Specialize the Routing & Switching Skills With Huawei H12-211 Exam

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For all aspirants who want to make a career in IT networking with a major focus on routing and switching, the HCIA H12-211 exam is most suitable. This exam would help you gain the skills required to configure and manage small-sized enterprise networks. Certified HCIA-Routing and switching candidates are able to combine voice, cloud, wireless, security and storage technologies to build up a networking system in all enterprises ranging from small to medium sizes. 

Only a few exam providers offer certifications in Routing and Switching. Huawei is one of those countable certification providers to offer this opportunity. The H12-211 exam is a golden ticket for IT seekers to master skills in basic network construction, network fundamentals, basic connection methods of famous networks, troubleshooting common network faults, and installing and managing Huawei routing and switching devices. 

Exam Overview

Exam name: HCIA Routing and Switching

Exam code: H12-211

Version: V2.5

Exam time: 90 minutes 

Number of questions: 60 

Type of questions: Multiple-choice and single-choice questions 

Validity: 3 years 

Exam cost: $200

Languages: Chinese Simplified, English, Spanish Modern, French, Russia

Passing score: 600/1000

Course Outline Of Huawei H12-211 Exam

Domains Percentage
IP Network Principles 12%
LAN Technologies 24%
WAN Technologies 5%
Routing Technologies 21%
Network Security 5%
Network Management 5%
Network Management 5%
IPv6 Networks 25%
MPLS and Segment Routing 3%
  1. IP Network Principles

 1.1 Ethernet and IP based data forwarding processes.

 1.2 TCP/IP network protocols and data encapsulation.

 1.3 VRP commands for basic navigation and configuration.

1.4 IPv4 addressing principles, address design and subnetting. 

1.5 TCP/IP supporting applications such as Ping, Tracert, FTP, and Telnet.

  1. LAN Technologies 

2.1 LAN switching operations.

 2.2 Link Aggregation application and configuration. 

2.3 VLAN principle, application and configuration.

 2.4 STP and RSTP switching behavior, application and configuration.

  1. WAN Technologies 

3.1 Principles and application of serial technologies in wide area networks. 

3.2 HDLC and PPP encapsulation principles and configuration. 

3.3 PPPoE implementation at the customer edge.

  1. Routing Technologies 

4.1 Static and dynamic routing principles, 

4.2 OSPF dynamic routing protocol function and implementation in VRP 

  1. Network Security 

5.1 Traffic Filtering technologies and their application in the enterprise network 

5.2 User management through authentication and authorization schemes. 

5.3 IPsec VPN technologies for protecting user data. 

5.4 How network security is ensured by using network security technologies and firewalls.

  1. Network Management 

6.1 Network Management protocols and technologies. 

  1. IPv6 Networks 

7.1 IPv6 principles and technologies. 

7.2 IPv6 routing technologies. 

7.3 Application services for IPv6 networks.

  1. MPLS and Segment Routing 

8.1 MPLS basic principles 

8.2 Segment routing basic principles

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What is the Target Audience of the H12-211 Exam?

The H12-211 exam is designed for the following: 

  • ICT professionals or students interested in datacom network technologies. HCIA-Routing & Switching is intended for the development of networking professionals who possess basic knowledge and skills in enterprise networks.
  • The certification focuses on technologies involved in small-sized enterprise networks.
  • Engineers that are HCIA-Routing & Switching certified have a basic understanding of the general technologies used in small-to-medium-sized enterprise networks, as well as basic network design skills.

What are the Learning Objectives of the H12-211 Exam?

You would acquire the skills in the following domains by taking the Huawei H12-211 exam:

  • The HCIA-Routing & Switching V2.5 exam covers basic IP network connectivity
  • TCP/IP technologies
  • Ethernet technologies such as STP and RSTP
  • VLAN and Link Aggregation and their implementation within Huawei switches
  • Routing principles and OSPF routing protocol for IPv4 and IPv6 networks
  • WAN technologies
  • IP based security
  • network management 
  • IPv4 and IPv6 based application services
  • MPLS and SR principles


What is the Worth of Taking the Huawei H12-211 Exam?

The worth of the Huawei Routing and Switching H12-211 exam is evident from the fact that the job roles offered to these candidates are diverse. Moreover, the salary offered to them is also high. Let’s discuss it in detail. 

Job roles offered 

  • Network Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Network Data Engineer
  • Network Security Analyst
  • Network Security Associate
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Field Technician

Salary offered 

The average salary offered to a Routing and Switching professional starts from $60,000 and can reach $140,000 per annum. The average salary lies around $100,000 per year. 

Perks and advantages 

Following are some great advantages of taking the H12-211 exam:

  • Learn the extensive skills of routing and switching 
  • Candidates have seen a 40% boost in their salary by earning Huawei Advanced Data Engineer certification 
  • Companies greatly prefer professionals who have routing and switching certifications to prove the skill that they claim. 

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What is the Most Effective Method to Prepare for the H12-211 Exam?

The best preparation technique to prepare for the H12-211 exam has been simplified in the following steps:

  • Study the guide 

The first and foremost thing is to study the course guide for the H12-211 exam. It would give you an idea of the topics that you need to prepare for taking the exam. 

  • Prepare the course 

For course preparation, you can refer to the preparation material available on the Huawei training. There are two methods for course preparation to choose from. They are given below:

Online training 

You can prepare from the online lectures and the study material available online.

Classroom training

You can choose to study with a trainer. A trainer-led course is useful if you want to study under the guidance of a trainer. 

  • Take the Lab training 

The lab course is important as it gives a clear, practical demonstration of your concepts. 

  • Take a mock test 

Taking a mock test would enable you to know your weak points. You would get a chance to fill your preparation gap. 

  • Register for the H12-211 exam 

Once you are done with your preparation, it’s time to schedule your exam. Take your exam and download your certificate.

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How to Register for the HCIA Routing and Switching exam?

To register yourself for the HCIA-Routing & Switching (H12-211) examination, follow the following steps:

  1. Create an account on Pearson VUE. You can login to the Pearson VUE using your Huawei account.
  2. Select the Proctored Exams option and enter the exam name (H12-211).
  3. Fill in the required information to register and make the payment.  Pearson VUE has testing facilities in major cities worldwide.

To Sum Up

To conclude, the HCIA Routing and Switching exam offered by Huawei is the most recommended exam for IT professionals who want to specialize in this particular domain. The course of this certification is highly diverse and classified to make it certain that the candidate can acquire all the required knowledge. For this reason, it is greatly advised by the routing and switching professionals to take the Huawei routing and switching associate certification. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot take the H12-211 at home. Huawei HCIA Routing and Switching exam can only be taken onsite. Pearson VUE exams are held in testing centers of major cities of the world.

Huawei provides only e-Certs (except for the HCIE). To download a Huawei e-Cert, visit User Center.

Retake exams can only be scheduled at least 7 calendar days after a failed exam or 30 calendar days after a passed exam.

Huawei H12-211 exam is an easy-to-go exam if you have gained hands-on knowledge of the exam contents. You would be able to pass the exam easily by gaining the concepts from reliable study sources.



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