Microsoft SC-300 Exam: A Quick Guide Answering all Your Queries Regarding Certification Exam

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Get Certified as Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator: Exam SC-300

SC-300 Exam

SC-300 Exam Overview

When it comes to designing and implementing the access control system of an organization using Azure Active Directory, then this course will let you learn. You will also learn how (Azure AD) takes care of things like providing secure authentication and authorization for corporate applications.

Exam Name Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator
Exam Code SC-300
Exam Cost USD 165
Passing score 700/1000 Or 70%
Language English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean
No. of Questions 40-60
Format of Exam MCQs and Multiple Response
Exam Time Duration 120 minutes

Who is eligible targeted audience for the SC-300?

The eligible targeted audience for this certification includes the mentioned categories i.e. “Cloud administrator, IT security professional, Microsoft security administrator, network administrator, and server administrator.”

Objectives of the SC-300 Exam

After completing this course, you will be able to achieve the set objectives:

  • Establishing a system for managing user identities.
  • A system for authentication and access management should be put in place.
  • Ensure that applications have access control mechanisms in place.
  • Develop and execute a strategy for governing identity.

Prerequisites for the SC-300 Exam

  • Defense-in-depth, least escalated privileges, shared accountability, and the zero-trust paradigm are all examples of good security practices and industry needs.
  • Understand identity principles like active directory, authentication, and authorization.
  • Be familiar with delivering Azure workloads in the past. This course does not address the fundamentals of Azure management; instead, it expands on that expertise by focusing on security.
  • However, it is not necessary to have prior knowledge of Windows or Linux, or scripting languages. PowerShell and the CLI may be used in-class labs.
  • SC 900 and AZ 104 are recommended as prerequisites or knowledge and expertise of an equal level.

Skill measured in the SC-300 Exam

Your ability to complete the following technical topics will be assessed by taking this exam, which is based on the most recent updates from Microsoft Learning. There are also links to Microsoft documentation for every target given.

  • “Implement an identity management solution (25-30%)”
  • “Implement an authentication and access management solution (25-30%)”
  • “Implement Access Management for Apps (10-15%)”
  • “Plan and implement an Identity Governance Strategy (25-30%)”

Course Domains for “Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator SC-300”

1. Implement an identity management solution (25-30%)

Set Azure Active Directory's process that occurs.
  • Roles in the Azure Active Directory may be configured and managed.
  • Custom domains may be set up and managed in this way.
  • Setup and administer devices registration options.
  • Utilizing administrative units, you may set up delegating authority.
  • Set up parameters that apply to all tenants.
  • Set up parameters that apply to all tenants.
Configure and maintain user IDs in one place.
  • User management includes the creation, configuration, and management of individual users.
  • Microsoft Active Directory group management.
  • In Azure Active Directory, you may create new accounts.
  • Set up, configure, and administer groups.
  • Azure Active Directory may be used to create groups.
  • Join a network in Azure Active Directory that may be dynamically changed.
  • Keep track of the various licenses that need to be used.
External identities may be implemented and managed by the holder of this position.
  • Configure Azure Active Directory for external cooperation.
  • External users might be invited to join in the fun (individually or in bulk).
  • Using Azure Active Directory, you can manage external user accounts.
  • Identity providers (social and SAML/WS-Fed) need to be set up.
  • Use SAML to connect to service providers. •
  • Addition of identity providers to the tutorial.
Achieve and maintain a mixed identity
  • Active Directory Connect is implemented and managed by Azure (AADC).
  • Password Hash Synchronization Implementation and Management (PHS).
  • How to synchronize password hashes?
  • The term “hybrid identity” means something different to everyone.
  • Pass-Through Authentication should be implemented and managed (PTA).
  • SSO (Single Sign-On) implementation and management (SSO).
  • Exclude manual ADFS installations from Federation implementation and management.
  • Providers of external identities’ identity
  • What is an Azure AD federation?
  • Effectively Managing Azure Active Directory Connect Health implementation and management.
  • Analyze and fix issues with the synchronization.

SC-300 Module-1 Video Explanation

2. “Implement an authentication and access management solution (25-30%)”

Make preparations for and carry out the “Azure Multifactor Authentication implementation (MFA)”.
  • Install Azure MFA by the plan (excluding MFA Server).
  • Microsoft MFA configurations may be established and managed.
  • Provide users with the ability to select their MFA preferences.
Control the process of identifying and authenticating new users.
  • Control the use of different types of authentication (such as FIDO2 or password-less).
  • Deployment of Windows Hello for Business.
  • How can Azure Active Directory be authenticated and verified?
  • Using Windows Hello for Business, implement an authentication system.
  • A self-service password reset option may be configured and implemented.
  • Manage the use of and access to a secure password.
  • Create and maintain tenant limitations.
Set up and maintain a system of restricted access.
  • Preparation and implementation of security defaults
  • Think about how to implement restricted access regulations.
  • Design and implement policy restrictions and assignments for conditional access (targeting, applications, and conditions).
  • Conditional access policies testing and troubleshooting.
  • Put in place controls for the software.
  • A security policy that restricts access to applications.
  • Ensure that only authorized client apps have access to the system.
  • An overview of application security policies.
  • Ensure that sessions are managed.
  • Smart lockout criteria may be set up in this way.
In charge of the protection of Azure AD Identity.
  • Create and maintain a user risk management strategy.
  • Policies for sign-in risk management should be implemented and enforced.
  • Manage and implement the MFA registration policy. “
  • Keep an eye out for users who pose a danger and take steps to address the situation.

SC-300 Module-2 Video Explanation

3. “Implement Access Management for Apps (10-15%)”

Plan, execute and keep track of the single sign-on integration of corporate applications (SSO).
  • Agreement settings may be implemented and configured.
  • In addition, you may configure user permissions.
  • Manage the regulations governing application consent.
  • Use the MCAS or ADFS app report to look for new applications to try out.
  • Using new applications that have been identified.
  • Toto keeps your network secure, you must identify and handle any “shadow IT” that may be there.
  • Migrate apps to Azure AD using the AD FS application activity report.
  • The ability to monitor and manage cloud apps.
  • For applications, design and implement user access control.
  • Assign responsibilities for managing the app.
  • Access to Azure Active Directory-integrated corporate apps may be monitored and audited using Sign-Ons.
  • Check the Azure Active Directory site for activity reports.
  • The Azure Active Directory interface provides a comprehensive use and insight report.
  • For on-premises applications, use the Azure AD application proxy.
  • Customized SaaS applications for SSO may be integrated.
  • Well before (catalog) SaaS applications may be configured.
  • An app may be added to an Azure Active Directory.
  • SaaS application integration using Azure Active Directory tutorials.
  • Design and implement user provisioning in the application.
App registrations should be included.
  • Decide on a plan for registering applications for your line of business.
  • Create a method for users to sign in to their accounts.
  • Azure Active Directory’s application and service principal objects.
  • Use the Microsoft identity platform to set up your app.
  • Authorization for the application may be set up in this manner.
  • Establish a program for authorized applications.
  • In the token, you’ll be able to obtain more app responsibilities.
  • In the SAML token for corporate apps, configure the role claim.
  • Roles in the application.
  • Design and implement multi-tier application access permissions.

SC-300 Module-3 Video Explanation

4. “Plan and implement an Identity Governance Strategy (25-30%)”

  • Manage entitlements by your strategy.
  • Specify catalogs / Packages of access.
  • Azure AD authorization managing has several common situations.
  • Plan, implement, and manage benefits.
  • Manage and implement the terms of use.
  • Azure AD Identity Governance configurations may be used to manage the lifespan of external entities.
Control the process of conducting access evaluations.
  • Determine how you’ll conduct access evaluations.
  • For clubs and applications, you may write access reviews for them.
  • Observe the results of the access review.
  • Maintain licenses for access review.
  • Automate the handling of access reviews.
  • Set up regular access audits.
Privilege access should be planned and implemented.
  • Determine how administrative users will be granted privileged access to their systems.
  • Configure Azure AD roles with Privileged Identity Management.
  • Set up Azure resources using Privileged Identity Management.
  • Assign responsibilities to each member of the team.
  • Take care of PIM issues.
  • Examine PIM audit reports and history.
  • Break-glass accounts may be set up and managed.
  • In Azure AD, you may create and manage emergency access accounts.
  • Block access if certain conditions are not met.
Active Directory monitoring and maintenance.
  • Troubleshoot access problems by analyzing and investigating sign-in records.
  • Keep an eye out for Azure AD audit logs and review them.
  • Allow and connect Log Analytics / Azure Sentinel diagnostic logs with the Azure AD diagnostic logs
  • A third-party SIEM may be used to export sign-in and audit logs.
  • Log Analytics / Azure Sentinel may be used to examine Azure AD activities.
  • Reporting and workbooks for Azure Active Directory should be analyzed.
  • Notifications may be set up.

SC-300 Module-4 Video Explanation

The Ultimate 7 Tips to get clear the Exam SC-300

Prepare for your Microsoft certification exam as you would for any other test and you’ll be sure to succeed. Exams given by Microsoft are renowned to be difficult even for specialists.

1. Create a Study Schedule

Organize and prioritize your study time by following a schedule.

2. Rehearse for Exam Subjects

It’s not a good idea to wing it and hope for the best since the questions are meant to test your expertise.

3. Locate Study Resources.

Using Microsoft-approved study resources is the best way to prepare for the exam. There are various websites and forums from individuals who have taken the test before, as well as material from Microsoft. Like, the most reliable test dumps that make your exam simpler for you.

4. If you’re not sure about anything, write it down.

When preparing for a Microsoft Certification test, make a mental note of every technical information you come across.

5. You’ll need hands-on familiarity with the technology when it comes time to take the test.

Answering questions on theoretical practices that you’ve just read about will be replaced with knowledge of how a task works in the field.

6. Prepare for exams by taking practice tests.

Preparation for your final test might be aided greatly by taking practice examinations beforehand. Treat the practice examinations as if they were genuine exams so that you may get a sense of what to expect on the big day.

7. On the day of the exam, take it easy and enjoy yourself.

Knowing that you’ve done all you can to prepare is the finest thing you can do when the exam comes around.

How does SC-300 Exam benefit the candidate?

  • SC-300 is a certification exam for IT professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in identity management.
  • Putting in place a system for securing access.
  • Ensuring that applications have access control.
  • Developing and implementing a plan for identity governance.
  • It is expected that after completing the sc-300 exam, the candidate would be promoted to “Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate”.

Dream Income Range for the same Hard work

Identity and Access Management Administrators in the United States earn an average annual pay of USD 71,100, with a range from USD 56,400 to USD 85,500. At USD 69,900 a year, the middle 67 percent of them make more than the highest-earning group.

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This study guide has everything you’ll need to ace the SC-300 test. On this page, you will find all you need to know about the exam’s structure and prerequisites. SC-300 certification can help you go ahead of the pack when applying for high-paying employment.

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1. How do I get helpful material for the SC-300 exam?

Dumpsgate Exam Dumps provides a comprehensive choice of practice tests and online courses for Professional certification examinations created by subject experts and working professionals. Evaluate your abilities and create confidence to participate in the test.

2. In which languages Exam SC-300 is available?

SC-300 Exam can be taken in English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean.

3. How to enroll for this “Microsoft Information Protection Administrator SC-300 Exam”?

Visit the official Microsoft Certifications website and choose your certification test. All of Microsoft’s examinations and certifications are listed there. There are two options when it comes to booking an exam: a local test facility or an online one.

4. How much do the exams cost?

It costs USD 165. However, pricing for SC-300 varies depending on currency conversion rates in various countries and regions. It is illegal for exam costs to rise or fall. In various countries and regions, taxation might be different.

5. Is the Microsoft Certification exam easy?

It’s not uncommon for Microsoft certification tests to be quite difficult. They’re usually a pain to take. Exams get into the nitty-gritty, posing questions that even seasoned professionals find difficult to answer. Nevertheless, candidates should not be worried because we (Dumpsgate) have gathered preparatory material that would make it a lot easier for you.

6. What is the pass mark for SC-300?

40-60 questions and a time limit of 180 minutes are included in the exam. The exam has a broad range of questions. If a student gets a 70% or 700/1000 on their final exam, they are regarded to have passed.

7. What is the sc-300 exam?

The purpose of this test is to assess how a Microsoft identity and access administrator manages a foundation’s identity and access management infrastructure. Using Azure Active Directory, it also validates how it designs and implements (Azure AD).

8. How does Microsoft choose the number of questions to include on a certain topic in an exam such as Exam SC-300?

Microsoft isn’t the only company that recognizes the talents noted on a test. These abilities, known as the “objective domain,” are used to build exams. There will be more questions in sections assessing important and/or more often done abilities than in sections testing less required or seldom performed skills since the blueprinting process determines how many questions indicate each skill category.

9. How can you tell whether a test has been upgraded because a new feature or function was introduced or the accompanying technology changed?

Exams taken on the cloud are reviewed by our experts at Dumpsgate every two months. The test incorporates any modifications to the goal domain and current questions. It’s obvious that questions that are technically incorrect aren’t on the test; some questions are changed, and other questions may be added to test new, but related abilities.

To keep our certifications up-to-date and legitimate, Microsoft reserves the right to make changes to the material at any moment. A few examples include, but are not limited to, integrating new technology-related features and functions, updating job-specific abilities, and so on.

10. How many questions are on the SC 300?

About 40-60 questions can be asked during the SC-300 Exam.

11. How do I prepare for SC 300?

You can prepare for SC-300 Exam by practicing these steps:

  1. Microsoft Learning Platform
  2. Microsoft Documentations
  3. Instructor-Led Training
  4. Books and Guides
  5. Join a Study Group
  6. Evaluate yourself with Practice Test

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