Why Informatica Professional Level Certifications Matter in Today’s Data-Driven World?

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Informatica – the most used data integration platform, offers a surplus of professional certifications to boost your data warehouse, cloud, and integration skills. Currently, this platform is used by almost 7,000 organizations all around the world and the ever-increasing demand of this platform requires professionals with greater Informatica skills and capabilities. 

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of Informatica professional certifications that are worth exploring and acquiring.

The Need for Informatica Professional Certifications

Before we dig deep into the Informatica professional certification, it is necessary to know why there is a need for such certifications. You must be aware that it is one of the leading and widely used integration platforms and to develop complete competency in this platform, you should have a know-how of how it works and its products. The certification exams measure knowledge and real-world deployment skills, guaranteeing that test takers/professionals know exactly how to deliver a successful project. Moreover, earning the certification is a sign of credibility and professionalism to the both organization and the employer.

Earning Informatica professional certification requires passing a rigorous exam that shows your devotion as well as strong knowledge. It also focuses on Informatica skills and capabilities while also enhancing your performance in implementing the platform products. The exams are developed by subject matter experts to enhance your competencies in role-based tasks to provide clear expectations of requirements.

Additionally, the Informatica professional certification gives you validation of a successful career journey and maximum return on your Informatica technology investment. Till now, you’re familiar with the need to have such certification, now let’s get straight into the thing you’re here for.

Available Informatica Professional Certification

Data Integration and Engineering Professional Certifications

Cloud Data Integration Developer R41, Professional Certification The exam measures your knowledge and skills of Informatica Cloud Data Integration Service including cloud architecture, data integration features, data synchronization, cloud mapping, data masking, mapplet and parameter concepts, Taskflows, cloud REST APIs, and intelligence structure model. This will also test your understanding of how to develop and handle exception and performance-tuning techniques.
PowerCenter Data Integration 10 Developer, Professional Certification The test demonstrates your skills in building PowerCenter objects on fundamental and advanced levels to make the best use of the designer, workflow manager, and workflow monitor tools. Moreover, the test also requires your ability to use transformations, build and operate workflows, and your competency to work as a part of the data integration team sideways.
PowerCenter Data Integration 10 Administrator, Professional Certification The certification exam measures your ability across installation and configuration, architecture, server maintenance, security, deployment, PowerCenter Repository management, web services, command line utilities, and Informatica Velocity best practices and implementation of such services and methodologies.
Data Engineering 10.2 Developer, Professional Certification This certification course examines your competency as a Developer using Data engineering basic concepts such as application services, Hadoop, complex life parsing, and the mechanics of integration using developer tools. It also tests your knowledge and information of Big Data streaming, mappings, Kafka, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

MDM and 360 Applications, Professional Certifications

Customer 360 SaaS R40 Developer, Professional Certification The exam measures your knowledge of Informatica Cloud customer 360 SaaS and your ability to customize, design, and build the data models necessary for your Cloud master data management project.
Product 360 SaaS R40 Developer, Professional Certification The professional certification accesses your knowledge in Informatica cloud product customer 360 by testing your skills in customizing, designing, implementing, and building the data models required to take out Data management projects efficiently along with managing Hierarchies and relationships, configuring data quality and survivorship rules, describing workflows, dealing reports and dashboards and onboarding item and category records through different process.
Supplier 360 SaaS R40 Developer, Professional Certification The certification course measures your ability in the Informatica cloud product supplier 360 SaaS along with various skills such as the above certification.
Master Data Management 10.4 Developer, Professional Certification The certification exam tests your skills as a member of the project implementation team. The exam tests your thorough understanding to explain and identify the MDM product architecture, and how to configure its basic features such as cleanse engine, match server, data governance tools, and workflows.
Master Data Management 10 Administrator, Professional Certification The exam will measure your ability as a Master Data Management Administrator and best practices in this field. To pass the exam, you must have skills and capabilities in installation and upgrade test and user environments, performance tuning, troubleshooting, batch processes, managing metadata, upgrade process, and security.
Product 360, Professional Certification The certification courses assess your accomplishment across Product 360 components. The main area of knowledge is placed on the Desktop and Web client and concepts such as onboarding data, data maintenance function, data quality, administration, and different user interfaces that interact with Product 360, standard and workflow tasks, CLAIRE accelerator, Service API, and Respiratory manager.

Data Governance and Catalog Professional Certifications

Axon Data Governance 7, Professional Certification This test assesses your ability to create and implement your Data Governance Strategy, as well as manage Axon's internal business configuration settings. It will assess your ability to navigate and use Axon's Searches, as well as your ability to work with inventories to create and connect related governance objects such as glossaries, systems, datasets, and attributes. Users must be able to use insight maps to visualize and expose the organization's impacts, relationships, dependencies, and duplication. It will also put your understanding of Axon integration with key Informatica products like EDC and Data Quality to the test.
Enterprise Data Catalog 10.5 Developer, Professional Certification This exam assesses your competency as an Enterprise Data Catalog Professional by putting your administrative skills to the test with questions about installing, configuring, and maintaining an Enterprise Data Catalog environment. Your knowledge also be tested as an end user on topics such as search, data lineage and impact, data annotation, attributes, and data domains, assessing your level of understanding of all the skills required to work with EDC.

Data Quality Professional Certification

Cloud Data Quality R1, Professional Certification This exam assesses your understanding of Informatica Cloud Data Quality as well as your ability to design and build your Data Quality Process for use in Data Migration, Data Integration, or Data Quality Projects. Cloud Architecture and GUI, Profiling, Data Quality Assets and Transformations, and using Cloud Mapping Designer to implement Data Quality measures and processes are among the areas that have been tested.
Data Quality 10 Developer, Professional Certification This test assesses your ability to work as part of a project implementation team. This necessitates a thorough understanding of data quality processes such as profiling, standardization, matching, and consolidation. You must choose and configure the appropriate Data Quality transformations, as well as create, debug, and execute Data Quality mappings, as well as integrate those mappings into Power Center if necessary.
Data Quality 10 Administrator, Professional Certification This test assesses your ability to install, configure, and administer the Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) Product (Client, Server, and Services), set up IDQ Domain Security (Users, Groups, and Privileges on IDQ Services), IDQ Connections, and prebuilt Content (Accelerators, Address Data, and Identity Populations), upgrade, monitor, and report.

How to Gain Informatica Professional Level Certification?

To obtain the Informatica Professional Level Certification, you must go through a specific process that includes preparation, registration, and passing the certification exam. Here are the general steps you need to encounter to gain the professional level certification:

1. Select the Certification

The first and essential step is to choose the certification that aligns with your career goals and expertise. You can see the list of professional certifications above and choose accordingly.

2. Review the Exam Details

Once you’ve decided on certification, go over the exam details, such as the exam format, number of questions, and certification topics. You can go to the Informatica official website to know everything about the exam. 

3. Meet the Prerequisites and Targeted Audience

Check the requirements of the certification and ensure that you are falling into the criteria of the intended audience. Fulfill the requirements and experience prerequisites (if any). To attain the professional level certification, Informatica offers in-demand and instructor-led training courses that are also the major prerequisites.

4. Prepare for the Exam

Prepare for the exam thoroughly by using a combination of resources. Informatica provides comprehensive documentation and user guides for their products. Get to know the product or platform for which you’re seeking certification. Enroll in training courses, and utilize Dumpsgate Informatica professional certifications exam dumps.

5. Register for the Exam

To register for the exam, go to the Informatica certification portal or an authorized certification provider. Pay the exam fee, which varies depending on certification level and location.

6. Take and Pass the Exam

Schedule the exam at your ease through the certification portal. During the exam, understand and respond to each question accurately. Solve the exam questions while keeping an eye on the clock.

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Informatica provides a variety of certification exams for various products and skill levels. The goal of Informatica Certified Professional (ICP) certification is to increase your expertise and advance your career. The blog has covered a variety of professional-level certifications, providing you with a thorough overview that will allow you to make an informed decision and select a certification that aligns with your goals. If you want to broaden your knowledge and experience in data integration, these certifications are the way to go.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The demand for professionals with data integration, data management, and analytics is constantly rising. The demand for these skills continues to rise because of the increasing importance of data in business decision-making. Informatica is well-known in the data management and integration industry. Working for a well-known and respected company can help you advance in your career. It is a good career option for professionals who are interested in data management, integration, governance, and data quality. Moreover, having a professional certification in this domain will take your career to the next level and help you get higher salary packages. 

The cost of Informatica certification varies with the certification level, exam cost of specific certification, geographical location, and the cost of resources you used to pass the exam. Read our blog on Informatica certification cost or visit the original website to know the exact cost. 

According to statistics for the current time, the average Informatica Developer salary is $92,855, with a salary range of $77,077 to $116,236. The salary also varies on different parameters such as experience, job title, certification level and type, and location.

The professional level certification, no doubt, is hard and challenging to obtain. But with the structured study approach and utilization of accurate and reliable resources can aid you in passing the exam without any difficulty. Informatica study guide, training courses (in-demand and instructor-led), and documentation are the primary resources that you can avail. Moreover, you can prepare thoroughly with our exam dumps which is the reason for the success of many aspirants. Read and answer each question carefully during the exam and ensure that you’re fully aware of the exam format and time constraints. Our exam dumps take care of individual learning needs and make you prepare according to the actual exam.



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