How Much Can You Earn Through PCAP Certification in 2024

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What Is PCAP Certification?

The better you learn Python, the more you can accomplish in this era. Python is the programming language that unlocks more doors than any other. You can work in a wide range of positions and sectors if you have a thorough understanding of Python. The PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming certification emphasizes the Object-Oriented Programming approach to Python and demonstrates that the holder is knowledgeable about more complex programming concepts, such as list comprehensions, lambdas, generators, closures, exception handling, and file processing. Other topics covered by the certification include the fundamentals of OOP, the fundamentals of modules and packages, the exception handling mechanism in OOP, and advanced operations on strings.

PCAP certification helps its certified professionals stand out in the job market, boosts their confidence in their programming abilities, and offers them a head start on being ready for and moving up to the next phase of their career.

Who is the PCAP Certification Designed For?

PCAP Certification is designed for the following candidate:

  • Aspiring programmers and learners interested in learning programming for fun and job-related tasks;
  • Learners and career changers seeking a junior-level job role as a software developer, data analyst, or tester.
  • Industry professionals wishing to explore technologies that are connected with python, or that utilize it as a foundation;
  • Aspiring programmers and industry professionals looking to build a solid foundation for further studies in more specialized areas, such as testing, data analytics, machine learning, IoT, and web development;
  • Team leaders, product managers, and project managers who want to understand the terminology and processes in the software development cycle to more effectively manage and communicate with production and development teams.

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities of a PCAP?

The following are the major job roles and responsibilities of a Python Associate: 

  • Write effective, scalable code
  • Develop back-end components to improve responsiveness and overall performance
  • Integrate user-facing elements into applications
  • Test and debug programs
  • Improve functionality of existing systems
  • Implement security and data protection solutions
  • Assess and prioritize feature requests

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What Jobs Roles Are Open to PCAP Professionals?

There are various job roles that are designed for PCAP professionals. Following is the list of the job roles and the respective salaries of the PCAP professionals.

Job Roles Salaries
Python Developer $116,749
Data Scientist $107,636
Machine Learning Engineer $152,947
Software Engineer $130,480
Python Backend Developer $127,491
App Developer $119,892
Python Game Developer $121,302
Data Science $100,638
IoT Developer $112,204

How Experience Affects PCAP Salary?

Like any other IT certification, PCAP salary is greatly dependent on the experience of the candidate. The more years of experience you acquire, the more you work on different projects. Let’s learn how the salary raises with experience.

Experience Average Salary
0-3 years $101, 748
3-6 years $118,291
6-9 years $123,263
10+ years $138,648

How Location Affects PCAP Salary?

Some regions are more progressive in Python field. As these areas have more demand so the developer working in these cities and regions will get more salaries than the rest.

City Region Average Salary
New York United States $ 135, 221
London Europe $127,379
Mumbai India $113,638
Toronto Canada $121,648
Melbourne Australia $103,739
Dubai Middle East $130,720

Top Hiring Companies for PCAP in the US

Following is the list of top hiring companies for Python. They offer very high market-competitive salaries. Every PCAP desires to work with these companies.

Python Learning Resources

PCAP may work in a variety of fields. But it’s difficult to start a Python profession and develop the necessary abilities. Learning the basics of Python is the best course of action. Never get fixated on a single issue. Continue to pick up new skills in the area. PCAP learning classes come in a variety of formats. Python learning ideas are presented in video lectures online. In this article, we’ve examined the job market for Python developers in general and contrasted their average pay by level of expertise. If you’ve managed to score a job interview, be sure to research the expected pay in your chosen field for someone with your degree of expertise and region.

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