Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals – AI-900 Certification Overview

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AI-900 Certification

The IT industry is being overtaken by artificial intelligence (AI), and this advancement speaks for itself. As a result, the AI 900 certification is perfect for aspiring cloud workers to gain a foundational understanding of AI and machine learning topics.

An introduction to AI and machine learning is provided via the AI 900 certification, which is a prerequisite for data scientists. Additionally, it certifies you to use Azure’s ML and AI services. Moreover, the AI 900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals certification exam can be a crucial tool for proving a profound mastery of common ML and AI workloads.

Do you want to pass the AI 900 test as well? Are you looking for a proper guide to assist you? So let’s begin what seems to be an amazing beginning!

What Skills You Will Gain Through AI-900 Certification?

Following are the skills that an AI certified would acquire:

  • You will be learning Fundamental concepts for Artificial Intelligence
  • After taking this course you can clear the exam Microsoft Azure AI-900
  • You will learn concepts on AI workloads, fundamental principles of machine learning on Azure, features of computer vision workloads on Azure
  • You will learn concepts on Natural Language Processing (NLP), features of conversational AI workloads on Azure
  • Includes hands-on Lab which will help you to visualize things.

Exam Name:  Exam AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals

Exam Duration:  60 Minutes

Exam Type:  Multiple Choice Examination

Number of Questions:  40 – 60 Questions

Exam Fee:  99 USD

Eligibility/Pre-requisite:  None

Exam Expiry:  None

Exam Languages:  English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

Passing score:  70%

What Are The Learning Prospects of Microsoft Azure AI-900?

Learning prospects of AI-900 certification are:

Domain 1: Describing AI workloads and considerations

The subtopics in this domain include,

  • Identification of features in common AI workloads
  • Identification of guiding principles for responsible AI

Domain 2: Describing fundamental principles of machine learning on Azure

The subtopics in this domain include,

  • Identification of common machine learning variants
  • Description of core machine learning concepts
  • Identification of core risks in the creation of a machine learning solution
  • Description of capabilities of no-code machine learning with Azure Machine Learning

Domain 3: Description of features in computer vision workloads on Azure

The subtopics in this domain include,

  • Identification of common types of computer vision solutions
  • Identification of Azure tools and services for computer vision tasks

Domain 4: Describing features of Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads on Azure

The subtopics in this domain are as follows,

  • Identification of features in common NLP workload scenarios
  • Identifying Azure tools and services for NLP workloads

Domain 5: Description of features of conversational AI workloads on Azure

The subtopics in this domain include,

  • Identification of common use cases for conversational AI
  • Identifying Azure services for conversational AI

There are 5 lab sessions as given below:

LAB1: Get Started with Artificial Intelligence on Azure

LAB 2: Use automated machine learning in Azure Machine Learning

LAB 3: Image Classification

LAB 4: Language Understanding

LAB 5: QnA Bot

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Who Can Take AI-900 Exam?

The fate of technology will be ruled by machine learning and artificial intelligence. One of the main factors for Azure AI’s increasing popularity is Microsoft Azure’s concentration on machine-learning innovation. Because the AI-900 test is a practical way for candidates to begin their careers in Azure AI, many aspirant candidates are searching for reliable methods of preparation.

The AI-900 certification test is a fundamental-level certification exam, which is an intriguing truth about it. As a result, candidates for the AI-900 certification exam can come from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. Additionally, no prior knowledge of software engineering or data science is necessary to pass the AI-900 certification exam.

You can establish the base for Azure AI Engineer Associate or Azure Data Scientist Associate certifications with the help of the AI-900 certification.

How much does AI certification make?

AI engineers can earn a salary ranging from $79,500 to $266,500 per year according to ziprecruiter. This means that you can earn a handsome salary once you become experienced in this field.

What Are Job Professions for a Microsoft Azure AI-900 Certified?

Job roles that can find Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals training beneficial include:

  • AI Engineer
  • Solution Architect
  • Cloud Architect
  • Software Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • Administrator.
  • AI Engineer.
  • App Maker.
  • Auditor.
  • Business User.
  • Data Analyst.
  • Data Engineer.
  • Data Scientist.

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What Is the Worth of AZURE AI-900?

  • The necessity of Azure AI Engineers is evident from the AI industry’s explosive expansion.
  • The capacity to translate cloud architects’ vision into the creation of comprehensive solutions on Azure utilizing AI and ML.
  • It will increase your ability to earn money.
  • Owing to the interdependence of disciplines, Azure AI engineers collaborate with data engineers, data scientists, AI developers, and Lot experts.
  • It provides a cloud platform for setting AI solutions in place and offers ML models without programming to process data.
  • AI can be incorporated into affordable Intelligent Edge systems.
  • Data governance can be designed and identified through AI.

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How to Prepare For Microsoft Azure AI-900 Certifications?

One of the biggest hurdles that candidates face is how they should prepare for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification. We will discuss about two main ways to prepare for AI-900 exam. 

Firstly, you can take online lectures to learn the various modules of Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals. These lectures are free of cost and are available on

Secondly, you can take instructor-led training. This is useful as you can discuss and clear any query that can arise while learning about the various concepts in the course. 

Based on your convenience and need, you can choose your mode of learning. 

You can practice the sample questions of AI-900 here 

Tips To Prepare For Azure AI Fundamentals Exam

There are several online methods that can aid in your certification preparation. 

  • Microsoft offers study materials and other tools to assist you in learning what to expect. To aid in exam preparation it offers practice exams and Azure AI-900 exam questions.
  • It’s crucial to comprehend the exam’s overall structure, passing standards, time allotted, recommended preparation, and question format.
  • You can find Microsoft-certified experts on Quora, Reddit, Stackoverflow, and other relevant public forums. Forums can give you a more human perspective on preparation.

Important Considerations While Taking AZURE AI-900 Exam

  • Perform a system check before the test.
  • Be ready for a variety of exam question styles, including drag-and-drop, true/false, multiple-choice, fill in the gaps, and fill the missing modules in the provided pipeline.
  • To avoid spending an excessive amount of time on one question, be cautious and pace yourself when answering the questions. Simply ignore the questions you’re unsure of and return later.

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In conclusion, there are a few crucial considerations you should bear in mind before sitting for the AI-900 exam: Azure AI Fundamentals certification from Microsoft. The certification requirements and exam format must first be understood.

The next step is to become familiar with all of the study materials and relevant web resources. After you have mastered all of the theoretical principles, you will move on to practical evaluations and practice tests.

Remember that passing the genuine certification exam necessitates a score of 700/100. As a result, your chances of passing the Azure AI-900 exam increase the more you study. The practical lab tutorials are the perfect study tool if you’re seeking one that is thorough. 

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You can retake the Azure AI-900 exam 5 times to pass it.

After the first attempt, you have to wait for 24 hours to apply for the retake. If you are unable to pass the second attempt, you have to wait for a period of 14 days to apply for the third attempt.

Yes, you will have to pay again if you fail to pass the exam. The retake fee depends on your certification. Usually, it is the same price as paid for the first attempt.

Yes, you can take AI-900 from either your home or the exam center. Wherever you wish to take your examination, it must be made sure that you meet all the conditions as your exam is invigilated.

Azure AI Fundamentals, as the name suggests, is a basic- level certification. Hence, you must have hands-on experience to get an entry level job. This certification is actually beneficial for your long-term career success.

Though AI is a beginner certification, it is not very easy to grasp the content until you prepare hard.

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