Entry-Level Data Analyst Salary across the World-2024 Updated

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Data analysis is a vast domain. Many IT aspirants chose to opt for this field because of its rising demand. It is the second emerging industry in the technological world. You might also be wondering about the salary of a data analyst. This blog covers information about the salary of an entry-level data analyst based on the location, job roles and industry. Different recruiting sites provide different salary figures, so an average has been taken to provide you with the nearest correct figures for the salary. This blog uses all the data from the recent salary figures updated in 2024.

What is the Salary Range of an Entry-level Data Analyst?

The yearly salary of an entry-level data analyst ranges from $64,284 to $81,120. The average salary is $72,925. This salary is much more satisfying for an entry-level data analyst who does not have much working experience. With more experience, your salary gets higher.

How Much Experience Does an Entry-Level Data Analyst Have?

An entry-level data analyst has 0-2 years of working experience. The analyst is someone who has recently completed an education by earning a degree or a certification. Their expected salary is usually lower than that of experienced data analysts.

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A Review of Major Sites Entry-Level Data Analyst Salary

To simplify the research for you, we have gathered the salary of an entry-level data analyst from the major recruiting sites. 

What Factors Affect the Salary Of An Entry Level Data Analyst?

The following are the factors that affect the salary of an entry-level data analyst:

Salary based on Location

The location has a great impact on the salary of an entry-level data analyst. Some regions pay more than others because these regions have higher IT demand. Following is a detailed overview of the least salary, median salary, and the highest salary in the major regions of the world.

Entry-Level Data Analyst in Germany

Entry-Level Data Analyst in United States

Entry- Level Data Analyst Salary in Australia

Entry-level Data Analyst in United Kingdom

Entry-Level Data Analyst Salary in New Zealand

Salary of an Entry-Level Data Analyst United Arab Emirates

Entry-level Data Analyst Salary in South Africa

Entry-level Data analyst Salary in India

Salaries Based on the Job Roles

The salary of an entry-level data analyst varies with the job roles and the working industry. The following is a detailed illustration of the relationship between the roles and the salaries. 

  • Machine Learning Engineer: $77,292
  • Data Engineer: $74,530
  • Systems Engineer: $60,428 
  • Operations Analyst: $56,536
  • Marketing analyst: $57,956
  • Business intelligence (BI) analyst: $63,537

Salaries Based on Industry

  • Healthcare: $68,131
  • Technology: $72,521
  • Finance: $70,278
  • Industry: $71,192

How Can Entry-Level Data Analysts Make High Income?

If you are an entry-level data analyst, you can make a high income by using the following ways. 

  • Earn valid certifications 

Earing valid and recognized certifications have a great impact on the salary. Recruiters are highly impressed by their good educational background. 

  • Get More Exposure

Working on a variety of projects can help you have more earning prospects. As an entry-level data analyst, you can apply to work under an experienced data analyst. 

  • Groom Your Skills 

Data Analysts can get a chance to upgrade their salary by grooming their skills. Learning and testing the concepts is an effective method to furnish the skills. 

  • Work and Learn  

The most important tip is to keep working and never quit. Working with dedication is essential if you wish to get the desired output. 

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Future of Data Analyst

The first question that comes to the mind of an entry-level data analyst is what is the future and scope of data analysis. It is interesting to know that this field has a wide future. After gaining the entry-level data analyst certification, you can take expert-level credentials.  This means that, ultimately, you can get very high salaries. They have elevated chances of landing a lucrative job position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, data analyst certification is tricky. If you are new to this field, you may find it harder. However, prior experience and advanced skills can help you ace the field.

1. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

2. IBM Data Analyst Professional certificate

3. Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate

4. AWS Certified Data Analytics

5. SAS Statistical Business Analyst Professional Certificate

You can find multiple lectures and videos available online to prepare data analysis certifications. For exam practice, Dumpsgate is the most reliable and authentic source.

Both the degree and certification are useful to start your career in data analysis. Some people prefer a degree, while others choose the certifications. Certifications provide quick learning topics at the pace of a learner. Reliable certifications are good for data analysis aspirants.

Yes, anyone can take the data analysis certification. It does not have prerequisites. Thousands of candidates choose data analysis as their career owing to its emerging demand. Secondly, you do not need a degree to learn the skills. Certifications are useful in this regard.

Yes- Python, R, and SQL are useful for learning data analysis. Even if you don’t have prior coding knowledge you can enter this field.



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