Network+ vs Security+: Choosing the Right Path for a Successful Career in Networking and Cybersecurity

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CompTIA Security+ vs Network+

Are you worried about which CompTIA certification is suitable for your career? Or are you thinking of taking both then which one should come first? Which credentials offer you the best understanding and demonstrate your advanced expertise in the IT industry? If these thoughts are bothering you, don’t be worried. These questions are quite normal. 

Choosing one of these depends upon your career goals. To answer these questions, you need detailed information about both CompTIA Certifications

In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+, their potential outcomes, prerequisites, requirements, and which one is more suitable for which career path.

Difference between CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certification

If you are looking for a career in networking and cybersecurity, then choose one of the best among CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+. Both are top-vendor credentials highly demanded in the IT industry. These two credentials have a lot of similarities, but there are some differences between them, which make them stand out in the IT industry. So let’s begin to analyze the variation between both of them.

Growing demand for networking and cybersecurity professionals

The demand for skilled network administrators and cybersecurity professionals is rapidly increasing. In this digital era, all businesses and organizations are focusing on hiring network and cybersecurity experts who not only manage their networks but also assist them in maintaining the security of network infrastructure. These professionals take necessary security measures to solve and address network issues. The network and cybersecurity qualifiers have an in-depth understanding of how one can implement advanced protocols, upgraded technological advancement, and security techniques.

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CompTIA Network+ vs Security+ Certification: Breaking Down Significant Points


Network+  Security+
If someone wants to pursue a career in networking, he needs expertise in network administration and earned a valuable CompTIA Network+ Certification.  If a new beginner wants to start his career goals in the IT security department, he needs to acquire CompTIA Security+ Certification. 
The CompTIA Network+ Certification is the most prestigious credential for those who have a smooth and successful professional life in networking. The CompTIA Security+ Certification CompTIA Security+ Certification is a globally demanded credential to master expertise in executing basic security functions.
This one is a step towards getting specialization in vendor solutions.  This is vendor-neutral credential.
Network+ offers skills and a professional understanding of both wireless and wired networks and how one can use the more advanced cloud and virtualization technologies for networking. The Security+ follows requirements of cybersecurity credentials launched by ISO/ANSI organizations. This helps you enhance your expertise in troubleshooting real-life security problems.

Targeted Audience & Associated Expertise

Network+ Security+ 
Most of the experts who acquire this want to upgrade their knowledge and expertise in establishing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and securing networks of any platform. It led to a smooth career in networking and cybersecurity.  One can build expertise and a basic understanding of cybersecurity technology, advance techniques, and follow the latest trends in automation, risk management, IOT, and operational technology to have a smooth career in cybersecurity.

Potential Outcomes of CompTIA Network+ and Security+ Certifications

CompTIA Network+

Following are the possible results that practitioners will gain after attaining full grip on this:

  • It boosts technical and professional proficiency among professionals who started their careers as network administrators. 
  • Aligned knowledge of Vendor Neutral Network Management for supporting industry networking systems.
  • It opens the door for a more prosperous career as a Technical Support Specialist, Network Administrator, Network Operations Specialist, and Systems Administrator. 

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CompTIA Security+

Following are the relevant outcomes that professionals experienced after getting credentials in Security+.

  • It upgrades basic understanding and technical expertise among professionals who started their career path as cybersecurity administrators.
  • This helps you acquire transferable skills in cybersecurity to ensure the smooth protection of networks and programs from external attacks.
  • Moreover, one can start his professional career as a system administrator and penetrator tester.

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Covered domains in CompTIA Network+

Following are the covered domains of CompTIA Network+ Certification

Major Domains Weightage
Networking Fundamentals 24%
Network Implementations 19%
Network Operations 16%
Network Security 19%
Network Troubleshooting 22%

Covered domains in CompTIA Security+

Below mentioned are the major domains of CompTIA Security+ Certification

Major Domains Weightage
General Security Concepts 12%
Threats, Vulnerabilities, & Mitigations 22%
Security Architecture 18%
Security Operations 28%
Security Program Management & Oversight 20%

Exam Details:

CompTIA Network+ Exam

  • Exam Name:  N10-009
  • Launch Date: 20th June 2024
  • No of questions: 90-questions
  • Test timing: 90 minutes
  • Passing Score: 720 (Scale from 100 to 900)
  • Expiring Timing: 2027
  • Test Conductor: Pearson VUE (Conduct online & in-person exams)
  • Languages covered in the exam: English, Japanese, German, Portuguese & Spanish

CompTIA Security+ Exam

  • Exam Title: SY0-701 
  • Activation Date: 7th November, 2023
  • No of Questions: 90 questions in MCQs and performance-based questions
  • Allocated Test Timing: 90 minutes
  • Passing Score: 750
  • Expiring Date: 2026
  • Test Facilitator: Pearson VUE (Conduct online & in-person exams)
  • Languages in which you can give exams: English, Japanese, Portuguese, & Spanish

Prerequisites for acquiring Network+ or Security+ Certification

To pursue preparation in Network+: One should have nine to twelve months of field experience as a network support technician or network administrator. Moreover, the basic certification required for this is “CompTIA A+”. 

Essential Requirements of Security+: One should have basic credentials in Network+. Moreover, they also have two years of working experience as security and systems administrators. 

Priced incurred while taking Network+ vs Security+ Exam

CompTIA Network+ Exam: $369 (USD)

CompTIA Security+ Exam $404 (USD)

Career Outlook for CompTIA Network+

Following are the career opportunities for professionals having CompTIA Network+:

  • Network Administrators
  • Network Technicians
  • Network Support Specialists
  • Data Center Technicians
  • System Administrator

Career Outlook for CompTIA Security+ Certification

Following are the professional prospects for CompTIA Security+:

  • Cloud Penetration Tester
  • Network Security Operations
  • Web App Penetration Tester
  • Network Security Analyst
  • Security Architect

Salary Expectation for CompTIA Network+ or Security+ Certification

The Average basic salary for CompTIA Network+ is $55,420. The salary goes up to $74,500 which is dependent upon the job title and year of experience. 

The average pay scale per year, according to ZipRecruiter, for professionals acquiring CompTIA Security+ is $71,689. The salary goes up to $113,000 according to the job title and prior experience in the field.

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Preparation Tips for Network+ and Security+ Exams

Your exam preparation is dependent upon the year of experience a practitioner has in the IT Industry. If you have relevant experience, you will require less time for preparations. Following are some key exam preparation tips one needs before pursuing a career in the networking and cybersecurity department.

  • Official CompTIA Guide: One can follow N10-009 official exam guidelines for network+ preparation while for Security+, he can choose SY0-701 guidelines to get knowledge about exam objectives, prerequisites, and the latest updates about certification. 
  • Online Relevant Material: Our Dumpsgate website is available to offer relevant online material and personalized learning plans for practitioners to score aces in the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ exams.
  • Mock Exams: You can check the Dumpsgate website, where you will find extensive online mock exams, performance-based questions, and dumps to evaluate your preparation.
  • E-Books: There are a lot of customized E-books available in the market. Candidates can get help preparing for CompTIA Network+ and Security+ exams. 
  • Online Community Forums: There are many forums and groups available on social media that offer discussion sessions, appropriate study materials, comprehensive notes, guidance, and relevant feedback from other fellows who are preparing for network+ and security+ certifications.
  • Learning Website & Video Tutorials: Many websites have started video tutorials and YouTube channels to share their experts’ detailed lecture videos for clearing each concept.

Techniques for acing Network+ and Security+ Certification

Some of the best techniques are mentioned below which not only make your preparation easier for you but also help them achieve their certification.

  • Firstly you need to download the original guidance and syllabus from the official website that helps you clearly understand both exam objectives. 
  • Then make a proper study plan that includes topics you want to cover at a specific time. 
  • After managing your time, you need to practice exam questions. Continued practice increases my chances of passing the exams.
  • Moreover, many websites offer detailed online video tutorials to increase grip on exam preparation and its main domains
Network+ vs security+

Choosing the right Certification: CompTIA Network+ Vs Security+

The main motives of both are to deliver technical proficiency and a clear understanding of advanced IT concepts and technologies. The Network+ and Security+ are vendor-neutral certifications. 

Experience and Mastering Proficiency: Network+ is ideal for those professionals having updated knowledge about network security and troubleshooting while the ideal prospect for acquiring a Security+ credential, you need to have basic proficiency in threat management and network security. 

Career Goals: If someone wants to pursue a career in cybersecurity, they can acquire Security+, but if one wants to take a career path in network administration they will choose Network+ Certification. 

Learning Resources: Opting for one among Network+ or Security+, depends upon the study time, available resources, and the allocated budget for learning them.

Level of Difficulty: The chances of a high pay salary are for security+ certification and one should opt for the network+ before taking the Security+ exam. But if one has extensive experience in cybersecurity, he can take Security+ credentials for availing career growth. 

Career Growth Opportunity: If someone has security+, he can easily fulfill the responsibilities of a Network+ professional. But if you take Network+, you further need security+ certification to acquire advanced security positions.

The Bottom Line

Both CompTIA Network+ and Security+ are in demand and offer promising careers to professionals of both entry and advanced levels. One should align his career goals, prior experience, and commitment to pursue a career in networking and cybersecurity. Moreover, the associated resources, cost, and renewal policy help one professional to decide which certification exam will be the best fit for his career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Both certifications are vendor-neutral and both give a chance to a promising career in cybersecurity and networking. Although there is no compulsion, one can opt for network+ if he doesn’t have any basic understanding of networking and security.

The basic difference between Network+ and Security+ certifications is that Network+ focuses on a basic understanding of troubleshooting and maintaining organizational networks. While Security+ main goal is to deliver expertise in executing basic security functions.

No, It’s not necessary that one needs CompTIA Network+ to opt for Security+ Certification. Security+ is also designed for entry-level professionals, but leaving Network+ will lead to a huge gap in understanding basic cybersecurity expertise.

The average basic pay for Security+ is $ 71,689 and for network+ is $55,420.

CompTIA Security+ certification is more suitable for a basic advanced understanding of cybersecurity positions.



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