Breaking Down Informatica Certification Cost in the Current Year

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If you’re in the field of data management and data analytics, you must know about the giant data integration platform – Informatica. Besides providing top-notch services in data integration, it also provides various certifications. Informatica certifications have become a hallmark of data integration, cloud services, and data quality expertise. Moreover, having these certifications is essential to stay competitive and up-to-date with the latest technologies. Before you kick-start your journey to enhance your skills and career prospects, it is necessary to understand the cost requirement. 

In this blog, we’ll break down the cost of Informatica certifications, including exam fees, training options, and the potential return on investments. Before we sink into the cost, first explore the certifications.

Informatica Certifications

Informatica provides certification in two levels: foundational and professional.

Informatica Foundational Level Certification

The Informatica Foundation series offers training courses that build your fundamental skills and allow you to become certified in MDM SaaS, Informatica Data Management Cloud (IDMC), and Cloud Data Governance. You have to complete the series and pass the exam to gain the badge. 

The professional-level certifications are designed to measure your knowledge and real-world deployment skills. The purpose of these certifications is to ensure that professionals have the capabilities to deliver a successful project. To earn these certifications, you have to attend a required training course and pass a rigorous exam. The exam focuses on Informatica skills and abilities while also considering your performance outcome in implementing those skills. The Informatica Professional level certifications come into 4 categories:

Data Integration and Engineering MDM & 360 Applications Data Governance and Catalog Data Quality
Cloud Data Integration Developer R41, Professional Certification Customer 360 SaaS R40 Developer, Professional Certification Axon Data Governance 7, Professional Certification Cloud Data Quality R1, Professional Certification
PowerCenter Data Integration 10 Developer, Professional Certification Product 360 SaaS R40 Developer, Professional Certification Enterprise Data Catalog 10.5 Developer, Professional Certification Data Quality 10 Developer, Professional Certification
PowerCenter Data Integration 10 Administrator, Professional Certification Supplier 360 SaaS R40 Developer, Professional Certification Data Quality 10 Administrator, Professional Certification
Data Engineering 10.2 Developer, Professional Certification Master Data Management 10.4 Developer, Professional Certification
Master Data Management 10 Administrator, Professional Certification
Product 360, Professional Certification

Cost of Getting an Informatica Certification

Several costs add up in getting the Informatica certification. It includes training, exam fees, and various resources for exam preparation.

Training Cost 

  • According to the Informatica official website, each test is four training units. Each unit costs $84. The total cost of the Informatica certification training is $340.
  • The Informatica training cost is $340 in the United States.
  • The Informatica certification costs 23,800 in India.

Exam Fees

  • The exam attempt is included in the training cost. 
  • Each test purchase includes a no-cost second attempt.
  • No other discounts apply.

Exam Prep Resources Cost

Apart from this, there are cost exam prep resources that you have to avail for exam preparation. It depends on which exam resources you opt for and the cost also adds up in this way. However, if you’re looking for reasonable resources, get help from Informatica’s official resources and acquire Dumpsgate exam dumps. The dumps are the most economical and fall in everyone’s budget. The cost of dumps is somewhere between $28-$30.

Is the Informatica Certification Worth Your Investment?

Undoubtedly, the Informatica certifications are worth it because of the demand of the Informatica platform. First, it is a widely used integration platform and its demand is rising globally across various organizations. With the growth of big data and the need for effective data management, the demand for Informatica professionals is on the rise. As there are a lot of professionals in this field, it is essential to obtain the latest skills to stand out in the competition. Certification is the way!

1. Upskilling in Data Integration

If you want to build expertise in data management, data analytics, data integration, data governance, and data quality, these certifications are the best way. The certification includes training courses as a prerequisite, which is an effective way of implementing knowledge-based skills in the real-world scenario.

2. Sense of Accomplishment

Getting in-demand certification by passing a rigorous exam always puts in a sense of acknowledgment and accomplishment. The certification demonstrates that you have gone through the hardcore training and you have achieved proficiency in Informatica, thus giving you a sense of achievement. Moreover, this certification proves that the candidate has an eagerness to remain up to date with the latest technology and practice which shows professional credibility.

3. Better Jobs and Salary Prospects

Developing competencies in the latest technology and domains will lead you to get better salaries and job prospects. Informatica certification gives you a direction to uplift your career. Foundational certification sets a bar for entry-level professionals and builds confidence in them to pursue a career in big data. Moreover, professional-level certification leads you to gain top-notch positions and a benchmark for other peers. The average salary for the Informatica certified professional (ICP) in the United States is $96,000.

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Top Job Tiles for Informatica Certified Professionals Along with Average Salaries

The following statistics are derived from the PayScale.

Job Titles Average Salary
Informatica Developer $90,686
Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Lead $94,380
Sr. Software Engineer/ Developer/ Programmer $117,254
Software Engineer $62,487
Data Engineer $128,324
Data Management Analyst $92,823
Integration Engineer $77,000
Business Intelligence Architect $125,178

You can clearly see that the salary for the Informatica Certified Professional somewhere falls as low as $77,000 and as high as $128,324.

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In conclusion, investing in the Informatica certification is valuable as it is an irreplaceable step toward a rewarding career in data management and analytics. While the costs may vary depending on the path you choose and the location from where you’re getting the certification, the knowledge, and expertise you will gain are truly priceless. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of Informatica certification training depends on the location and the training provider you opt for. Moreover, it also depends on how many attempts you take to pass because for every attempt you have to pay for the same exam cost. To check out the complete exam cost, read this blog and for more details go to the official website. 

Several vendors offer free training courses that can help you learn the basics of the platform. To get into the nitty-gritty, you have to take the certifications. To earn certification, you have to pay the costs that are linked with it.



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