Proven Tips and Essential Strategies to Pass the AZ-800 Exam

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The Microsoft AZ-800 certification is intended for Windows Administration professionals and is the most effective way to gain expertise in this field. To earn the Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate certification, certification, you have to pass the required exams – (AZ-800, AZ-801). Now you have been wondering, how to crack the AZ-800 exam. Don’t worry we got you covered. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about AZ-800 and how to crack this exam. First, let’s dig deep into the Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure exam.

What is the AZ-800 exam?

The AZ-800: Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure exam is one of the required exams to earn the Microsoft Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate Certification. This exam assesses your technical skills in the following areas: deploying and managing Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in on-premises and cloud environments; managing Windows Servers and workloads in a hybrid environment; managing virtual machines and containers; implementing and managing an on-premises and hybrid networking infrastructure; and managing storage and file services.

What are the roles and responsibilities of AZ-800 exam candidates?

Candidates for this exam are responsible for:

  • Configuring and managing workloads on the Windows Server on-premises, hybrid, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms
  • Integrating Windows Server environments with Azure services and managing Windows Server in on-premises networks.
  • Managing and maintaining Microsoft Azure Windows Server IaaS workloads, as well as migrating and deploying workloads to Azure.
  • This role also includes deploying, packaging, securing, updating, and configuring Windows Server workloads using on-premises, hybrid, and cloud technologies.
  • Implementing and managing on-premises and hybrid solutions such as identity, security, and management, as well as computing, networking, storage, monitoring, high availability, and disaster recovery.

What is the AZ-800 exam format?

The exam includes 40-60 multiple-choice, multiple-select, drag-and-drop questions and case studies. The time allowed to complete the exam will probably be 90-120 minutes. The exam is available in different languages including English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Traditional), and Italian. The cost of the exam is $165 which can differ according to your geographical location. 

What will you learn from the AZ-800 exam?

The AZ-800 exam will prepare you to perform the following technical skills: 

  • Deploy and manage AD DS on-premises and in the cloud (30-35%)
  • Control Windows Servers and workloads in a hybrid environment (10-15%)
  • Manage virtual machines and containers (15-20%)
  • Install and manage on-premises and hybrid networking infrastructure (15-20%)
  • Manage file and storage services (15-20%)

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Benefits of Taking the AZ-800 Exam

Well, before telling you the tips and strategies to pass the Microsoft AZ-800 exam, first explore the benefits of taking this exam.

Bring you one Step Closer to becoming a Windows Administration Expert

Passing the exam geared you toward becoming a Windows administration expert. It is the first step in bringing you closer to achieving the Microsoft Windows Hybrid Administration certification. This certification is considered a benchmark for anyone working in Windows administrative roles. Moreover, it prepares you to effectively operate Hybrid windows server platforms. .

Delve Into Deeper Azure Hybrid Knowledge and Skills

Talking about the benefits of administering the Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure exam, one of the prominent benefits is – it delves deeper knowledge and information about Azure hybrid and on-premises Windows administrating. You will learn and validate the latest technical skills after passing the exam. It also helps you showcase your expertise and streamline the management and implementation of on-premises and hybrid solutions such as identity, management, computing, networking, and storage.

Prepare you to Work for Several Job Roles

Passing this exam is proof that you have years of experience working in the Windows server operating system. Employers keenly look for aspirants with the latest skills and proven expertise in the domain. By clearing the AZ-800 exam, you will reach a significant milestone and will be one step closer to becoming Microsoft certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate, one of the most important and compelling Microsoft certifications for associate-level professionals. This certification will prepare you for several top job roles including:

  • Administrator
  • Identity And Access Administrator
  • Information Protection Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • Support Engineer
  • Technology Manager

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Proven Expert Tips and Strategies to Pass the Microsoft AZ-800 Exam

Without further ado, let us get to the main point: how to pass the Microsoft AZ-800 exam. Below are the expert tips and proven strategies that will help you to ace the exam and make an informed decision.

Understand the Requirements of the AZ-800 Exam

The first and most important thing to consider before taking the exam is to determine if you have completed all of the exam requirements and can comfortably complete the remaining steps. For the exam, you should be well-versed in the AZ-800 skills and domains. The AZ-800 exam has the following prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of the Microsoft Server Operating System.
  • Complete understanding of how to integrate Microsoft Windows Server Environment with Azure services. 
  • Collaboration experience with Azure and Microsoft 365 administrators, architects, and network engineers. 
  • Expertise in configuring and managing Windows Server workloads on-premises, hybrid, and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). 
  • Managing the implementation and migration of IaaS workloads from an on-premises network to Azure.
  • Knowledge of Azure, Arc, Powershell, and Windows Admin Center.

If you stand on this requirement, you can opt for this exam. 

Strong Familiarity with the AZ-800 Exam Domains

The next thing is you should have a strong familiarity with skill measured and exam objectives. If you want to ace the AZ-800 exam, you must know every exam objective in-depth. Also, you have a comprehensive understanding of Azure Hybrid and Windows server operating systems. Each exam domain has a specific weightage so prepare for the exam accordingly.

Implement a Strict Study Schedule

Make sure you invest proper study schedule and devote maximum study hours for studying for this exam. This exam demands a comprehensive understanding and knowledge. It is recommended to devote 4-5 hours daily for 3-4 consecutive months if you want to get a complete grasp of the exam curriculum. Furthermore, reliable and valid exam prep resources also assist you in better preparation and passing the exam. 

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Top Study Material and Resources for Preparing the AZ-800 Exam

Several aspirants who enroll in the exam, despite putting forth their best efforts, fail the exam. One of the reasons is using inappropriate and unauthentic exam material. But if you prepare with our suggested resources, you can certainly pass the exam effortlessly.

Study Official Study Guide

Microsoft provides official study guides and training courses tailored to the AZ-800 exam. These resources offer structured learning materials, practice questions, and exercises to assist you in effectively preparing.

Enroll in Microsoft Learning Path  

Microsoft provides a complete learning path for individuals seeking skills and preparing for the AZ-800 exam. The learning paths are intended to offer a systematic approach to learning and preparing for the intended exam. You can opt for Self-paced training or Instructor-led training for better preparation. 

Look into Microsoft Documentation 

Microsoft provides a wealth of information about its products and services. Examine the official Microsoft documentation on the AZ-800 exam topics. Take note of the specifics and features of each technology.

Join Study Groups or Forums

Connect with others who are preparing for the exam. Participate in online study groups or forums to discuss exam topics, share resources, and clear up any misconceptions from experts and individuals who previously took the exam. 

Practice Concepts with Dumpsgate Exam Dumps

Dumpsgate AZ-800 exam dumps are the best way to test your exam concepts and find out the knowledge gaps. The dumps are a collection of exact exam questions that will acquaint you with the real exam format and content, allowing you to prepare for the exam in given time constraints. Anyone who practices dumps beforehand achieves an exceptional score on the exam.

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Passing the AZ-800 exam necessitates a logical and strategic approach. You can effectively prepare for success by focusing on the key areas of the AZ-800 exam. With the above-mentioned tips, essential strategies, and top resources, you can pass the AZ-800 exam with flying colors.


While the exam is performance-based and tests your technical abilities, it is surely a difficult exam. To perform well in the exam you must have pretty good experience in managing and operating Windows server platforms and knowledge of Azure Hybrid. Moreover, you also have hands-on experience in practicing the domains. However, if you prepare with valid resources you can easily pass the exam. Dumpsgate provides AZ-800 exam dumps that are the finest and most effective way of passing the exam.

To pass the AZ-800 exam and all other Microsoft exams, you must have 700 or above scores.

The Microsoft AZ-800 exam includes 40-60 multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, case study, and multiple-response questions.

The annual salary of AZ-800 certified professionals can range from USD 69,000 to USD 115,000.

The exam doesn’t expire until Microsoft retires the exam. Moreover, the exam is a requirement to gain the Microsoft Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate Certification and Microsoft role-based certification expires after one year.

By following the above-mentioned tips and tricks and preparing with reliable resources, you can pass the AZ-800 exam with ease. To get familiar with the tips and strategies read this blog. 



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