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SC-400 Exam Prep Tips

Take the “Microsoft Information Protection Administrator SC-400 Exam” Now and Become a Certified Professional!

To qualify as an Information Protection Administrator, candidates must pass the Microsoft Information Protection Administrator SC-400 test. For example, the SC-400 tests a candidate’s technical skills in data loss prevention and data governance. 

SC-400 Exam Overview

Exam Name: Microsoft Information Protection Administrator
Exam Code: SC-400
Exam Cost: USD 165
Passing score:  700/1000 Or 70%
Language:  English
No. of Questions: 40-60
Format of Exam:  MCQs and Multiple Response
Exam Time Duration:  2 hours

Who Should Take it; Target audience for SC-400 Exam

Certified Information Protection Administrators create and implement controls to fit the needs of the company. Goals and compliance controls are translated into technological execution by this individual. In addition, they help control owners to become and remain compliant with regulations.

When working on developing technology that develops rules and controls vital to their organization’s regulatory requirements, they collaborate with IT people, business application owners, human resources, and legal stakeholder groups. Compliance and security executives such as a CCO and CSO work together to evaluate the entire scope of the related enterprise risk and then work together to design those policies.

IT techniques and operations are tested to ensure compliance with rules and controls by this individual. Classification of material, avoidance of data loss, governance, and security are all in their hands.

Objectives of the SC-400 Exam

You will be able to do the following after finishing this course:

  • Make sure your data is safe.
  • Ensure that your data is safe from unauthorized access.
  • Create an information management system.

SC-400 Exam Prerequisites

  • Microsoft security and compliance solutions should be covered in depth.
  • The ability to understand the fundamentals of information security.
  • Cloud computing fundamentals should be well understood.
  • Knowledge of the Microsoft 365 suite of services and goods.

Skill measured in SC-400 Exam

This test is based on Microsoft Learning’s most current updates, and it measures your ability to finish the following technical subjects.

As a bonus, I’ve included a reference to the Microsoft documentation for each target.

  • “Implement Information Protection (35-40%)”
  • “Implement Data Loss Prevention (30-35%)”
  • “Implement Information Governance (25-30%)”

Each skill is followed by a series of bullets that explain how we arrived at that conclusion. Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list.

Now see the course detail:

Course Domains for “Microsoft Information Protection Administrator SC-400”

Following our review of test-taking strategies and terminology, let’s dive into the exam itself. There are four areas in the SC-400: Microsoft Information Protection Administrator test, each with a separate set of technical concepts and knowledge. The subtopics of each domain in this course outline make it even more relevant to students. Make sure you devote enough time and attention to each domain and thoroughly comprehend the test topics.

1. “Implement Information Protection (35-40%)”

Define sorts of private information and keep them up to date.
  • An organization’s needs must be taken into consideration while selecting a sensitive information category.
  • Specially designed information types may be created and maintained.
  • The generation of customized information types with a perfect data match for sensitive information Application of biometrics to documents.
  • Creating a list of keywords to include in the dictionary.
Establishing and maintaining classifiers that can be trained.
  • Recognizing when to utilize adaptable classifiers.
  • Developing a classifier that can be trained.
  • It’s important to ensure that a machine-learning-based classifier is working effectively.
Specify and adjust the sensitivity of your labels.
  • Identification of responsibilities and permissions for managing the labels of sensitivity;
  • Designate sensitive areas.
  • Setting up and maintaining procedures for sensitivity labeling.
  • Labeling “Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 groups, and SharePoint sites” with sensitivity labels.
  • Setting up and establishing rules for automated labeling (excluding MCAS scenarios).
  • Use label analytics to track label use.
  • To use the AIP universal tagging scanner to apply bulk categorization to on-premises data.
  • Maintain label protection settings and label markings.
  • Sending and receiving emails should be protected and restricted using a variety of safeguards and controls.
  • Protect and limit the use of files by encrypting, password-protecting, or otherwise restricting their access.
Prepare to encrypt email communications and put them into action.
  • Determining the prerequisites for adopting Office 365 Message Encryption.
  • Using Office 365’s Advanced Message Encryption to protect sensitive data.

SC-400 Exam. Module 1 – Video Introduction

2. “Implement Data Loss Prevention (30-35%)”

Data loss policies may be created and implemented.
  • Make a recommendation for an organization’s data loss prevention strategy.
  • Ensuring that data loss prevention policies take priority.
  • Microsoft Exchange email policies.
  • Microsoft SharePoint policies may be set up in this manner.
  • Microsoft OneDrive accounts may have their policies set up in this manner.
  • Chat and channel policies for Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) and Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) integration.
  • Use Microsoft Cloud App Security to create and manage security rules (MCAS).
  • Perform a test implementation of data loss prevention rules.
Microsoft Endpoint data loss protection should be implemented and monitored.
  • Create endpoint policies and apply them.
  • Configure the settings for preventing data loss at the endpoint.
  • Enabling systems for Endpoint Data Loss Prevention policies by recommending configurations.
  • Keep an eye on what’s going on with the endpoint.
Policy and activity for preventing data loss are managed and monitored.
  • Handling policy breaches related to data loss prevention
  • Examine and evaluate reports on data loss prevention.
  • Effectively Managing data backup report rights.
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security: Handling Data Loss Protection Breaches (MCAS).

SC-400 Exam. Module 2 – Video Introduction

3. “Implement Information Governance (25-30%)”

Retention policies and labeling can be set up.
  • Designing and putting up retention tags.
  • Establish and enforce retention tags rules.
  • Set up policies for auto-applying labels.
In Microsoft 365, it is required to manage data retention.
  • Create and apply retention policies for Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • You may build and implement retention policies in Microsoft Teams.
  • Data from “Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive could be recoverable.
  • Get data from Microsoft Exchange.
  • Creating and executing rules and tags in Microsoft Exchange.
  • Using mailbox holds in Microsoft Exchange.
  • Integrating Microsoft Exchange Online archiving policies.
Using Microsoft 365 to perform records management.
  • Set up labels for record-keeping purposes.
  • Use a file plan to keep track of and transfer data retention needs.
  • File Plan descriptors may be used to set up automatic retention.
  • Employing retention labels and regulations to classify documents.
  • Using Microsoft SharePoint’s in-place records management.
  • The event-based retention may be configured.
  • Keeping track of records’ disposition.

SC-400 Exam. Module 3 – Video Introduction

Tips on how to get clear the Exam SC-400

Inquire about the goals

Your plan should be to go through each domain one by one and learn it. Keep a laser-like concentration on your goals.

Investigate the Microsoft Help Center.

Look into the following and jot down some notes:

  • Details of a delicate type.
  • match the data types of the sensitive information.
  • Create a list of keywords.
  • Predictive methods may be tested.
  • Select the sensitivity label policies that you want to use.
  • Protecting and limiting access to email and other data.

Get Involved with Others

  • Acquire information.
  • Connect with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).
  • Get rid of any lingering doubts.

Practice the Exams

Preparing for an exam requires a lot of practice. It will put your knowledge to the test, but also your strategy and time management abilities. It is, however, something that should be saved for last, when you have gained sufficient understanding.

Why should anyone take SC-400 Exam?

If you’re thinking about taking this test, here are some reasons why.

High Paid jobs that await you

This course is designed for people who want to get their feet wet in the world of IT Security Administration. The popular job roles could be:

  • IT Security and Systems Administrator
  • IT Help Desk/Systems Administrator
  • IT Applications Administrator

Higher Earnings

A Microsoft Information Security Administrator makes USD 204,046 a year on a median, compared to an Information Security Administrator’s annual income of $169,832 in the US. For information security administrators, the top 10% of earners are paid at least $1,098,832 a year, while the poorest 10% are paid at least $52,904.

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1. How to enroll for this “Microsoft Information Protection Administrator SC-400 Exam”?

Complete instructions may be found on the exam registration page. The applicant can also register for Pearson VUE and Certiport exams.

By picking a day and time that work great for you to take the SC-400 training. When you’ve paid the fee, Microsoft Information Protection Administrator training is accessible to you. Get a head start on the SC-400 test with free pre-reading materials from Dumpsgate and Microsoft.

2. How many questions are there in Exam “SC-400: Microsoft Information Protection Administrator”?

In this Exam SC-400 there comes 40 to 60 questions in the form of MCQs and Multiple response questions.

3. In which languages Exam “SC-400: Microsoft Information Protection Administrator” is available?

SC-400 Exam can only be taken in the English Language.

4. Does SC-400 certification expire?

A Microsoft Azure certification is only valid for one year from the date of issue.

5. Where can I get help with studying for the SC-400 exam?

If you want to prepare for the SC-400 exam using actual exam questions, go no further than Dumpsgate’s SC-400 exam dumps. SC-400 exam candidates may rely on these test dumps since they were produced by experts.

6. What is the pass mark for SC-400?

There are 40 – 60 questions and a 180-minute test window. A wide variety of questions are on the test. Around 70% or 700/1000 of the time, a student is considered to have passed.

7. What disability accommodations are available?

Microsoft guarantees that everyone, even persons with weaknesses, has access to tests. Please see the Accommodation page for a list of accessible lodging options.

8. How much do the exams cost?

Exam SC-400 prices $165, although the price varies according to currency exchange rates in different nations and locations. Exam fees are not allowed to fluctuate. Taxation can vary in some nations and areas.

9. How many points are short answer questions worth?

The majority of the MCQs are valued at one point. The amount of points is indicated in the question itself if a question is awarded over one point.

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