Google Cloud Certification Latest Exam Cost- 2024

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Google Cloud certifications are recognized globally and are considered to be the most in-demand certifications currently. Google Cloud certification is an official Google Cloud platform that attests to your technical skills in the context of a specific Google Cloud platform job description. These credentials are definitely worth their cost as they provide strong earning potentials and job opportunities. This article gives you an overview of google cloud certifications path and cost. 

Google Cloud Certifications

Google Cloud certifications will validate your expertise and skills in transforming businesses with google cloud technologies. The Google Cloud certifications come in three levels:

  • Foundational/Entry
  • Associate
  • Professional

These certification examinations do not have to be taken in any particular order. Depending on the candidate’s level of expertise, preparation, and experience, the Professional certification may be obtained without first completing the associate or foundational certification.

Overview of Google Cloud Certification Cost- Foundational to Professional

1- Foundational/ Entry Level

The foundational certification will validate your general understanding of cloud concepts as well as Google Cloud’s products, services, tools, features, benefits, and use cases. No technical prerequisites are required at this level but it is encouraged to have experience collaborating with specialized professionals. The foundational google cloud certification “Google Cloud Leader” cost is $99 USD.

2- Associate Level

The associate-level certifications cover advanced knowledge and skills and go beyond fundamental skills. It verifies the core skills required to deploy and manage cloud projects. The intended candidates should have:

  • basic understanding of Google Cloud
  • prior expertise with cloud application deployment and monitoring operations
  • management experience with cloud enterprise solutions
  • 6+ months of hands-on experience with Google Cloud

Associate Cloud Engineer Cost $125 USD (Plus tax) in All regions.

3- Professional Level

Google cloud professional-level certifications are the highest and most advanced cloud certifications. These credentials examine essential technical job functions and advanced skills in Google Cloud product design, implementation, and management. It is recommended that the candidate has at least three years of experience in the cloud sector and at least one year of working experience in Google cloud before selecting for this. Moreover, candidates should also have:

  • extensive experience setting up cloud environments for businesses.
  • prior experience implementing services and solutions depending on the company’s need

Google offers 9 Certifications for the professional level, and all professional-level credentials cost $200 USD plus tax in all regions. Below is the list of the latest Professional level certifications.

Why become certified in google cloud?

Advanced your Cloud Skills

Google Cloud certifications will validate strong cloud skills. It will enhance your cloud knowledge and expertise. After achieving google cloud certifications, 87% of users report increased confidence in their cloud skills.

Become a Leader

The Google cloud certifications enable you to get professional and innovative skills. Almost, more than one-quarter (1 out 4) of Google Cloud-certified candidates earn more responsibility or leadership roles on the job.

Highest Paying Certifications

Besides, building strong expertise and understanding of cloud skills, these certifications also lead you to get the highest-paying job roles in top firms. Google Cloud credentials are estimated to be among the highest-paying IT certifications in the current year. 


Ultimately, Google Cloud certification can provide you with a competitive advantage in the cloud industry. If you want to design or manage cloud-based applications and services, Google Cloud certification could be for you. It will build strong expertise in a cloud environment. Moreover, it will lead you to get lucrative salary packages.

It is a challenging exam that demands extensive knowledge and experience with Google Cloud products and services. You will fail the exam if you don’t study properly and thoroughly. So, you need to have a complete understanding of the certification exam domain to pass the exam.

Google Cloud Digital Leaders are among the highest-paid cloud workers, earning between $130,000 and $200,000.

Senior Solutions Architects make an average of $141,000 per year, making it the best-paying career. With an average income of $135,000, the role of a cloud architect is also rather rewarding.

A cloud data engineer’s typical pay in the United States is $100,950, £55,000 in the UK, and $120,000 in Australia.

All professional google cloud certifications cost $200 which is equivalent to approximately 17,000 INR.

All Professional Google Cloud certificates are valid for two years after the date of certification. The Cloud Digital Leader and Associate Cloud Engineer credentials are valid for three years from the date of certification.

Google Cloud is popular among businesses since it provides numerous advantages to cloud users. If cost is an issue, Google Cloud is the superior option. Azure provides enormous versatility. For a more detailed review read the in-depth comparison of AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud

In comparison to most others Professional Google Cloud Architect, is among the most valuable qualifications and the top Google Cloud certification, particularly for anyone wishing to pursue a career as a Cloud Architect and want to earn more.



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