Is the Blockchain certification Worth it?

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You can adhere to traditional norms; but not in today’s world of decentralized digital systems. Blockchain technology is pacing up as cryptocurrencies are the new way of making money. Investors, businesses, and enterprises are dipping their toes into the world of blockchain which is giving rise to a new marketplace. It is not about just cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin; it’s a whole new way of making sure that digital transactions are safe, transparent, and tamper-proof. 

As we step into the year 2024, the relevance and demand for blockchain certifications are tremendously high because they give a modern approach to professionals to reshape the technology and finance industry. Many of you are looking for a career in this domain and want to know how a career in the Blockchain industry looks alike. In this blog, we’ll delve into the significance of blockchain certifications and how they continue to be a compelling investment in one’s professional journey.

What is Blockchain Certification?

Simply put, blockchain certification is designed to give you a deep understanding of blockchain technology and how it works. It demonstrates that you have proven expertise in the blockchain. Being an emergent field, it is still a new concept for many. So, all the blockchain courses and certifications start with a general introduction and associate terms, allowing you to gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals. 

In addition, some certifications cover only fundamentals while some go deep down and provide you with thorough details on how to design, secure, and build the various parts of the blockchain system.

In-demand Blockchain Certifications

Several certifications come under this category targeting architectural, developer, and specialized aspects of the blockchain industry. However, below are the best and in-demand certifications that you can consider pursuing.

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Significance of Blockchain Certification

Let’s come to the business you are here for. Blockchain certification holds great significance and it is considered a golden star on your resume. Several points gather to account for the value of these certifications including, gaining innovative knowledge in the rapidly growing field of blockchain, reliable way of gaining several opportunities, great investment in a newly built landscape, fostering your career growth, flexibility, and leveraging skill in implanting blockchain infrastructure.

1. Get Innovative Knowledge of Blockchain Technology

We cannot disagree with the fact that Blockchain technology is rapidly evolving and still there is a need for professionals who can carry out secure digital transactions and bring transparency. As blockchain is not only related to cryptocurrencies, it also aids in making a secure financial system. It is only possible when you have a cutting-edge skill set and blockchain certification helps build the latest skill set.

2. Leverages Skills to Implement Blockchain Infrastructure

Blockchain certification also helps the candidate gain proficiency in distributed ledger technology, DLT blockchain. The massive infrastructure of blockchain technology and the DLT system is also the reason why you should get these certifications. The certification is proof that the professional can implement blockchain infrastructure and integrate technology into the current systems and across various enterprises.

3. Future Proof and Growing Demand

Blockchain is the future of technology and one of the other significant benefits of taking a certification is the futuristic potential. According to recent statistics, around 3.77 million people are on the blockchain network. Moreover, many companies are using blockchain to ensure business communication and secure transactions with better security. The demand for these will continue to rise shortly and starting a career will benefit you both personally and professionally.

4. Flexibility and Easy Integration with Other Technologies

Blockchain technology is flexible and can easily integrate with other IoT technology which serve other reasons to gain these certifications. The blockchain certification aids candidates in exploring and gaining an understanding of using blockchain in commodities such as trading systems, real estate, and voting systems.

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Latest Job Trends and Salaries After Earning Blockchain Certification/Skill

The worth of any certification is incomplete unless it offers a variety of job opportunities with higher salaries. Blockchain certification surely brings enormous job opportunities making you reachable to several job titles with better salary ranges.

Step into the World of Job Opportunities in Large Corporate Giants

According to the latest survey, in past years blockchain emerged as the most valuable and in-demand skill. To achieve business goals effectively, organizations are hiring blockchain talent that has developed enough expertise. From the year 2017-20, blockchain demand escalated in many countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Germany. Furthermore, the demand has been rising away from the scope of conventional job roles such as architect, developer, and security, giving an edge to new roles and skills such as designing, marketing, and sales.

Most importantly, obtaining trending and best blockchain certification will help you enter into large corporate giants such as Microsoft, American Express, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Amazon, and Oracle. Other than that, you can get hired in top-notch job roles such as full-stack blockchain developer, architect, systems engineer, cloud engineer, cryptocurrency trader, and others

Salary Based on Job Title

After the lagging demand and market decline in 2018, the demand for blockchain developers rose 13% by 2019 and continues to grow till now. Today, certification or trending skills favorably increase opportunities for professionals in the revolutionary technology rift. If you have gained a blockchain certification, you will get the below top-notch job roles with greater salaries.

Job Titles Average Salary
Blockchain Developer $105,047
Blockchain Architect $114,763
Blockchain Administrator $84,000
Blockchain Project Manager $106,891
Blockchain UX Designer $107,500
Blockchain Quality Engineer $139,325
Blockchain Legal Consultant $112,190
Blockchain Analyst $93,450
Blockchain Engineer $70,483

Salary for Skill: Blockchain Technology

According to PayScale, if you have blockchain skills, your salary figures will be above the average of the candidates in the same job role

Job Titles Average Salary
Software Engineer $95,982
Senior Software Engineer $143,314
Software Developer $112,500
Lead Software Engineer $130,833
Principal Architect $148,109
Management Consultant $200,076
Security Architect $160,000
Solutions Architect $90,000

Final Words

On a concluding note, you can evidently observe that the need for blockchain professionals with cutting-edge skills is essential in the newly built blockchain technology landscape. The need can be fulfilled by pursuing blockchain certification as the top corporate giants are seeking and jumping toward professionals with such certification. Not only to fulfill the demand, gaining certification can bring so much value to your career, making it worthwhile. Therefore, having a certification can leverage the skills that you can implement in blockchain infrastructure while also giving you room to boost your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking of starting a career in blockchain technology, then certification can definitely give you a breakthrough. To understand the worth and value that blockchain certification brings, give a thorough read to this blog

So many certifications come into the best category. However, CEBP – Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional snatched the title of being the best blockchain certification. It is a professional credential for anyone who wants to gain expertise in blockchain technology and its landscape.

Undoubtedly, Yes! One of the main reasons anyone can pursue certification is that gives you the edge to step into the world of job opportunities. The certification demonstrates that you have built proficiency in managing, buying, and dealing with blockchain technology. It shows that you tend to achieve the business goal effectively.  With these certifications, you can get access to lucrative job roles.

Blockchain certification is important because it broadens your skills in blockchain technology. The certification makes you proficient in handling blockchain technology, tools, and platforms. It aids you in how to make a reliable, secure, and transparent financial blockchain ecosystem. In addition, the skill set you gain will get you noticed by various top organizations and hiring managers.



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