Highest Paying Jobs in the World Per Month in 2024

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We have heard all across our lives that “money can’t buy happiness”. A lot would agree on this but at the same time, a lot hasn’t been in favor of this ideology. If you want to have any luxury in life, you must have money. A financially comfortable and stable profession is a dream of many and taking measures to earn millions to reach that level isn’t being money-orientated. In the continuously changing landscape of global employment, the hunt for financial success often leads individuals to seek out the highest-paying jobs available. As we step into the year 2024, the professional world continues to witness shifts in demand and remuneration. If you’re the one finding lucrative career paths and exploring top-paying jobs to climb the corporate ladder, you’re at the right place. 

Whether you’re exploring a career path to pursue or curious about the most lucrative fields that promise substantial monthly incomes, this blog will shed light on the highest-paying jobs in the world per month in 2024. If you’re ambitious and inquisitive about it, keep reading below!

Highest Paying Job Sector/Industries

We have listed the highest-paying jobs by the industry they fall in. The highest-paying job sectors worldwide are:

  • Information Technology 
  • Healthcare/ Medical 
  • Banking and Finance 
  • Human Resources

Highest Paying Jobs in Information Technology

Information Technology is one of the fastest-growing fields all across the world. It has rooted its flags almost everywhere and that’s why today the world is a technology-driven place. Most of the individuals strive to start a career in tech because of the demand and remuneration benefits. It also opens a wide array of domains to step into and make a way to fulfill your career aspirations. If you’re a young professional or freshly graduated you can opt for several domains such as AML, DevOps, Data Science, and Developer. We have gathered some of the highest-paying jobs in the IT sector per month as well as annually so that you can make an informed decision and start working towards it.

1. Data Scientist - $99,710

In the data-driven world, managing databases is crucial. Data Science has proven to be a lucrative field because of the substantial demand for big data. Data from the research indicated that the growth rate of data science will increase up to 38% between 2021 to 2031. As a data scientist, your main responsibility is to extract important and actionable insights from unstructured databases using statistical analysis and machine learning. So, if you’re interested in exploring big data, data science is your way to go. 

Educational Requirement: To enter into the field of data science, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or other related field. You must be proficient in programming and machine learning, statistical, and data analysis. Moreover, for upskilling and career advancement, you can opt for different certifications.

Statistical Viewpoint: According to PayScale, the average salary of data scientists ranges between $71k – $138k.

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2. Senior Software Engineer - $125,967

Software engineers and developers are on the rise. If you are a tech geek who loves to code, you will find enormous worthwhile opportunities in the field of software development/engineering. A senior software engineer is a highly skilled professional who develops, designs, operates, and debug well-articulated software systems. 

Educational Requirement: Entering this field, requires you to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, or engineering and a background in web development. You must have knowledge and familiarity with web coding such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Statistical Viewpoint: According to PayScale, the average salary of a Senior Software engineer falls between $96k to $178k.

3. Cybersecurity Engineer/Expert - $101,679

The dynamic landscape of tech also increased the cyber-attacks to unprecedented levels. In a world where cyber-attacks are increasing predominately, it is crucial to combat these attacks to safeguard organizational data. Cybersecurity experts or engineers do that. These professionals do vulnerability assessments, protect organizations’ security systems, and implement solutions before hackers try to breach important data. Being a challenging and competitive job, it is also considered one of the highest-paying jobs.

Educational Requirement: You must have a strong educational background in computer science or any cybersecurity field. 

Statistical Viewpoint: According to the PayScale, the salary of a cybersecurity engineer falls between $125,967.

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4. DevOps Engineer - $104,232

The DevOps engineer acts as a bridge between coding and engineering. The DevOps engineers are responsible for the production and ongoing maintenance of a website platform. They also manage cloud infrastructure and system administration and work with teams to identify and repair issues. They cross-functionally work with software engineers, project managers, and executives to fulfill the business requirement. 

Educational Requirement: A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is generally required for this position. Moreover, you must have expertise in at least two of the following: CSS, HTTP, SSL, HTML, Java, Linux, AWS, DNS, and NoSQL technologies.

Statistical Viewpoint: According to PayScale, the average salary for the DevOps engineer is $104,232. The typical range falls between $70k – $158k.

5. Product Manager - $105,325

The product manager plays a significant role in managing deadlines and meeting client goals. Product managers for software are responsible for managing software product development. They are responsible for streamlining the product and meeting with the prospective customer to make sure that the software product meets their requirement, listen to their feedback, and help the team to incorporate it into the future version. They are in charge of optimizing the development process and helping organizations build a business span to execute their software programs. 

Educational Requirement: This position requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. For managerial positions, you must have industry-recognized certification in the field of product/project management. Moreover, you should also be proficient in more than one programming language.

Statistical Viewpoint: The product manager is one of the highest paying jobs with the average salary ranging from $74k – $152k, according to PayScale.

Highest Paying IT Jobs in the World Per Month in 2024

For your ease, we have categorized the salaries of the highest-paying IT jobs per month in different countries. The statistics are collected from ZipRecruiter and talent.com.

IT Jobs United States Canada India United Kingdom Australia
Data Scientist $10,228 $12,143 ₹2.1L £4,760 $9,865
Senior Software Engineer $12,350 $12,625 ₹1.8L £4,796 $11,842
Cybersecurity Engineer $10,250 $10,350 ₹41.7k £4,583 $10,625
DevOps Engineer $10,586 $12,661 ₹62.5k £5,667 <span style="color: #000000;"$11,667
Product Manager $12,808 $12,306 ₹1.7L £4,475 $11,477

Top Paying Jobs in the Health/Medical Sector

Health care or the medical industry is one of the most prestigious and highest-paying sectors all around the world. Physicians often earn salaries well into the six figures which may counterbalance the cost of education. A career in medicine requires extensive study and schooling, but the salary is rewarding and generally offsets the financial commitment. Here, we dig into the most highly paid professions in the world per month in 2024 in the medical sector.

1. Neurosurgery - $438,072

Neurosurgeons diagnose and treat conditions that affect the nervous system and cause impaired activities due to brain, spinal cord, and nerve injury. 

Educational Requirement: You have a Bachelor’s degree and, a medical doctorate with a surgical specialization to become a Neurosurgeon. 

Statistical Viewpoint: On average, the neurosurgeon earns a salary ranging between $150k – $795k, according to PayScale.

2. Cardiothoracic Surgeons - $517,600

Thoracic Surgeons, sometimes referred to as cardiothoracic surgeons are responsible for treating patients affected with thorax or chest region. They treat conditions affecting the heart, lungs, ribs, and esophagus.  

Educational Requirement: A medical degree in cardiology specializing in cardiothoracic surgery is essential for working in this position.

Statistical Viewpoint: On average, the cardiothoracic earns a salary ranging between $114k – and $778k, according to PayScale

3. General Physicians - $227,290

The main task of a general physician/doctor is to diagnose and assist patients with routine checkups and examinations. It is also responsible for collecting, recording, and maintaining patient reports and also suggests basic-level prescribed treatments.

Educational Requirement: You must have an MBBS degree to become a Doctor. Moreover, to advance a career, you have to earn specialization in your area of interest such as neurology, cardiology, radiology, and many more. 

Statistical Viewpoint: The average salary for a Physician / Doctor in general Practice is $177,585 to $282, 247, according to PayScale. As you move forward with specialized education, your salary goes upward according to that field.

4. Plastic Surgery - $431,252

Plastic surgeons are one of the most highly paid worldwide in the world of perfection. A plastic surgeon specializes in surgically repairing or enhancing the body. They treat people with severe injuries or congenital abnormalities. A plastic surgeon also performs procedures and treatments to change physical features. 

Educational Requirement: Bachelor’s degree, medical degree with a surgical specialization. 

Statistical Viewpoint: The average plastic surgeon earns around $107k – $606k per year, according to PayScale.

5. Orthopedic Surgery - $534,150

The Orthopedic surgeon specializes in diagnosing and treating issues of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. They perform surgery to address trauma, tumors, injuries, infections, and other conditions requiring surgical interventions. 

Educational Requirement: To become an orthopedic surgeon you must obtain an undergraduate degree before attending an accredited medical school.  After getting into medical school, you have to complete a five-year residency program, which subsequently requires you to specialize in a specific area such as pediatrics or sports medicine. 

Statistical Viewpoint: The salary of an orthopedic surgeon falls between $145k – $684 and varies with many factors such as experience, geographical location, and experience.

Highest Paying Medical Jobs in the World Per Month in 2024

The following statistics are taken from talent.com, Payscale, and ZipRecruiter.  

Medical Jobs United States Canada India United Kingdom Australia
Neurosurgeon $24,297 C$30,654 ₹2.6L £5,470 $32,708
General Physician $30,133 C$23,958 ₹71.4L £4,583 $15,842
General Physician $10,250 $10,350 ₹41.7L £4,583 $15,625
Plastic Surgeon $16,586 C$12,661 ₹62.5k £5,667 $15,667
Orthopedic Surgeon $27,435 C$32,479 ₹1.7L £4,475 $15,477

Top Paying Jobs in the Banking/Finance Sector

If we are talking about highest highest-paying jobs, how can we overlook the banking sector? Finance is the backbone of every business and pursuing a career in this sector is always reward paying. From CFO to financial manager, we have targeted 4 highest paying jobs in the banking profession in the world in 2024. 

1. Chief Financial Officer CFO - $147,415

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for managing all the finance operations occurring in the company and its departments. From overseeing all the transactions occurring in a company to checking departments that are involved in purchasing, tax, investments, debt management, and accounts payable/receivable, a CFO records all such in databases. 

Educational Requirement: Generally, a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting is required with plenty of work experience. 

Statistical Viewpoint: Payscale suggests an average salary for a CFO as $147,415 with an entry-level salary starting at $97,005 and an experience level at $239,000.

2. Chief Executive Officer CEO - $163,843

A CEO oversees a whole company and is in charge of carrying out all business-related executive decisions. The responsibilities of the CEO vary depending on the type of organization because each organization has different roles to offer. While the spectrum of CEO duties is very big, we have outlined some important roles such as guiding, leading, formulating strategic business plans, and evaluating job performances of higher positions such as the president and vice president. 

Educational Requirement: The CEO position often requires at least a bachelor’s degree in finance and extensive business and industry experience. 

Statistical Viewpoint: According to the CFO, the average salary of a CEO falls in the range of $100,747 to $197,541 depending upon the experience level and other demographics such as location and company, etc.

3. Hedge Fund Manager - $145,816

The hedge fund professional makes out the most money even at the start of their career. A hedge fund manager is a person who is responsible for planning out the investment strategies for the investment. The hedge fund manager makes the final decision on which investment to pursue and how dynamically to pursue them.  

Educational Requirement: Hedge fund managers typically have a minimum bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field, although many employers prefer a master’s degree. 

Statistical Viewpoint: The typical salary range of hedge fund managers lies between $101,949 to 325,000 with the average salary curve falling at $141,816.

4. Finance Manager - $100,176

The finance manager is one of the most renowned job positions in the finance/banking industry. The job roles for a finance manager include developing and monitoring department budgets. They work with other managers and employees to establish the company’s budget. Mainly, the financial manager is concerned with tracking down all the expenses, drawing a budget, and asking for clarification from other managers about the departmental expenses if the expenses are surpassed. 

Educational Requirement: A typical educational requirement includes a bachelor’s degree in finance, management, accounting, business admiration, or other relevant field. Some companies prefer candidates with certifications and an MBA. 

Statistical Viewpoint: Payscale shows the salary curve as low as $64,665 and as high as $107,372. The data from responses also suggested that the salary goes down for employees with 20+ years of experience.

Highest Paying Banking and Finance Jobs in the World Per Month in 2024

The following data is taken from Payscale, talent.com, and ZipRecruiter. 

Finance Jobs United States Canada India United Kingdom Australia
Chief Financial Officer $12,500 C$11,289 ₹3.9L £5,000 $14,220
Chief Executive Officer $10,798 C$11,625 ₹4.3L £3,125 $10,000
Hedge Fund Manager $7,793 C$10,350 ₹1L £6,522 $11,667
Finance Manager $10,360 C$9,780 ₹1.5L £3,958 $11,074

Top Paying Jobs in Human Resources

Human Resources, though comprised of two words, encompasses a multitude of rewarding job types and titles. It’s not surprising to find that HR is a promising career path. Here, we present some top-notch and highest-paying HR jobs in the world per month in 2024 for your consideration

1. HR Manager – 73,450

A human resource manager is responsible for managing all the HR tasks including recruiting, making policies and procedures, training, payrolls, benefits, and compliance relating to employees for their organization. 

Educational Requirement: The minimum educational requirement for this role includes a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field with good experience in human resources. 

Statistical Viewpoint: The salary figures of HR managers fall between $56,771 to $81,095. The figures continue to increase as your experience and skills grow.

2. HR Director - $94,829

Human resource directors have several roles and duties in an organization. From managing complaints from employees to recruitment, compensations, benefits, employee relations, and budget development of the HR program, the HR director is responsible for all such roles. They also oversee hiring, coaching, salary and benefits, team building, and business planning. 

Educational Requirement: Working in this field, requires you to have a master’s degree in human resources or business administration. Having a certification and experience is a plus for getting a quick job. 

Statistical Viewpoint: Payscale shows the average salary range of a human resource director from $59,771 to $107,212 depending upon the experience level.

3. Chief Human Resources Officer - $126,230

A chief human resources officer is a most senior-level HR job. A CHRO usually oversees an organization’s HR management, employee relations policies, procedures, and operations. 

Educational Requirement: A bachelor’s degree preferably a master’s degree in a relevant field required for this position. Moreover, you must have 8-10 years of experience in human resources to get hired for this position. 

Statistical Viewpoint: Payscale sees the salary of the Chief human resources as low as $112,315 and as high as $174,275.

Highest Paying Human Resources Jobs in the World Per Month in 2024

The following table shows the average salary of highest highest-paying HR jobs in the world per month.

Finance Jobs United States Canada India United Kingdom Australia
HR Manager $6,796 C$8,762 ₹5k £3,542 $10,833
HR Director $9,716 C$10,881 ₹1.0L £5,833 £5,833
Chief Human Resources Officer $10,765 C$5,372 C$5,372 ₹1.0L £5,900

The Bottom Line

The job market in 2024 presents a dynamic range of opportunities, fueled by remarkable advancements in various industries such as technology, healthcare, finance, and human resources. We’ve identified the highest-paying jobs in the world per month in 2024 in each sector that provide not only substantial financial rewards but also a platform to showcase expertise and drive innovation. If you aspire to contribute to impactful endeavors and seek career growth, explore these top-paying jobs that align with your ambitions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Numerous jobs come under the “tag” of highest paying jobs in the world per month. The blog has covered the highest-paying job in the world per month in 2024. Some of the popular jobs include CEO, Surgeon, Data Scientist, Software Developer, and many more. If you want to discover all the highest-paying jobs targeting specific industries, give this blog a read. 



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