Python Certification Cost – How Much Does It Cost to Get Certified in Python?

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Everyone, whether an IT professional or not, understands that programming is at the core of information technology. As information technology grows, so does programming, driving the need for programmers. Because of the exponentially increasing demand, numerous programmers are graduating every year. Programming is also not bound to only one language, there are so many programming languages which you can learn and develop your career. One of the most demanding and widely used programming languages is Python. Python was launched in 1991 by the Python Software Foundation and has quickly become the most popular and frequently used programming language in a variety of areas. 

However, is it enough to get a degree in programming? No. Certifications are really important in improving your skills and getting advanced knowledge. Various organizations offer Python certifications to stand you out from others. In this blog, you will learn about various Python certifications, what to consider while choosing the right Python certification, and the cost of these certifications.

Python Certifications

Python certificates are a means to demonstrate your knowledge of the Python programming language. They are often provided by a variety of organizations, such as universities, training institutions, and technology firms. Python certificates can range in breadth, depth, and difficulty. Some certificates may teach the fundamentals of Python programming, whereas others may concentrate on more advanced areas like data science, machine learning, or web development.

Several popular Python certifications are available, including:

Things to Consider When Choosing a Python Certification: Which is Right for You?

The best Python certification for you is determined by your goals, level of experience, how much the certification cost and many others. Consider the following aspects when choosing a Python certification:

Matches with your Goals

Always choose a certification that matches your goals. Consider your career goals and what you intend to achieve with the certification. Do you want to increase your Python skills for a particular profession or project? Or do you want to broaden your skills and work in data science, machine learning, or web development? Define your goals and then go for a particular certification.

Choose Certification Level According to Your Knowledge

Don’t mistake choosing certification as more advanced than your current knowledge. Some certifications are designed for beginners, while others demand more advanced Python skills. Consider your present skill level and previous programming and Python experience and knowledge. For this, it is important to know the certification levels.

Python Certifications and its Levels

Python Certifications Level
Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate Entry
PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Entry
PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming Associate
PCAD- Certified in Associate Data Analytics with Python Associate
Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate Associate
Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate Associate
PCPP1– Certified Professional in Python Programming 1 Professional
PCPP2– Certified Professional in Python Programming 2 Professional

Check the Certification Requirement

Review the exam format and prerequisites for certification. Some certifications require you to take a training course or have hands-on experience with Python.

Check the Python Certification Cost

Some certifications can be costly, so consider your budget and whether the certification cost is worthwhile for your career goals. For this, you should know the certification cost. We have listed the cost of Python certification for your ease.

Python Certification Cost

Python Certifications Level
Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate Free
PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer $59
PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming $295
PCAD- Certified in Associate Data Analytics with Python $295
Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate $165
Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate $165
PCPP1– Certified Professional in Python Programming 1 $195
PCPP2– Certified Professional in Python Programming 2 $195

It’s important to note that the cost of a Python certification varies greatly based on the provider and the level of certification. Some certificates are free, while others can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. While cost is an important consideration, it should not be the only one. Remember to consider the cost of the certification against the value it can give to your professional progress and ambitions. In some situations, investing in a more expensive certification may be worthwhile if it leads to more employment prospects or higher earning potential in the long run.

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Certification credibility

Consider the certification provider’s credibility and reputation. Look for certifications from well-known organizations or those that are industry-recognized. For instance, the python institute provides top certifications in Python. Moreover, it is also important to check if the certification gives you the exposure you’re looking for. Overall, which certification you may acquire, make sure it opens your various career prospects and help you boosting in both professional and personal development.


The cost of Python certification may vary in the price range. Some certifications are free while some cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. To check the cost, read the content of this blog.

In case, you want to expand your skills and want to stand out in the competitive market, then Yes- it is worth it. Earning a Python certification is a step towards becoming a professional in Python coding. Candidates with the certification can gain access to many programming opportunities at top organizations where certification is necessary or desired. Python certificates provide you with more salary possibilities than non-certified candidates. The income of a Python programmer in the United States can range from $108,093 to $225,271 based on the type of certification, experience, and organization you work for.

These four certifications are considered to be the best Python certification:

The Python Institute has set a certification cost for Python certification. No, certification is free. However, The OpenEDG Python Institute provides training courses at all levels of Python programming, from absolute beginner to advanced professional programmers, and just as Python is free and open-source. You can enroll in the free courses from the Python Institute’s official website.

Getting a job as a Python programmer necessitates an academic degree. If you have a professional degree and a certification, the chance of getting a job becomes 10x higher. Moreover, getting Python certifications improve your chances of getting hired by top companies. You will have a variety of freelance opportunities in addition to regular jobs if you have finished a Python certification course.

Usually, Python is not considered a difficult programming language. So, acquiring a Python certification is also not considered hard. The difficulty of certification may depend upon your existing knowledge and experience, and the certification level. Furthermore, which prep material you’re studying also influences the certification’s difficulty level. We recommend you practice Dumpsgate exam dumps for any Python certifications. These dumps are actually mock tests that will help you to remove the difficulty in preparing for the exam and provide you with a real exam environment.

Python Developer salaries in India range from 1.4 Lakhs to 9.0 Lakhs per year, with an average yearly pay of 4.0 Lakhs.

Anyone who has an interest in Python and wants to acquire this as a career. There are no mandatory eligibility requirements for studying Python, but basic computer knowledge is recommended. There is no specific entrance exam for Python courses.



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