Exam Prep Tips for the MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect – Level 1 Exam

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MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect certification is offered by MulesSoft, which provides Anypoints Platform strategy and integration solutions for organizations. The MCPA – Level 1 exam validates your knowledge of building and designing integration solutions using the Anypoint platform. In order to show your expertise, you must have to pass the level 1 exam. In this blog, we will discuss some preparation tips to pass the MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect – Level 1 exam.

Introduction to the MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect – Level 1 Exam

Talking briefly about the MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect certification, this certification validates your skills as a MuleSoft-certified platform architect that are responsible for Anypoint Platform strategy. The MCPA – Level 1 exam demonstrates that an individual has the required knowledge and skills to effectively direct the application network out of individual integration solutions ensuring API-led connectivity across an organization using the Anypoint Platform.

Roles and Responsibilities of MCPA - LEVEL 1 Professionals

Candidates for the MCPA – Level 1 exam should be able to:

  • Optimize and shape the Anypoint Platform deployment in the specific organizational context, working with business, infrastructure, InfoSec, and other teams.
  • Describe how the Anypoint Platform is used in conjunction with other tools and applications in the organization.
  • Outline the usage of the Anypoint Platform and the corresponding organizational and process changes needed to help the platform be sustainable.
  • Provide guidance and drive the creation of standards, reusable assets, and automation required for scale and multi-LoB adoption.

Expert Tips to Prepare and Pass the MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect – Level 1 Exam

If you’re stressed and intimidated by the MCPA – Level 1 exam syllabus and are looking for tips to prepare for this difficult exam – Don’t worry. Passing the exam was never this easy as now. With our proven exam prep tips, you can now easily prepare and pass this exam. If you want to achieve success on the first attempt, you must follow each and every tip given below:

Tip 1: Gather Authentic Study Resources

Before starting to prepare for any certification exam, the first thing is to gather authentic and valid study resources. Make a precise decision about whether you want to self-study or enroll in instructor-led training.

Tip 2: Divide the Study Hours and Implement a Strict Schedule

Whenever you start your preparation, make a proper study schedule and invest your time accordingly. You must have heard that a plan without action is nothing. So, after making a schedule, implement it wisely and accurately.

Tip 3: Go Through the Exam Study Guide Comprehensively

The next important tip is to explore and probe the exam guide. The exam guide tells you every minor detail you need to know for the exam. From exam format to skills measured, it consists of everything. So, it is always recommended to review the study guide thoroughly and completely.

Tip 4: Build a Strong Grip on the Exam Objectives

If you’re appearing in the MCPA- Level 1 exam, you must be aware that the exam tests your knowledge thoroughly and to perform well on the exam, you have to have clear concepts of every exam domain. The exam will test your knowledge in the following domains:

  • Explaining application network basics
  • Establishing organizational and platform foundations
  • Designing and sharing APIs
  • Designing APIs using System, Process, and Experience Layers
  • Governing APIs on the Anypoint Platform
  • Architecting and deploying API implementations
  • Deploying API implementations to CloudHub
  • Meeting API quality goals
  • Monitoring and analyzing application networks

You cannot pass the exam by just going through the exam objectives or missing any of the above exam domains. To perform extraordinarily in the exam, you should have strong knowledge and concept of every skill measured. This can be only done with authentic study material and dedicated study efforts.

Tip 5: Optimize your Learning with Instructor-Led Training

It is recommended to take the instructor-led Anypoint Platform Architecture: Application Networks course. It is the most efficient and effective method of preparation. Candidates should be familiar with all of the content in the course and be able to apply the concepts after taking this course. The instructor-led training is available in public, private, online and onsite classes. Which option you want to choose, totally depends on your learning pace and time availability.

Tip 6: Discover your Knowledge Gap with Dumpsgate MCPA – Level 1 Dumps

Before appearing in the exam, test your concepts with Dumpsgate MCPA – Level 1 exam dumps. The exam dumps test your concepts and tell you your weakness and where you need to put more effort. These dumps are the collection of exact exam questions that are derived from previous exams and test banks with the main intention of preparing candidates accurately for the exam.

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The Pros of Using Exam Dumps: Boost your Exam Preparation

Many of you are still not aware of the pros of preparing for exam dumps. Some of you might consider it faulty and believe dumps will lead you to fail the exam. This is only true in cases where you buy exam dumps from unauthentic and false websites. Dumpsgate MCPA- Level 1 exam dumps are beneficial in many ways: 

  • Prepare you according to Real Exam Format

After purchasing these dumps, you will not need any other exam resource or practice exam. These exam questions are designed according to the real exam format. The exam questions replicate the actual exam environment in format, content, and pattern. For this reason, it is highly recommended to practice these dumps before appearing in the exam.

  • Develop a Better Understanding of the Exam Concepts

With well-written answers and accurate explanations, you can develop a strong understanding of each concept easily. These explanations are written by MuleSoft Platform Architect experts and tailored according to the candidate’s learning needs and pace. 

  • Help you Pass the Exam in a Single Go

Say goodbye to exam anxiety. These exact exam questions will increase your readiness level. After practicing these exam questions, you can confidently appear in the exam and succeed on the first attempt.

Key Takeaways

If you’re appearing in the MCPA-level 1 exam, you must be aware that it demands comprehensive preparation for succeeding in it. However, for achieving success in this exam you must work harder and smarter and use a combination of valid prep resources. In conclusion, by following our outlined exam prep tips you will prepare and perform well on the MCPA- level 1 exam and ace it with extraordinary scores.


To pass the exam, you must get 70% of the scores.

To become a MuleSoft Platform Architect, first, you must have proven knowledge and experience working with MuleSoft. Secondly, you have expertise in the Anypoint platform. Thirdly, you have to pass the MCPA- Level 1 exam. The exam will test and demonstrate your knowledge in various domains and technical areas. You need to prepare diligently and broadly if you want to pass the exam. By clearing the exam, you can use the designation of MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect.

The MuleSoft Architect earns a salary of $89,000 on average. The average solutions architect’s salary ranges between $87,000 and $154,000 in the US. 

The demand for MuleSoft is exponentially growing and also is in high demand. The MuleSoft professionals specifically engineers and integration professionals are high in demand and also among the largest paid professionals. If you want to get started in MuleSoft, you must give it a go because its demand will significantly increase in the future.

It is definitely not much difficult if you have a strong basic knowledge. However, if you aren’t aware of the key concepts, you might face difficulty in getting familiarizing the concepts and basics. With strong dedication and utilizing proper study material, you can learn it with ease.



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