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Linux certification is one of the highest-paid certifications. The most advantageous factor of Linux is that it is an open-source operating system. It can be easily integrated and customized results can be produced. For this reason, hiring managers and recruiters hire Linux professionals due to its raised fame. This blog deals with the salary of Linux certification. The updated data used in this blog is taken from reliable salary sites like Payscale, Salary.com and Glassdoor. The high salary of the Linux certification is dependent on many factors. These factors are listed below:

  • Salary Based on the Job Roles
  • Salary Based on Skills 
  • Salary Based on the Certification 
  • Salary Based on Location

Salary Range of Linux Certification

The salary of a Linux-certified professional starts from $47,628 and can reach up to $148,109 per year. The average salary of a Linux professional is $102,638.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Linux Professional

Here are some of the key skills covered by Linux+ certification curriculum. Linux+ certified technicians can:

  • Install and configure the Linux Operating System.
  • Execute common operations on the Linux command line.
  • Create, configure, and manage Linux users and groups.
  • Manage, maintain, and navigate the Linux File-system.
  • Create, edit, locate, backup and restore files in Linux.
  • Configure printers and remote printing functionality in Linux.
  • Utilize basic SQL commands and scripts to manipulate data.
  • Understand basic networking protocols and configurations.
  • Perform security tasks, e.g., change passwords and encrypt data.

Factors Affecting the Salary of Linux Certification

The salary of a Linux professional depends on the following factors:

Salary Based On the Job Roles

The salary of a Linux-certified professional depends on job roles. Some job roles pay higher than others. The job roles offered to the Linux professional against their salaries are given in the table below:

Job Roles Salary per annum
Linux Systems Administrator $48,000 – $167,000 per year
Systems Administrator $50,000 – $94,000 per year
Senior Systems Administrator $69,000 – $121,000 per year
System Engineer $68,000 – $109,000 per year
Senior System Engineer $49,000 – $127,000 per year
Network Administrator $47,000 – $99,000 per year
Software Engineer $68,000 – $100,000 per year

Salary Based on Skills

Skills play a major role in the salary of a Linux professional. The more skills you earn, the more you will earn. Linux is a wide platform where you can learn more diverse skills.

Job Roles Average Salary
Shell Scripting $82,227
System Administration $90,925
VMware ESX $88,105
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) $86,875
Puppet $84,122
Python $ 87,964

Salary Based on the Certifications

The salary of a Linux professional can also vary based on the Linux certification you earn. A few famous Linux certifications include RHCE, LPI, GCUX and LFCS. Earning more relevant certifications can increase your demand and, ultimately, your salary.

Certification Salary
Red Hat Certified Engineer – RHCE $145,263
LPI Certification Salary $138,992
GIAC Certified Unix System (GCUX) $133,168
Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) $136,001

Salary based on Location

The US is the highest-paid Linux country. In this section, we will deal with the major cities in the US and their respective Linux salaries. Cities in the US offer six-digit yearly salaries to Linux professionals. Cities like New York have raised income prospects for Linux professionals. Learn the yearly and hourly salaries of Linux professionals.

City Salary per year Salary per hour
New York City $128,122 $61.60
Berkeley $126,426 $60.78
Great Neck Gardens $125,116 $60.15
Renton $123,840 $59.54
Santa Monica $123,130 $59.20
Merced $123,106 $59.19
Daly City $122,234 $58.77
San Mateo $121,844 $58.58
Boston $121,131 $58.24
Clovis $120,664 $58.01

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Maximum Earning through Linux Certification

Earning more certifications and learning the relevant skills can help a Linux professional earn raised salaries. Getting the appropriate learning and training can assist you in landing a good Linux job. All you need is to learn advanced skills and expertise. Certifications and training can groom your skills. Make sure that you choose the right pathway for your Linux career.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best study material for the preparation of the Linux certification. Dumpsgate has the most recent practice questions that can help to prepare any Linux certification in a minimum time.

It would take 2-3 weeks to prepare for a Linux exam. The basic level certification can even be prepared in a few days. Lesser time is consumed in the preparation if you have the prior knowledge and working experience with Linux.

Yes, Linux certification can greatly boost the chances of landing a job. The professionals have seen a 60% salary boost using the Linux certifications.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) is the best certification. From the salary point of view, it pays you the highest owing to the advanced skills it helps you learn.



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