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Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300 Exam: A Booklet

PL 300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

Microsoft PL-300 Exam Overview

MCQs make up the bulk of the questions on this test, but you may also come across construct a tree, reorder, or simulation problems as well. Additionally, the test fee is $165 USD, and passing with a score of 700/1000 is required. However, Microsoft does not reveal the exam’s time restriction. The details in bullet points are as follow:

Name of the Exam Microsoft PL-300
Name of the Certification Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate
Format of the Exam Multiple-choice and Multiple response questions
Exam Fee USD 165.00
Expected number of questions 40 – 60 Questions
Time Duration of Exam 180 Minutes
Exam offered Languages English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean

Microsoft PL-300 Exam Registration

Follow these steps to sign up for the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300) exam”:

  • Visit the official site and choose the “Schedule Now” button.
  • As a result, you’ll be sent to the Certiport sign-up page.
  • Complete your registration by following the instructions.
  • Once you’ve submitted your transaction, you’ll get an email with a confirmation.

Microsoft PL-300 Exam Policies

To prevent any misunderstanding, it is recommended that the applicant familiarize themselves with these policies. These regulations go into great depth about things like how to enroll, how to earn credits, and more.

Microsoft PL-300 Exam Retake Policy

The applicant must wait 24 hours before retaking the test if he or she fails to reach the passing score. The test may be rescheduled via the certification dashboard by the candidate. A candidate may only retake the test five times. To reschedule the third try, you must wait 14 days after failing the second time around. There will be a 14-day delay between the 4th and 5th try.

Microsoft PL-300 Exam Cancellation Policy

Exams may be canceled or rescheduled by candidates with Microsoft 24 hours in advance. Nevertheless, you should withdraw or rearrange your test at least six working days before that exam date in order to avoid being charged a penalty. In addition, if you miss the test, you will not be compensated for the exam price.

Microsoft PL-300 Exam Recertification Policy

While the individual’s certification will be recognized, Microsoft certifications are likely to expire when Microsoft no longer supports the products. According to the guidelines, the credential will never be revoked.

Target audience Microsoft PL-300

People who are interested in learning how to correctly analyze data using Power BI are the target audience for this course. In addition, this course is aimed at people who create analyses based on data from the cloud and on-premises data platform technologies.

Objectives of the Course

  • Transform data by ingesting, cleaning, and transforming it
  • Analyze performance and scalability statistics using model inputs.
  • Design and produce data analysis reports.
  • Implement and carry out cutting-edge reporting analytics
  • Organize and distribute report resources.
  • Power BI allows you to generate reports with several pages.

Prerequisites for Microsoft PL-300

  • Candidates for “Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300” course should have at least one to two years’ work experience with Microsoft Windows and associated technologies.
  • Candidates who are new to cloud and Azure should take “Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: AZ-900 course.
  • DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals course is advised if the individual is fresh to handling data solutions or Azure.
  • PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals course is recommended but not required for those wishing to advance their Microsoft Power Platform abilities.

Skill measured in Microsoft PL-300 exam

This test is based on Microsoft Learning’s most current updates, and it measures your ability to finish the following technical subjects.

As a bonus, I’ve included a reference to the Microsoft documentation for each target.

  • “Prepare the Data (15-20%)”
  • “Model the Data (30—35%)”
  • “Visualize and Analyze the Data (25—30%)”
  • “Deploy and Maintain Assets (20—25%)”

Each skill is followed by a series of bullets that explain how we arrived at that conclusion. Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list.

Now see the course detail:

Course Outline for Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300)

“Prepare the Data (15-20%)”

Utilize data sources for data collection.
  • discover and subscribe to a database.
  • alter the data source.
  • choose from a shared dataset or build a local dataset.
  • choose A collection mode.
  • Utilize Microsoft Dataverse.
  • use an expression to alter the parameters of an expression.
  • Become part of a data stream.
Cleaning, transforming, and loading the data
  • The data profiling
  • Address discrepancies, unusual or blank data, and data quality problems.
  • Find and construct the right keys for joining.
  • Analyze and convert the various forms of column data.
  • Tables may be shaped and reshaped.
  • Combine queries.
  • Ensure that the names of columns and queries are easy to remember.
  • Customize the loading of data.
  • Fix any problems with the data import.

“Model the Data (30—35%)”

Make a data model for your information.
  • Specify the table columns.
  • Configure the table’s and each column’s settings.
  • Create and use role-playing elements.
  • definition of a relationship’s cardinality and cross-filtering direction
  • Take advantage of a star schema while creating your data model.
  • create a common date table
Data modelling should be done.
  • Make computed tables first.
  • establish a hierarchy.
  • Develop a table with computed rows.
  • establish security responsibilities at the row level.
  • make advantage of the question-and-answer section.
DAX should be used to do model computations.
  • DAX may be used to generate simple measurements.
  • modify filters using CALCULATE.
  • DAX may be used to implement Time Intelligence.
  • remove implicit measurements and replace them with explicit ones.
  • learn the basics of statistical analysis.
  • A semi-additive measure may be created.
  • take swift action.
Improve the model's efficiency.
  • Delete rows and columns that are superfluous.
  • Identify measurements, connections, and images that aren’t working well.
  • increase performance by reducing cardinality levels

Visualize and Analyze the Data (25—30%)”

Construction of Reports
  • Visualizations should be included in reports.
  • Select a suitable form of visualization.
  • Visualizations may be arranged and configured in a variety of ways.
  • Create your own graphic.
  • Apply and tweak a theme.
  • Conditional formatting may be set up in this way.
  • Slicing and sifting should be used.
  • Customize the report’s home page.
  • Utilize Excel’s Analyze option.
  • Use a paginated report if you need to.
Construction of dashboards
  • Use a dashboard to see and configure tiles.
  • The mobile view may be configured.
  • Make advantage of the question-and-answer section.
  • A dashboard may now display the results of a quick insights query.
  • A dashboard theme may be used.
  • Mark a dashboard to a live report page for easy access.
Enhance the effectiveness and narrative of reports.
  • Customize bookmarks to your liking.
  • You may also design your own tooltips.
  • Modify and customize visuals’ interactions.
  • Set up a report’s navigation.
  • Use sorting
  • Sync Slicers must be configured.
  • The selection pane may be used to organize and overlay graphics.
  • Drilling down into data is made possible by the use of visualizations that can be interacted with.
  • Data from the report may be exported.
  • Create mobile-friendly reports.
Recognition of trends and patterns
  • Use Power BI’s Analyze function.
  • Determine any outliers.
  • Decide whether to use categorical or continuous axes.
  • As a last step, you may use the following techniques:
  • AI visuals may be used to enhance the user experience.
  • The Forecast function may be used.
  • Use the Analytics panel to generate reference lines.

“Deploy and Maintain Assets (20—25%)”

Keep track of your files and data.
  • Determine whether a gateway is necessary.
  • Set up a dataset updating plan.
  • Configure the membership of security groups at the row level.
  • Make datasets available to the public.
  • Control the settings for files’ global options.
Configure the workspaces.
  • Design and set up a workstation.
  • Designate roles in the workspace.
  • Set up and maintain a workspace app.
  • Assets can be published, imported, or updated within a workspace.
  • Label sensitive information in your workspace.
  • In addition, you may set up data alerts and subscriptions.
  • Publish or certify power BI material, as appropriate.

Who can take up Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300)?

There are a variety of job categories that may benefit from Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Training, including, but not limited to:

  • Data evaluators and analyzers.
  • Managers of Information Technology (IT).
  • Power BI specialists.
  • Researchers in the field of data science.
  • Management of Data for Decision-Making Professionals
  • People who wish to learn more about the Microsoft Power BI software.
  • Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300 certification candidates.

Reasons why you should take Microsoft PL-300

If you’re thinking about taking this test, here are some reasons why.

Employment After Passing the Exam

Analytical thinking is encouraged and supported by Power Bi, the industry leader in the capacity to perform. Power BI-certified personnel are in high demand in today’s MNCs and larger corporations. Jobs in Power BI pay well and provide you with the opportunity to work for well-known corporations.

The “Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300)” data analyst offers meaningful insights via the use of readily available data and domain knowledge. With the help of key stakeholders from a variety of sectors, a Power BI data analyst is able to discover business needs while also cleaning and transforming data.

It is the job of a Power BI analyst to create data representations that are simple to comprehend. So that others may do self-service analyses and install and configure solutions for usage in the business. Candidates should be familiar with Power Query and DAX expressions in order to pass this exam.

Salary Hike

With a typical income of USD 67,450, “Microsoft Power Bi Specialists” in the United States earn between USD 63,086 and USD 71,802 each year. ” Microsoft Power Bi Specialists” in the average of the workforce earn USD 63,086, while the top 75 percent earn USD 86,162.

Tips for Passing Microsoft PL-300

The following are some hints and pointers that may be useful to you while you study for the PL-300 test.

Step 1: Decide Where You Want to Begin

When using Power BI for many weeks or months, you should have a good base and just need to concentrate on the areas that need improvement. Exam preparation will be easier if you go through the exam skills outline.

Take some time to master the fundamentals of Power BI before you begin studying for the test. So here are a few suggestions for getting some hands-on practice:

Step 2: Make a Learning Strategy

Microsoft offers six free Learning Paths, available online. This is a great option for self-starters. A big upside to the Learning Paths are the built-in labs, which take you to a virtual environment where you conduct report development within Power BI. I spent about one month working on the Guided Learning paths. Note that Microsoft also offers paid, instructor-led training.

Additionally, Dumpsgate offers supplementary training for this course in the form of PL-300 test dumps. This is an excellent course with a wealth of information. Whether you’re not sure if you’re prepared for the final thing, the course includes a practice test.

Step 3: Take Action on Your Learning Goals Now 

Having figured out where you’re starting from and created a learning strategy, the next step is to break it down and implement it. The most important part is to stick to your study plan and never give up. Be patient and split things down into manageable bits since there are more than 80 abilities being tested.

There’s an example of a 10-week training schedule here

First 5 Weeks: “Microsoft Learning Paths”
  • W 1: As a first step, learn how to use Microsoft’s data analytics tools.
  • W 2: Organize and prepare data for statistical analysis.
  • W 3: Power BI data from models.
  • W 4: Use Power BI to see data in a new light.
  • W 5: Using Power BI for data processing in.
  • In Power BI, you must manage workspaces and datasets.
Week 6th to Week 10th: Practice and Prepare for Exam
  • W 6: Cover the Sections 1 to 4
  • W 7: Cover the Sections 5 to 8
  • W 8: Cover the Sections 9 to 11
  • W 9: Cover the Section 12 and practice the exam
  • W 10: Do the final prep

Dumpsgate Microsoft PL-300

With Dumpsgate, you can prepare for the PL-300 exam well with aid of exam dumps, which supply you with all the exam’s components.

You may now obtain a complete understanding of all the exam content by utilizing Dumpsgate. The exam questions in these dumps cover every topic on the curriculum.

They also have a great customer support team that assures that no one will have any issues throughout the purchase process.

By following online communities and forums

The internet is plenty with forums that may help students prepare for exams. Keep up with them or your studies and you’ll be all right.

You may join a number of related online communities in order to make your preparation more pleasurable. In such communities, you may share your own ideas and benefit from the perspectives of others. In this way, you will know how to begin your studies and the level of effort required.

Salary Ranges for Microsoft Power Bi Specialists

According to Comparably In the United States, Microsoft Power Bi Specialists earn a median of $67,444 per year. The pay scale for Microsoft Power Bi Specialists ranges from $63,086 to $71,802 in the United States, with a mean salary of $67,444. The middle 50% of Microsoft Power Bi Specialists make $63,086. with the top 75% making $86,162.


In this article, we have compiled all the necessary information you need for PL-300 exam. From preparations to the exam, and to exam format including policies that you must know, are detailed here for you.

PL-300 certification exam benefits you with more opportunities for highly paid jobs. With a little effort and patience, one can get a dream come true. So, if you decided to go for this exam, do not get lost on the internet but go directly and grab the exam dumps from This is all you need.


1. How to enroll for this Microsoft Power BI PL-300 Exam?

“PL-300” is a “Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst” certification by finding a time that works for you to take PL-300 course from the dates provided. After paying fee, you’ll be ready to take the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst course.

Begin your preparation for the PL-300 course by reading the pre-reading materials provided by and Microsoft.

2. When will the Microsoft PL-300 test be available?

The PL-300 Exam will be available on February 28th, 2022.

3. Is DA-100 no longer applicable?

DA-100 hasn’t run out of time. Microsoft has extended the deadline for people who have studied for the DA-100 till March 31, 2022. The DA-100 test will no longer be available to these applicants after March 31, 2022. If you have taken DA-100 in the past, your credential will not expire, but it will be changed to Power BI Data Analyst Associate Certification on your dashboard, rather than being removed.

4. Where can I get help with studying for the PL-300 exam?

Dumpsgate has real and updated PL-300 test dumps for you if you are seeking for PL-300 exam prep material. These test dumps are developed by the specialists and therefore ensure the success of students who take the PL-300 exam.

5. Is the PL-300 a good choice?

The requirement for Power BI Data Analyst Associate Certification is expected to be significant in the near future since it integrates all of the skills and knowledge of today’s modern data analysts.

6. What does PL-300 certification mean?

The Power BI Data Analyst Associate Certification exam Pl-300 is required to pass.

7. Is the PL-300 test difficult?

The extensive material on the PL-300’s curriculum makes it a difficult test to pass. Even before the test is released, Dumpsgate has made it simple for applicants to study for the exam. Dumpsgate’s genuine and legitimate PL-300 test dumps will help you pass the exam on your first try, so get started today.

8. How much does the PL-300 test cost?

To take the PL-300 test, you’ll have to pay 165 USD.

9. What is the exam’s replacement?

In 2022, the DA-100 test will be replaced by the PL-300 exam, which will be released on February 28, 2022.



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