Guide To Success: HashiCorp Infrastructure Automation Certification

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Before we deal with the HashiCorp Infrastructure Automation Certification provided by HashiCorp, let’s know what HashiCorp is. This would better help you to understand the Terraform Associate 003 exam needed to gain this certification.

Terraform is one of the most prominent Infrastructures as Code (IaC) tools which makes use of codes to design and modify the infrastructure. It makes use of coding language to make the infrastructure known as HashiCorp Coding Language (HCL). You can create a variety of simple and technical infrastructure using Terraform like DNS records, SaaS services, storage, networking, and so forth. 

Now let’s move on to Terraform Associate certification: it is one of the most trendy certifications that verifies your skills in infrastructure automation. If you want to build your career in IT, operations and development then this certification is the best fit for you. This certification will update your skills and expertise to land a reputable job position.

If you wish to become a HashiCorp Terraform Associate in 2024 and onwards, you need to take the Terraform Associate 003 exam instead of the 002 exam which was previously applicable. This blog will provide you a detailed guide on Terraform Associate Certification.

What Are The Prerequisites For Terraform Associate Certification?

The following are the requirements to take Terraform Associate 003 exam:

  • Basic understanding of the terminals 
  • Working knowledge of cloud architecture 
  • A basic DevOps course is also a plus

Exam Overview of Terraform Associate 003 Exam

Exam type: Online

Type of questions: Multiple-choice

Exam time: 1 hour

Language(s) offered: English

Exam expiry: 2 years

Cost: $70.50

Course Outline of Terraform Associate 003 Exam

Understand infrastructure as code (IaC) concepts

  • Explain what IaC is
  • Describe the advantages of IaC patterns

Understand the purpose of Terraform (vs other IaC)

  • Explain multi-cloud and provider-agnostic benefits
  • Explain the benefits of state

Understand Terraform basics

  • Install and version Terraform providers
  • Write Terraform configuration using multiple providers
  • Describe how Terraform finds and fetches providers
  • Describe the plugin-based architecture

Use Terraform outside of the core workflow

  • Describe when to use terraform import to import existing infrastructure into your Terraform state
  • Describe when to enable verbose logging and what the outcome/value is
  • Use terraform state to view Terraform state

Interact with Terraform modules

  • Contrast and use different module source options including the public Terraform Module Registry
  • Interact with module inputs and output
  • Describe variable scope within modules/child modules
  • Set module version

Use the core Terraform workflow

  • Describe Terraform workflow ( Write -> Plan -> Create )
  • Initialize a Terraform working directory (terraform init)
  • Validate a Terraform configuration (terraform validate)
  • Generate and review an execution plan for Terraform (terraform plan)
  • Generate and review an execution plan for Terraform (terraform plan)
  • Destroy Terraform managed infrastructure (terraform destroy)
  • Apply formatting and style adjustments to a configuration (terraform fmt)

Implement and maintain state

  • Describe default local backend
  • Describe state locking
  • Handle backend and cloud integration authentication methods
  • Differentiate remote state back-end options
  • Manage resource drift and Terraform state
  • Describe backend block and cloud integration in configuration
  • Understand secret management in state files

Read, generate, and modify the configuration

  • Demonstrate the use of variables and outputs
  • Describe secure secret injection best practice
  • Understand the the use of collection and structural types
  • Create and differentiate resource and data configuration
  • Use resource addressing and resource parameters to connect resources together
  • Use HCL and Terraform functions to write configuration
  • Describe built-in dependency management (order of execution based)

Understand Terraform Cloud capabilities

  • Explain how Terraform Cloud helps to manage infrastructure
  • Describe how Terraform Cloud enables collaboration and governance

What Changes Are Made In The Terraform Associate 002 Exam?

The Terraform Associate 002 exam is valid until the release of the 003 exams. The Terraform Associate 002 exam will be replaced by the 003 exams in 2024.

If you hold Terraform Associate 002 certification, it will be valid until the expiry of your certification. In case you take the 003 exam such that your credentials for the 002 exam have not yet expired, you can enjoy the credentials for the 002 exam till its expiry. This means that you can hold both HashiCorp Terraform Associate 002 and 003 certifications.

Now coming to the differences between the existing 002 exam and the new 0003 exam. It is great to announce that there are no differences in the course topics or other exam details. Only the topics have been rearranged and renamed to make the understanding of exam objectives easier. This will make learning and understanding of the topics easier.

Why is Terraform Associate 003 Certification Worth Earning?

Terraform Associate certification has many key benefits which make it a certification worth earning. Following is a list of benefits that you would acquire from Terraform Associate 003 certification:

1. Terraform Is Beneficial

This certification gives you access to Terraform platform which has some great benefits as listed below:

  • Terraform is a flexible platform that tends to make various infrastructures. 
  • It is an open-source and free platform 
  • It offers a consistent workflow
  • It has a friendly user- experience
  • It has a community to avail best solutions  


2. You Receive An Upgraded Salary

The certification that you would receive from taking the Associate 003 exam would enable you to earn a higher income. Employers are greatly impressed with such associate certifications on your resume. As a result of this impressive certification, you would receive a market-competitive salary. 

3. It Refines Your Skills

The learnings of this certification help you to improve and upgrade your skills to build, deploy and improve infrastructure. When you have the skills, you can make great infrastructures which are required by the companies. 

What Jobs Roles Are Offered To Terraform Associate?

  • Associate Backend Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Cloud Native Developer

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How Much Can You Earn From HashiCorp Terraform Associate Certification?

The average income of Terraform Associate certification is $100k. The salary of a beginner starts from $70k. With experience, Terraform Associate certified can earn up to $150k. This shows that the market demand for achieving Terraform associate is quite high as compared to other similar associate roles dealing with infrastructure. 

How Do I Prepare For The Terraform Associate 003 Exam?

  1. Before you begin preparing for the Terraform Associate 003 exam, you need to have practical knowledge of cloud providers like AWS, Azure, etc.
  2. The second tip that can help you to better understand the exam topics is to get an understanding of Terraform configurations which would also open up the ways to build up modules on your own using the defined parameters.
  3. You can use the tutorials and lectures provided on the HashiCorp website to prepare for the topics which are a part of Terraform Associate 003 exam. You can also take an instructor-led course.
  4. Next, prioritize taking practice tests and getting familiar with HashiCorp Terraform exam questions for all the topics covered in the domains. 
  5. After covering course topics, practice your concepts. You need to attempt multiple questions based on various scenario-based concepts.
  6. If you are lacking in some concept, you can learn and practice it again to make sure that all the concepts are covered completely.
  7. Read the questions carefully and give sufficient time to all the questions

Follow Terraform Associate Tutorial List to start studying

How Can I Take the Terraform Associate 003 Exam?

  1. To take the Terraform Associate 003 exam you need to apply through the HashiCorp exam partner-PSI exam platform.
  2. Click on this link:

Click here to go to PSI’s exam platform

  1. Fill in the details and create your account
  2.  Pay the exam fee for Terraform Associate 003 certification
  3. Schedule your exam
  4. Take your exam and wait for your certification

Final Thoughts

It is worth mentioning that the HashiCorp certifications are one of the most recognized certifications if you are planning to learn advanced infrastructure skills. I would highly recommend it as many employers admire such associate certifications in your profile. Taking the HashiCorp Terraform Associate 003 exam can be of a great benefit for you. You need to prepare it smartly to ensure that you hit the nail in the first go.

Frequently Asked Questions

The exam required for HashiCorp Terraform Associate 003 is not hard if you prepare it with a practical demonstration. It is highly preferable to have hands-on experience so that you have a clear demonstration of the concepts being dealt with in the course. 

The passing percentage of the HashiCorp Terraform Associate exam is 70%. Out of 57-60 multiple-choice questions, you need to pass 70% of the questions.

HashiCorp Terraform Associate certification may take 4 to 5 weeks to completely study and understand all the concepts needed to cover the course of Terraform certification. You must have practical knowledge of the concepts rather than theoretical learning.

You have a limit of 4 attempts to take the HashiCorp Terraform Associate exam in a year. If you are unsuccessful in an attempt, you have to wait for 7 days to take the next attempt. Your exam retake is not free of cost.

You can reschedule or cancel the exam 48 hours before the exam starts. To reschedule or cancel the exam in an emergency, you need to provide supporting documents when you issue a ticket.

Terraform is an amazing tool if you are planning to prepare for creating automated infrastructure on the cloud. You would be able to learn all the necessary concepts which would build your skills to create functional infrastructure with higher precision.



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