.
  • Describe data validation tools’ features and ramifications.
  • Describe the various report-creating and -modifying choices.
  • Describe the influence of the sharing model on reports.
  • When creating and editing dashboards, what are the alternatives (e.g., dashboard components, data sources, chart types, Subscribing, running user)?”

Workflow/Process Automation: 16%

  • Assessing the situation and determining which automation solution is appropriate for the tool’s capabilities.
  • Describe items and use cases for Flow.
  • Describe the approval procedure’s capabilities and use cases.

Preparation Material

There are several study materials available to assist you prepare for the Adm-201 exams but you must pick the best ones in order to achieve success. The only thing to bear in mind is that practice is the best way to learn ideas. 

  • Online practice Engine and Braindumps:

Dumpsgate provided you with PDF dumps and online practice test engine along with proper explanation of each question and guidance to solve the problems. This preparatory material is 100% verified by the experts and ensures your success. Certspilot provided you with updated material for the Admin Certification Exams. 

  • Self-paced, instructor-led and web based courses:

There are several websites that may be relied on for Salesforce administrator online training and instructor-led courses from world-class instructors. These experts have total understanding of the subject and can really assist in developing a theoretical grasp as well as resolving concerns. Salesforce also offers its own training programs, as shown below.

The expert-led courses recommended for this exam include:

Practice and test sets

After you’ve completed the syllabus preparation, you’ll need to put in a lot of time practicing so that you can pass the exam. Because the test isn’t particularly simple, it’s critical that you practice enough. Download free PDF demo for Adm-201 exams preparation from Certspilot. The best Salesforce administrator certification practice tests are available on numerous trustworthy websites, as well as on the vendor’s website. It will assist you in locating flaws and weak areas in your preparation by practicing more. This will help you elevate your game and determine how good your training is.


You can find FAQ;s by clicking on ADM-201 Exam F.A.Q

Q: What will be changing with the Administrator exam?

The content of Administrator Exams will be more focused on the attributes of an administrator and also involve sections related to advanced skills essential to ace the role.

Q: What exam sections and objectives will be updated?

The exams section is reduced from 12 to 7 with reduction in objectives also from 34 objectives to 26 objectives. This modification focused more on contemporary Administrator Job’s role. The sections of this exam are now:

  • Configuration and Setup, 20%
  • Object Manager and Lightning App Builder, 20%
  • Sales and Marketing Applications, 12%
  • Service and Support Applications, 11%
  • Productivity and Collaboration, 7%
  • Data and Analytics Management, 14%
  • Workflow/Process Automation, 16%

Q: When will the changes be live?

On June 23, 2021 at 6 am Pacific daylight time, the Certified Administrator exam was updated. The changes will apply on the exams conducted after this time. 

Q: Will the Salesforce Administrator Practice Test in Webassessor be updated to match the changes?

Yes it will be updated according to the changes. 

Q: Will the Prepare for Your Administrator exam Trailmix be updated to help prepare for the changes?

Yes Trailmix will also be updated according to the modification in exams sections. 

Q: How else can I prepare for my Administrator exam?

Check the Exam Guide for more resources required for the preparation.

Visit Admin Certs Day for new content. 

Q: How do I maintain my Administrator exam?

Trailhead maintenance module completed the maintenance for Salesforce certification  once a year. Requirements for maintenance are different for every certification. You can get an email whenever maintenance is due. Make sure to Link Your Trailhead and Webassessor Accounts to get updates regarding maintenance. 

Q: What is the difficulty level for the Salesforce Admin exam?

This exam is quite hard as the passing score is 65% which means sheer knowledge and intense practice is required to qualify the exam. But you don’t need to get worried as we are providing you with a best practice engine and PDF dumps for your preparation. 

Q: How many attempts can be availed by the candidate for the Salesforce Admin exam?

There is no specific amount of limits appearing for the Salesforce Adminexam. But one should be aware of the fact that this exam has three release cycles ( summer, winter, spring) in each cycle a candidate can attempt the exam thrice. 

Q: What is the type of examination?

The Salesforce Admin exam is always based on multiple choice questions. 

Q: Is salesforce admin a good career choice?

Without any hesitation it is a great place to start in Salesforce. Not only is it prestigious but also a highly valued role in the job market.

Q: Are salesforce admin jobs in demand?

 Yes, the salesforce admin jobs are in high demand because the companies are going digital. 

Q: How quickly can I learn salesforce?

It will take three to four months to learn salesforce. 

Final Remarks

The Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification is a quick route to career success. Dumpsgate is the most dependable resource, providing you with the Best ADM-201 Dumps PDF and Online Practice Test available. Let’s take your business to new heights by applying engaging and efficient ADM-201 braindumps.



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