Unleash Your Potential with PHR Certification: A Complete Guide to PHR Certification Cost and Significance

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Human Resources is one of the most widely pursued careers around the globe. Staying ahead of the curve is of the utmost importance in the dynamic human resources (HR) world, where talent management, employee engagement, and workplace compliance all play important roles. If you’re thinking of establishing a career in HR, don’t just think of starting, picture yourself as the captain of an HR team, confidently directing the ship to success with the knowledge and experience to overcome any HR difficulty that comes your way. Now you’re thinking how? Becoming an HR leader is no single-day game; it requires years of experience and advanced skill sets. As a busy HR professional, finding time for career development and learning advanced skills can be difficult. But we have a solution for you. PHR certification is all you’re looking for. Embark the excellence in Human Resources with the PHR certification. This blog will give you a complete overview of PHR certification, its cost, and its worth.

What is PHR certification?

This certification validates your understanding of human resource management’s technical and operational aspects. It highlights your comprehension of management’s technical and operational aspects and verifies your knowledge of US regulations and legislation. This certification might be a wonderful approach to demonstrate to managers that you’re ready to step into a leadership role for HR professionals who already have a logistical or tactical orientation and experience in program implementation.

How to earn PHR certification: Eligibility Criteria & Requirement

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the PHR, you must meet one of the following education and/or experience requirements: 

  • Have at least one year of professional-level HR experience and a Master’s degree or above. 
  • Have at least two years of professional-level HR experience and a Bachelor’s degree


  • Have at least four years of professional-level HR experience.

Required Exam

You have to pass the PHR exam to get the certification. It is a computer-based exam that has 115 questions (90 unscored, and 25 pretest). You have 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete the exam.

How much does it cost to take the PHR certification: Exam, Application and Retake Fees

There is no specific cost for completing the whole PHR certification. It is determined by many factors, including the cost of preparation materials, exam costs, application fees, and retake exam fees (if you fail the first attempt). However, which prep material you use contributes major to the full cost of getting a certification. We have provided you with the PHR exam cost you must pay before appearing in the exam. Keep reading below if you want to know about the PHR certification cost.

Exam Fee Coverage:

The PHR certification cost covers the registration and administration fee. For prep material, you have to pay additional cost

a) Exam Registration: The PHR exam fee includes the cost of registering for the exam. The registration fee is known as the application fee which is $100. After you’ve paid the cost, you’ll get instructions on how to finish the registration process, which includes choosing your chosen exam day, time, and venue. 

b) Exam Administration: The exam fee covers the administrative costs of administering the PHR exam. It cost $395.

Exam Fee Application Fee Total Fee Retake Fee
$395 $100 $495 $250

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PHR Exam Bundle Cost

Exam prep resources are less expensive when purchased together with exam fees. Prices range from $75 for a practice exam to $400 to $895 for the full program. Non-bundled courses might cost up to $1,200.

Dumpsgate Exam Dumps Cost

Regardless of which prep material you choose, don’t miss the Dumpgate PHR exam dumps for thorough and concise preparation. These exam dumps are available at a very low cost and it is the best way to practice for the exam domains before the actual exam. You can get these dumps at only $30 from the Dumpsagte official site.

The Value of Investing in PHR Certification

Many HR professionals need to be made aware of the worth and significance that PHR certification holds. Is it worth your investment or not? Definitely- Yes. Get the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification – a prestigious certificate that verifies your HR knowledge and moves your career forward. Moreover, with its far-reaching influence and industry recognition, PHR certification is the key that unlocks doors to limitless prospects in the ever-changing world of human resource management. Let’s have a look at how investing in this certification is beneficial.

Career Advancement: The PHR Certification can boost your career prospects and demonstrate your knowledge of human resources. It could lead to higher-level roles, promotions, and increasing responsibility inside your organization, or it could lead to new work options.

Expanded Knowledge and Skills: Preparing for the PHR Certification exam necessitates extensive research and study in a variety of HR topics. This knowledge can greatly improve your HR competencies, allowing you to successfully contribute to your organization’s HR functions and initiatives.

Increased Earning Potential: While the immediate impact of the PHR Certification on your income is difficult to determine, it can potentially boost your earning potential. Many businesses value and reward HR workers who hold certificates, which can result in higher salary offers and better compensation packages.

Marketability and Job Security: The PHR Certification can give you a competitive advantage over other candidates in competitive job markets. It indicates your dedication to the HR industry and distinguishes you as a skilled and knowledgeable expert, thereby increasing your marketability and job stability.

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Common Careers after Achieving PHR Certifications

Individuals who receive a PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification are qualified for several professions in the field of human resources. PHR-certified professionals frequently pursue the following job titles:

Jobs Salary
HR Generalist/ Coordinator $65,134
HR Manager $115,778
Compensation and Benefit Manager $130,267
HR Consultant $81,300
Employees Relations Specialist $63,009
Talent Acquisition Specialist $62,264
HR Analyst $61,459

Final Notes

Getting a PHR certification is one of the fastest ways to career advancement in the ever-changing world of human resources. Earning a PHR Certification is less expensive than earning other HR Certifications, but it does need substantial study and/or experience. So, investing in professional human resource certification is never a bad option, opening lucrative career prospects and it is definitely worthwhile.


After reading this blog, you will certainly be aware of the value of the PHR certification. This certification will provide you with additional knowledge, experience, and skills needed to establish a strong HR career. So, get this future-proof professional certification in HR and explore various benefits.

The time required to prepare for the PHR exam is determined by a candidate’s work experience, background, and approach to learning. Some applicants can effectively prepare for the exam with only a few weeks of study, but others require several months to study thoroughly for the exam. Which study material you’re using also influences the study and how long it takes to prepare. If you’re using Dumpsgate exam dumps, you will prepare for the exam in just 2 weeks.

The PHR exam consists of 115 multiple-choice questions, 25 of which are unscored, and you will have 2 hours to finish it.

If you do not pass the PHR, you may repeat the exam after a 90-day waiting period. You will be obligated to reapply and pay another charge. Within a year, no more than three exam attempts are permitted.

  • Business Management (20%)
  • Talent Planning and Acquisition (16%)
  • Learning and Development (10%)
  • Total Rewards (15%)
  • Employee and Labor Relations (39%)

Employee and Labor Relations, which accounts for 39% of the PHR exam, is the most significant part. Business Management, which accounts for 20% of the exam, is the next largest section.

The main difference between both certifications is the content covered. Though the PHR exam, like the aPHR exam, covers essential skills such as employee interactions, it also evaluates you on more strategic HR issues such as talent planning and learning and development. Moreover, the exam format is also different for both certifications.

It is but up to some extent. It can be difficult but beatable. With rigorous preparation and inclusive personalized exam material, you can pass the exam. However, learning patterns and previous experience also count in the difficulty level. If you have some previous understanding of the exam domains and study rigorously, you can easily pass the PHR exam. Furthermore, practicing Dumpgate exam dumps for the PHR exam is the most thorough and reliable source that can assist you to pass the exam quickly.



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