OSCP VS CEH- Which Gives More Success?

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Why do OSCP and CEH stand In Comparison?

Although the names of the two certifications are quite different, both OffSec Certified Professional (OSCP) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) work in the same domain. They penetrate the software, system, and network to test their security. These certifications make you qualified as an ethical hacker to test the vulnerability. These qualified professionals are required to apply security procedures and tools and ensure that the given network or software is completely safe from hackers. Ethical hackers play a major role in data security and system software protection in every organization. For this reason, security certs have a great demand. 

Since OSCP and CEH are two popular certifications in ethical hacking and system penetration, you might be confused about which is best to take. They differ profoundly depending on various factors. In this blog, you will learn the dissimilarities between OSCP and CEH. Learning their differences would help you to choose the right certification matching your skills and needs.

Differences between OSCP and CEH

Level Beginner Expert
Exam time 4 hours knowledge based exam+ 6 hours practical exam 24 hours exam
Number of questions 125 questions Variable
Labs required Yes Yes
Type of questions Multiple choice questions Scenario-based questions
Proctored Yes Yes

Exam Requirements

You are not required to have any experience in taking the CEH exam. Solid understanding of TCP/IP networking
Any candidate who wants to learn security testing at the beginner level is fit to take the CEH exam. Reasonable Windows and Linux administration experience
An undergraduate degree or a high school diploma would be preferred. Familiarity with basic Bash and/or Python scripting


Application fee:$100
Exam fee:
Option 1: PearsonVUE, which costs $1,119
Option 2: Proctor oversees your test, which costs $1,050
Annual membership fee of $80
Exam only: $850
Exam with the course:
Option1 : $1599 with 1 exam attempt
Option 2: $2499/year with 2 exam attempts
Option 3: $5499/year with unlimited exam attempts
*Application fee:$100 Application fee, exam fee and annual membership are compulsory. *Exam fee is compulsory

Skills Acquired

Unique learn, certify, engage and compete methodology for aspiring cyber professionals Learn how to become a penetration tester by using information-gathering techniques to identify and enumerate targets running various operating systems and services
Learn ethical hacking in a structured setting across 20 domains Writing basic scripts and tools to aid in the penetration testing process
Learn commercial-grade hacking tools and techniques Analyzing, correcting, modifying, cross-compiling, and porting public exploit code
Compete with hackers around the world as part of the cieh® elite program Conducting remote, local privilege escalation, and client-side attacks
Build skills with over 220 challenge-based, hands-on labs with cyberqtm labs Identifying and exploiting XSS, SQL injection, and file inclusion vulnerabilities in web applications
Engage: "hack" a real organization with ciehr elite to get experience Leveraging tunneling techniques to pivot between networks
Gain experience with over 500 unique attack techniques Creative problem-solving and lateral thinking skills
Attain the most recognized credential in the cybersecurity industry: ciehr

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Exam Difficulty

CEH exam is easier to attempt and pass. It usually takes a few days to pass the exam. The exam contains multiple-choice questions to test your hacking skills. The OSCP exam is more challenging than CEH. It may even take 48 hours to complete the exam. The exam tests your ability to solve hacking problems in a subtle environment.

Exam Expiry

The CEH certificate is valid for only 3 years. You need to renew the certification every 3 years to keep it active. The OSCP certificate is valid for a lifetime.

Exam Retake

Salary Prospect (per year)

Pay Scale $63,486 $145,003
Glassdoor $61,264 $174,631
Indeed $72,193 $160,268

Job Opportunities


Although both CEH and OSCP are immensely popular in the world of security and ethical hacking, CEH is good to opt for as a beginner, as it is easier. But, if you have a few years of experience and want to earn more advanced skills, then OSCP is a better decision. For a beginner, OSCP may give you a hard time. The course and learning material greatly affect the pace of your learning. These certifications would help you propel your security cum hacking career quickly and successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

CEH would take a few days to prepare, while OSCP would take a few weeks or months to ace the exam.

Dumpsgate provides the most reliable and quick resource to prepare for the CEH or OSCP exam. The questions in this prep resource are taken from real-time exams to provide you quick study pack.

You do not need to pass the CEH exam to take the OSCP exam. Both exams are independent of each other.



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