Microsoft SC-200 Exam: Complete Guideline for Passing Security Operations Analyst Certification in year 2024

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Get Certified as Microsoft Security Operations Analyst: SC-200 Exam

Microsoft Security Operations Analyst (SC-200) Exam Overview

Defending against attacks using “Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure Defender, and Azure Sentinel” are all part of the Microsoft Security Operations Analyst (SC-200) certification exam”, which measures your technical expertise. As an Operations Analyst, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that the overall purpose of the company is met.

Exam Name  Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator
Exam Code  SC-200
Exam Cost USD 165
Passing score  700/1000 Or 70%
Language English.
No. of Questions  50-60
Format of Exam Multiple Choice Questions, Drag and Drop, Multiple Answers, Scenario-based.
Exam Time Duration 120 minutes

Who should do this Microsoft Security Operations Analyst SC-200?

Those that are interested in obtaining this certification are listed as: “Server Administrators, Network Administrators, Microsoft Security Administrators, and Cloud Administrators” are all examples of this kind of professional.

Objective to be Covered

You’ll be able to: after finishing this course.

  • Threats may be mitigated by utilizing Microsoft 365 Defender.
  • Azure Defender may be used to protect against threats.
  • Azure Sentinel may be used to minimize risks.

Prerequisites of SC-200 Exam

The SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Principles certification are recommended since it discusses the principles of security, compliance, and identity in detail. The SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst certification is available if you wish expertise in security. In addition to this, you’ll need:

  • A basic understanding of networking and cloud computing technologies.
  • Any knowledge of IT in general or familiarity performing in an IT setting.
  • There should be a general understanding of the Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 platforms.

 Skill measured in SC-200 Exam

Below are the listed three main skills measured in SC-200 Exam:

  • “Mitigate threats using Microsoft 365 Defender (25-30%)”
  • “Mitigate threats using Azure Defender (25-30%)”
  • “Mitigate threats using Azure Sentinel (40-45%)”

The candidate has to achieve the targeted skills set by Microsoft Learning. There are links provided by Microsoft for such a purpose. For this exam, candidates can visit the below link.

Domains of SC-200 Exam

The following domains are tested in the “Microsoft Security Operations Analyst Certification” exam:

Domain 1: “Mitigate threats using Microsoft 365 Defender (25-30%)”

Use this domain to get a handle on how you can use Microsoft Defender to protect your endpoints and your identity from cyberattacks. Cross-domain inquiry is also covered in this guide.

  • By utilizing Microsoft Defender for Office 365, you can identify, investigate, remediate and react to threats in the production environment.

To use Defender for Office 365 effectively, you must be able to identify and analyze threats to Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business data and emails. Data loss prevention policy warnings, recommending insider risk policies, and providing sensitivity labels are all topics you’ll cover.

  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint may be used to detect, react, analyze, and remediate endpoint threats.

Managing data retention, alert notifications, and advanced features are all topics you’ll cover in this training session. Detection and alert management, as well as device attack surface reduction guidelines, are all part of this field. 

As part of this course, you’ll learn how to manage automated investigations and remediation, react to incidents, and propose and review endpoint settings to minimize and fix the risks. This can be done utilizing “Microsoft’s Threat and Vulnerability Management” solution.

  • Investigate potential hazards to one’s personal information and take appropriate action.

Security concerns in Sign-in Risk Policies, Conditional Access Events, Azure AD, AD DS Domain Services, and Secure Score and Privileged Identities will be discussed in detail. Configuring detection alerts in Azure Active Directory and MCAS to create warnings and reports to identify hazards is also covered in this course.

  • Microsoft 365 Defender Portal allows investigators to conduct investigations that span domains.

Management of occurrences across the Microsoft 365 Defender products, as well as enhanced threat hunting.

Domain 2: “Mitigate threats using Azure Defender (25-30%)”

To protect yourself from threats and risks, you can use Azure Defender. Azure Defender setup, administration, and investigation, as well as automation and remediation, are all part of this process.

  • An Azure Defender solution should be designed and implemented.

During this course, you will learn how to create and configure an Azure Defender workspace, as well as how to review and suggest data retention rules for cloud workloads.

  • Using data connections in Azure Defender for data intake is recommended.

Data sources for Azure Defender are classified, and Automated Onboarding is configured. Links between non-Azure Machine Onboarding and AWS and GCP Cloud resources have been established, and data gathering has been set up.

  • Configure the rules for Azure Defender alerts.

Setup and handle email alerts and suppression rules will also be covered in this course.

  • Prepare for automation and corrective measures.

Azure Defender playbooks, automated replies, and Azure Resource Manager templates are all covered in this course. You’ll also learn how to leverage Azure Defender recommendations to remediate events, and how to build up automated answers.

  • The Azure Defender warnings and occurrences should be investigated.

Security alerts and incidents, as well as how to handle them and explain them, are all covered in this course. As part of your training, you’ll learn how to respond to Azure Defender for Key Vault alerts and manage user data gathered during an investigation.

Domain 3: Mitigate threats using Azure Sentinel (40-45%)

The test is heavily weighted in this area. Using Azure Sentinel to protect against threats and dangers is explained. Azure Sentinel configuration management covers developing, configuring, planning, implementing, and managing many components.

  • Work with Azure Sentinel to design and set up a workplace.

Azure Sentinel workspace planning, Azure Sentinel role configuration, Azure Sentinel service security configuration, and Azure Sentinel data storage architecture are all covered in this course.

  • Implement the usage of Data Connectors in Azure Sentinel for data intake.

For Azure Sentinel, you’ll learn how to discover data sources that may be ingested and the requirements for a data connection. Also included in this part of the domain are learning creating and use Azure Sentinel data interfaces, designing Syslog and CEF collection models, and configuring Windows Events collections are all topics covered in this tutorial. Log Analytics may be used to store bespoke data from custom threat intelligence connections and logs.

  • Control the analytics rules for Azure Sentinel.

Find out how to build and set up analytics rules, design bespoke analytics rules to identify risks, and enable Microsoft security analytical rules. Establish connector-provided queries, discover incident development patterns, and arrange connector-provided queries scheduled.

  • Automation of security orchestration and remediation in Azure Sentinel (SOAR).

Know the method of creating “Azure Sentinel playbooks” and set rules and events to trigger them; then utilize playbooks to remediate attacks across Microsoft Defender systems.

  • Manage incidents using Azure Sentinel.

This section covers the Multi-workspace investigations, Azure Sentinel investigations, and advanced threats using User and Entity Behavior Analytics.

  • Workbooks for Azure Sentinel may be used to examine and understand data.

This course talks about how to use workbooks to look at and analyze data from Azure Sentinel, how to make custom workbooks, how to use advanced visualizations, and how to track security operations efficiency.

  • Use the Azure Sentinel portal to look for threats.

Custom hunting queries may be created, and you will learn how to execute manual hunts, and witch hunts using Livestream, do sophisticated hunting using notebooks, track hunt outcomes with bookmarks, and utilize hunt bookmarks for data examination.

The 6 Mega Tips to Pass the SC-200 Exam

Before taking the Microsoft SC-200 exam, you should study for and pass the Microsoft SC-100 exam, which tests your knowledge of the foundational principles. You should be able to pass the test and use the information and abilities you gained to your advantage in the workplace as a result of your preparation. Tips for passing the Microsoft SC-200 test are provided here:

1. Schedule a Study Plan

Having a study plan can help you prioritize the Microsoft SC-200 exam subjects. Without a syllabus, you risk missing important knowledge. Unstressed many of us are not. During exam preparation, you must strike a balance between studying and resting.

Difficult topics in the curriculum should be given additional time in the exam. This will help you concentrate on the most difficult and critical parts of the SC-200 certification exam.

2. Register in Training

Enrolling in a Microsoft SC-200 training course is essential. Learn a lot from “Course SC-200T00: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst”. Many test subjects need help only an instructor can provide. Then just use our Dumpsgate exam dumps and make sure you finish the course and don’t miss any topics.

3. Use flashcards

Flashcards are the best approach to study for the Microsoft SC-200 test. This preparation method allows you to jot down key aspects of a subject so you don’t have to memorize everything. Your mind will be active as you enjoy your preparatory voyage.

Because you can carry the flashcards with you wherever you go, you will swiftly review the test subjects.

4. Try our practice tests for SC-200

Microsoft SC-200 practice exams are the best approach to preparing. It’s preferable if you’re sure you can answer the SC-200 exam questions by taking the practice tests. Visit Dumpsgate for up-to-date practice exams. Each SC-200 practice exam will help you gauge your readiness.

You can see where you have improved and where you need to improve. On Dumpsgate, you may find a big number of practice questions to help you prepare for the SC-200 test.

5. Take part in an Online Club

There are several online groups where you may meet like-minded folks preparing for the same test. Professionals that have passed the Microsoft SC-200 test will advise you on which study materials to utilize and how to pass the exam. You may ask questions and receive answers. It’s also a terrific location to obtain emotional support while you study for the test from others on the same path.

6. Take help from Video Tutorial SC-200 Training Microsoft Security Operations Analyst Exam

 How does SC-200 Exam benefit the candidate?

Many people choose Microsoft certifications for a range of other options for furthering their careers. The demand for these qualifications has lately increased dramatically since they give a variety of advantages:

  • Students will learn how to identify and react to threats in their environment utilizing a number of security technologies.
  • The credential will offer you comprehensive knowledge and awareness of operational security.
  • It expands your real skills in “Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Azure Defender, and Microsoft 365 Defender”.
  • It motivates you to improve your talents further.
  • This certificate will authenticate your security expertise.
  • It also indicates your real dedication to professional development and continuous improvement.
  • It will make you develop in your job and bring a reasonable raise in compensation.
  • It gives value to companies and clients looking for operational security for their company.
  • This credential will help you better understand how to mitigate attacks with “Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure Defender, and Azure Sentinel”.
  • Since security is a major priority in the corporate sector, this certification opens doors.
  • It provides better solutions to problems and puts yourself abreast in the employment market.

MS Security Operations Analyst Do get Well Paid

The median annual income for a Microsoft Security Analyst in the U. S. is roughly USD 122,500, which is 36% more than the national median.

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Unsanctioned learning is provided on mitigating risks using various tools in this certification course. Configuration and maintenance of Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure Defender, and Azure Sentinel are covered in this course. Upon completion of this course, you’ll have a thorough knowledge of the security field. The SC-200 certification is a good fit if you’re interested in becoming a security leader.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find Exam Dumps for the SC-200 exam?

In order to prepare for professional certification exams, Dumpsgate offers a wide range of test prep and online courses produced by subject matter experts and working professionals. Take a look at your skills and build up your confidence before taking the exam.

2. In which languages Exam SC-200 is available?

SC-200 Exam can only be taken in the English Language.

3. What is the job of a security operations analyst?

Analyze and suggest steps to manage and mitigate cyber vulnerabilities with an emphasis on mitigating the possible effect on information resources of a company’s cyber vulnerabilities.

4. Do you need a bachelor’s degree to become an operations analyst?

At the top end of the discipline, a master’s degree or above may be necessary for most operations analyst positions. These positions need excellent research, analytical, and creative thinking abilities, as well as the ability to work independently.

5. Is the SC-200 test difficult?

If you utilize the right exam dumps and training material like Dumpsgate’s then it is not difficult at all. Azure Defender and Azure Sentinel are covered in the SC-200 certificate program for Microsoft Security Operations Analysts. If you’ve operated with Defender and Sentinel for whichever amount of time, the test isn’t that difficult.

6. What exactly is an azure defender?

Security posture and threats can be tracked and protected with Defender for Cloud, which is a tool. Using Defender for Cloud improves the security of your virtual servers. It also has plans that collaborate with Microsoft Defender. This means that it can prevent your workloads from running in Azure and other cloud platforms.

7. In what way is azure Sentinel different from other types of security?

SIEM platform Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-native security information and event management. Large amounts of data from throughout an organization may be quickly analyzed with the aid of this platform’s integrated AI.

8. Is there a difference between Azure Defender and Microsoft Defender in terms of features?

It’s no longer Azure Security Center; instead, it’s Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Azure Defender plans are now called Microsoft Defender plans. While Azure Defender for Storage is now Microsoft Defender for Storage, there are many more that have changed names. Get the lowdown on Microsoft’s new rebranding of security services.

9. What is the SC-200 exam?

The Microsoft security operations analyst works with the company’s many IT stakeholders to keep its systems safe from malicious intrusions.

10. How does Microsoft choose the number of questions to include on a certain topic in an exam such as Exam SC-200?

A test score isn’t the only factor in determining a person’s future success. Exams are built around these abilities, which are known as the “objective domain.” Because the blueprinting process determines how many questions indicate each skill category, there will be more questions in sections assessing important and/or frequently performed abilities.

11. To fulfill the Azure Sentinel criteria, what rule-setting should you use?

Azure Sentinel requires the creation of an analytics rule.

12. Unless a new feature or function has been added or the supporting technology has changed, how can you know whether a test has been upgraded?

Every two months, our professionals at Dumpsgate examine cloud-based exams. Any changes to the test’s target domain and current questions are included in the exam. Some questions may be altered, and others may be added to test new but related skills; it is evident that technically wrong questions are not on the exam.

Microsoft has the right to make modifications to the content at any time in order to maintain our certifications genuine and up-to-date. Incorporating new technological features and functionalities as well as improving job-specific skills are a few examples, although the list is not exhaustive.

13. How many questions are on the SC-200 exam?

There are 50-60 questions that can be asked in the SC-200 Exam.

14. How long is the SC 200 exam?

It took 120 minutes to complete the exam. 

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