Linux Essentials Certificate: Validate Your Foundational Professional Skills 

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A Complete Overview Of Linux Essentials Certificate

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has earned great popularity due to its distinct features. It is an open-source platform offering a complete range of technical expertise. Gaining the Linux Essentials certification offered by LPI is a great step to grooming your IT skills using the Linux platform. The course is not limited to any particular IT professional. It includes diverse learnings which are suitable for IT professionals related to different fields like IT administrators, developers, and engineers.

If you are pondering about what is the pathway to getting the Linux Essentials certificate, here you would get a detailed guide. This blog gives an overview of the exam details, worth, preparation tips and registration steps for the Linux Essentials exam. Learn Linux Essentials and start making your career today!

Exam Overview

  • Exam name: Linux essentials 
  • Current version: 1.6
  • Exam code: 010-160
  • Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this certification
  • Requirements: Passing the Linux Essentials 010 exam. The Linux Essentials 
  • Number of questions: 40 questions 
  • Exam time: 60 minutes.
  • Validity period: Lifetime
  • Exam Cost: Varies with country 
  •  Languages for exam available in VUE test centers: English, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Dutch
  • Languages for the exam available online via OnVUE: English, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Dutch

Exam Domains

Topic 1: The Linux Community and a Career in Open Source

Topics Weightage
Linux Evolution and Popular Operating Systems 2
Major Open Source Applications 2
Open Source Software and Licensing 1
ICT Skills and Working in Linux 2

Topic 2: Finding Your Way on a Linux System

Topics Weightage
Linux Command Line Basics 3
Using the Command Line to Get Help 2
Using Directories and Listing Files 2
Creating, Moving and Deleting Files 2

Topic 3: The Power of the Command Line

Topics Weightage
3.1 Archiving Files on the Command Line 2
3.2 Searching and Extracting Data from Files 3
3.3 Turning Commands into a Script 4

Topic 4: The Linux Operating System

Topics Weightage
4.1 Choosing an Operating System 1
4.2 Understanding Computer Hardware 2
4.3 Where Data is Stored 3
4.4 Your Computer on the Network 2

Topic 5: Security and File Permissions

Topics Weightage
5.1 Basic Security and Identifying User Type 2
5.2 Creating Users and Groups 2
5.3 Managing File Permissions and Ownership 2
5.4 Special Directories and Files 1

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Who is recommended to take the Linux Essentials Exam?

To receive the Linux Essentials certificate, the candidate must have:

  • Understanding of the Linux and open-source industry and knowledge of the most popular open-source Applications;
  • Knowledge about the major components of the Linux operating system and technical proficiency in working on the Linux command line; and
  • Complete understanding of security and administration-related topics such as user/group management, working on the command line, and permissions.
For Exam costs:  Click here

What job roles are offered to Linux Essentials Certified?

The job roles offered to candidates having Linux Essentials certifications are given below:

A Developer role with the following expertise:

  • Front End Web
  • Back End Web
  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Mobile
  • SQL
  • Embedded Systems

An Administrator role with the following expertise:

  • Cloud
  • Database
  • Dev Ops
  • IT/ Technical Support
  • Mobile Application Support
  • NOC Operator
  • Big Data
  • Virtualization
  • LAMP

An Engineer position with the following expertise:

  • QA/QC
  • Cloud Architect
  • Microsoft Systems
  • Networking
  • Data Analyst
  • Security

What salary is offered to Linux Essentials Certified?

The salary of a Linux certified depends on the job position that you are hired on:

Linux system administrator salary: $70K to $180K. Average $130k per year

Linux developer salary: $90k to $170k per year. Average $140k per year

Linux Engineer Salary: $50k to $160k per year. Average: $110k per year

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Is the LPI Linux Essentials Certification worth it?

The advantages of gaining a Linux Essentials Certificate are given below:

  • It is reported that more than 90% of employers have seen a significant rise in their salary by gaining Linux Essentials certification. 
  • The increasing trend of open source talent has increased the demand for Linux essentials certified over those without experience with open source talent. 
  • You would gain skills that could be used in various job roles like IT engineers, administrators, etc.

What Skills Will You Acquire Through Linux Essentials Certification?

By gaining the Linux Essentials certification, you will learn the following skills:

  • FOSS, the various communities, and licenses.
  • Knowledge of open source applications in the workplace as they relate to closed source equivalents.
  • Basic concepts of hardware, processes, programs and the components of the Linux Operating System.
  • How to work on the command line and with files.
  • How to create and restore compressed backups and archives.
  • System security, users/groups and file permissions for public and private directories.
  • How to create and run simple scripts.

What are the best preparation tips to Pass Linux Essential Exam?

The Linux Essential exam is a tough row to hoe for a beginner. You need to study hard and consistently to pass the Linux Essentials exam. In this section, you will learn about the most efficient preparation techniques to prepare for the exam.

Tip 1: Firstly, you need to have a detailed understanding of the course, like the exam details of Linux Essentials, its requirements and worth. 

Tip 2: Next, you need to gather the most relevant study guide to prepare for the exam topics. The course guide of Linux Essentials is highly particular, which is very useful for effective preparation. 

Tip 3: It is advisable to practice your concepts before the exam. For practice, you must choose authentic exam questions that are most reliable for practising.

Tip 4: Link your concepts. Linking the concepts would help you to relate the concepts with one another to have a good understanding. 

Tip 5: Be consistent with your preparation to complete it in a minimum time.

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What are the steps to take the LPI Essentials Exam?

To register for the LPI Essentials exam, follow this method:

  1. Register with LPI to get your LPI ID. The registration process is free of cost and done in just a few minutes.  

To register with LPI, click here.

  1. Make sure that your preparation for Linux Essentials is complete.
  2. Schedule your exam with Pearson VUE using your LPI Id.
  3. Before starting the LPI Essentials exam, make sure that you fulfil all the requirements of the VUE testing. This includes system testing, internet availability, and a consistent monitoring system.
  4. You must check in to the exam 30 minutes before the exam starts. 
  5. Attempt all the questions with full attention.

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To Sum Up:

To conclude, Linux is a worthy credential to attain. The skills that you will develop through this credential are unmatchable. The open source factor is the most appealing and also the reason why most employers prefer candidates with this certification. A number of IT professionals consider Linux Essentials certification as their priority credential as it is not very hard to pass; it also offers many perks and advantages, like salary boosts and includes advanced IT learnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

The LPI Essential 010-160 exam is a bit hard to pass. Linux Essentials exam has many topics which need to be learnt precisely to pass the exam. The hardness of the exam is reasonable. It has an intermediate level of hardness which means that if you have covered all the topics included in the course, you can pass the exam successfully.

It would take a few days to practice for the Linux Essentials exam. This means that the Linux exam is not hard to learn. However, a few candidates may take a few weeks to fully prepare for the exam.

Linux Essentials certification has no expiry. It has lifetime validity. However, for other LPI certifications, the validity is for 5 years.

Each LPI exam is ranked on a scale from 200 to 800, with a passing score of 500. Considering the LPI scale, the Linux certification is not very easy nor very hard. However, proper preparation for the topics is required to pass the exams.

Linux certification can open the doors to getting job roles. You can start your career by working as an administrator, network engineer or web developer by gaining Linux Essentials certification.

If you are not able to succeed in the Linux Essentials exam, you have to wait for 7 days before taking the first retake. If the first retake is unsuccessful, you must wait 30 days before taking the second one. If you have passed an LPI exam, you cannot retake it before 2 years.



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