Want to excel in your architectural career? Earn the Splunk Architect Certification

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Are you a web architect impressed with the in-demand Splunk Certifications? Or are you wondering how to get Splunk Architect Certification to be a major leaguer in the web architect world? Don’t worry. You’ll get answers to each question haunting your mind.

If you work in any IT-based role, you should be familiar with Splunk’s products or have heard about them. This software platform is becoming a more and more famous tool for capturing and analyze machine-generated data for small and large businesses. Like other IT-based certifications, there is a range of Splunk certifications, from entry-level to technical ones, to validate a person’s ability to use Splunk Software. Let’s fall to What Splunk Architect Certification Is and whether it is praiseworthy.

Splunk Architect Certification

Splunk Certified Architects have knowledge of deploying, managing and troubleshooting complicated Splunk Enterprise Environments. To garner this cert, it is a must for the candidate to carry out the Splunk Certified Architect exam. The exam determines your skills in planning, data collection, sizing, troubleshooting, and managing a standard with an indexer and search head clustering.

Who can take the Splunk Certified Architect Exam?

Splunk Architect is a sought-after career in the Informational Technology field. Anyone who wants to pursue a career in the web-architectural field can take this exam to earn certification. These individuals can be

  • Software Developers
  • Splunk Experts
  • System Administrators
  • Platform Architects
  • Search Analysts
  • Security Professionals
  • Database Administrators 

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Is Splunk Architect Certification Worth It?

Are you wondering about the worth of getting Splunk Architect Certification? If you have to devote your precious time to preparing for a certification exam, it’s your right to discover whether it is beneficial or not. Yes, the Splunk certifications are highly worthwhile in the following ways:

Increase Your Resume Value:

The certifications act as a spotlight on your CV or Resume. Let’s assume you are an employer who has to choose from two candidates with the same skills and experience but one with certification. For sure, you will go for the certified one. I hope you got my point.

Offer a Lucrative Career:

In the last ten years, the value of Splunk certifications and skills has increased rapidly. It is observed that the individual with certified skills makes more than the one with skills but no certificate.

Leads to Career Growth

Getting a Splunk certification ensures your skills and knowledge in a specific in-demand field. Thus, getting certified opens many doors for companies using the Splunk platform. Thus it will help you become a bigwig in the architectural field.

A Prove of Your Dedication:

If you graduate in the IT field, it is obvious you choose to do so. But, getting a certification shows your devotion to the field you choose. It will highlight your interest in getting new and updated skills for a specific role.

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How to register for Splunk Architect Certification Exam?

Follow the following steps to register for the Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect Exam.

  • If you are registering for the Splunk cert, create and connect your Pearson VUE account with your Splunk account.
  • Do you already have a Pearson VUE account? Still, you need to make a new one because the VUE platform requires a separate account for each certification program.
  • After connecting your accounts, provide complete and authentic contact information to Pearson VUE.
  • This may take up to two days for an Authorization email after submitting your form.
  • Then you have to schedule your exam. The Pearson Platform will have a list of certifications you are eligible for. 
  • Proceed through the verification screen to schedule your exam.
  • At last, you have to verify your exam appointment and contact details before proceeding to payment information.
  • Then you will get a registration confirmation email.

Follow:   A step-by-step guide to getting registered for Splunk Certification exams

Exam Pattern

Exam Code: SPLK-2002
Exam Level: Expert
Test Type: 85 multiple-choice questions
Time allotted: 90 minutes
Passing score: It depends upon the difficulty level of the exam and your provided answers.
Registration fee: USD 130
Retake fee: USD 130
Delivery options: Pearson VUE
Exam language: English

Exam Prerequisites


Course Works

  • Architecting Splunk Enterprise Deployments
  • Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise
  • Splunk Cluster Administration
  • Splunk Enterprise Deployment Practical

Splunk Architect Certification Cost:

  • The exam registration fee is USD 130.
  • If you fail to pass the exam on the first attempt, you need to retake the exam with a fee of $130. Candidates can retake the exam after waiting for 7-days. 
  • Once you have passed your exam, the certification is valid for 3-years. You cannot retake your exam after passing it unless it’s time for recertification.

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Exam Outline

Introduction 2%

  • Describe a deployment plan 
  • Define the deployment process 

Project Requirements 5%

  • Identify critical information about the environment, volume, users, and requirements 
  • Apply checklists and resources to aid in collecting requirements

Infrastructure Planning: Index Design 5%

  • Understand design and size indexes 
  • Estimate non-smart store-related storage requirements 
  • Identify relevant apps 

Infrastructure Planning: Resource Planning 7%

  • List of sizing considerations 
  • Identify disk storage requirements 
  • Define hardware requirements for various Splunk components 
  • Describe ES considerations for sizing and topology
  • Describe ITSI considerations for sizing and topology 
  • Describe security, privacy, and integrity measures 

Clustering Overview 5%

  • Identify non-smart store-related storage and disk usage requirements 
  • Identify search head clustering requirements 

Forwarder and Deployment Best Practices 6%

  • Identify best practices for forwarder tier design 
  • Understand configuration management for all Splunk components, using Splunk deployment tools 

Performance Monitoring and Tuning 5%

  • Use limits.conf to improve performance 
  • Use indexes.conf to manage bucket size 
  • Tune props.conf 
  • Improve search performance 

Splunk Troubleshooting Methods and Tools 5%

  • Splunk diagnostic resources and tools

Clarifying the Problem 5%

  • Identify Splunk’s internal log files 
  • Identify Splunk’s internal indexes

Licensing and Crash Problems 5%

  • License issues 
  • Crash issues 

Configuring Problems 5%

  • Input issues 

Search Problems 5%

  • Search issues
  • Job inspector 

Deployment Problems 5%

  • Forwarding issues 
  • Deployment server issues

Large-scale Splunk Deployment Overview 5%

  • Identify Splunk server roles in clusters 
  • License Master Configuration in a clustered environment

Single-site Indexer Cluster 5%

  • Splunk single-site indexer cluster configuration

Multisite Indexer Cluster 5%

  • Splunk multisite indexer cluster overview 
  • Multisite indexer cluster configuration 
  • Cluster migration and upgrade considerations

Indexer Cluster Management and Administration 7%

  • Indexer cluster storage utilization options 
  • Peer offline and decommission 
  • Master app bundles 
  • Monitoring Console for indexer cluster environment

Search Head Cluster 5%

  • Splunk search head cluster overview 
  • Search head cluster configuration 

Search Head Cluster Management and Administration 5%

  • Search head cluster deployer 
  • Captaincy transfer 
  • Search head member addition and decommissioning

KV Store Collection and Lookup Management 3%

  • KV Store collection in Splunk clusters

Click here: To register yourself to attempt the Splunk-certified architect cloud exam

Splunk Certified Architect Exam Preparation

Comprehend the Exam Objectives

Understanding the objectives of the exam should be your priority in exam preparation. You can go through the exam objectives in the Exam Outline part of this blog. Moreover, you can also study the official exam guide to get detailed information about the exam syllabus. It will help you select the topics you need to focus on.

Splunk Study Resources

Splunk Certified Architect Questions

A preparation assessment is always necessary before taking the exam. For that prefer valid Splunk Certified Architect Dumps. The dumps contain authentic exam questions that appeared in actual Splunk exams. Practicing these dumps will help you understand how questions can be asked and what your preparation status is. Imagine you are not properly prepared for your exam. The questions that appeared in your exam are so tricky and make you confused. At this point, there will be more chances of failure. Now assume, you saw your exam and know how to answer each tricky question because you had practiced actual exam questions. So devote your time to practicing actual exam dumps.

Job Roles for Splunk Architect Certification

The demand for Splunk professionals is increasing globally. With the increase in demand, companies prefer to hire individuals with certain skills. A Splunk Certified Architect can land the following job roles:

  • Lead Solutions Architect Home Office Eligible
  • Manager Application Architect DAS Digital Innovation
  • R&D Director Artificial Intelligence Operations Information Technology Management Product
  • Enterprise Architect Management SME
  • Data Engineer HRP PDM

To find the latest jobs visit glassdoor, ZipRecruiter

Splunk Certified Architect Salary

  • As stated before in the blog, the Splunk Enterprise Architects Certification leads toward a remunerative career. An entry-level Splunk Certified Architect can make $129500 to $159000 per year. It means the average salary of a certified Splunk Architect is $146807 annually.

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Final Notes

Splunk Enterprise Architect Certification is a stellar way to validate your skills as a web architect. Avail yourself with the certification to land a job or begin your career growth. The blog will provide you with every essential knowledge you should have before attempting the exam. Wish you luck.


Certified Splunk architects can develop applications to perform different tasks on the Splunk Platform. These individuals have expertise in Splunk Deployment methodology as well as managing and troubleshooting a standard distributed deployment with search head clustering and indexer.

The difficulty level of the exam depends upon your prior skills and knowledge of Splunk Architect. If you are a beginner with no prior knowledge of Splunk, it can take a month to understand Splunk tools and skills. In short, with dedication and proper learning resources, you can prepare for your exam effectively and effortlessly.

No, Splunk certifications are only valid for 3-years. After completing their 3-month cycle, you need to activate the certificate with the recertification process.

To register for the Splunk Certified Architect exam, the candidate should have the following prerequisites:


Splunk Core Certified Power User 

Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin


Architecting Splunk Enterprise Deployments

Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Cluster Administration

Splunk Enterprise Deployment Practical Lab

After the failure of an exam attempt, one should wait for 7 days to register for an exam retake. Moreover, the retake fee for the exam is $125.

Every scheduled exam should be rescheduled or canceled 24 hours before exam time. Failure to do so can lead to the indemnity of your registration fee.

The registration fee for the Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect exam is 130$.

The result is displayed immediately after submitting the exam. Candidates who prefer onsite testing are also provided with a printout of exam results.

After you successfully attempt your exam, the earned scores of each question are added and then compared with the cut score to determine the pass or fail result.



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