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Exam Format and Details

This exam is for those who have a comprehensive understanding of Tableau Server functionality in a single-machine environment and approximately 4-6 months of experience. Typical roles include System Administrator or Consultant.

  • Question Format: Application Mastery, Hands-on, Short Essay
  • Time Set: 7 hours
  • Fee: $250 USD.
  • Grading: Pass or Fail (grading by committee)
  • Language(s) Offered: English

Practical experience is required for success on this test. There’ll be a wide range of question formats used. You will be given an internet case and tasked with designing a system that meets the needs of the situations users optimally in terms of capability and efficiency. This will be in writing, and a thorough justification is required.

You’ll be given a case with certain constraints and some limited network access. After the allotted time has elapsed, your setup will be reviewed by the evaluation committee to ensure it conforms to all standards and Tableau Server best practices. You will be asked to produce files and other materials similar to those you might encounter in regular Tableau Server usage as part of the practical test.

Who needs to take the test?

Candidates for the Tableau Server Certified Associate exam should have an in-depth familiarity with Tableau Server’s capabilities in both standalone and corporate settings.

You may work as:

  • Manager of Computer Systems
  • Expert in designing and implementing complex computer systems
  • Spokesman for Information Technology
  • Application developer or Tableau Server Consultant if you already hold the Associate certification.

Exam Prerequisites

This credential can help you advance your career and earn higher pay, but only if you meet the requirements of being an active Tableau Server Certified Associate and have a good understanding of the several ways in which Tableau may be used. Additionally, you should have used Tableau Server for a minimum of nine months.

Course Outline

Exam objectives for the Tableau Server Certified Associate include the following:

D1 – Architecture & Planning


  • Determine the various parts of the customer. 
  • Find the parts of the server. 
  • Learn optimal Tableau scalability and setup methods. 
  • Plan the Tableau Server setup with consideration for existing infrastructure and user needs.

D2 – Preparation


  • Find out which version of Tableau Server is currently installed. 
  • The most recent version of Tableau Server should be downloaded. 
  • Get the latest information on Tableau Server updates. 
  • Consult Tableau Online Help for setup and configuration information.

Needed Hardware

  • System Memory Must Be Sufficient. 
  • Memory and CPU Requirements. 
  • Needs a hard disk. 
  • Tableau’s online help system has some access restrictions.

Specs for the Software

  • Indicate which OSes are compatible with your product. 
  • Remember that some browsers have certain needs. 
  • Find the Outgoing Mail Server. 
  • Defend the need for a dedicated server and list its advantages. 
  • Keep in mind the concerns with virus protection. 
  • It’s important to be aware of how necessary applications or server machines may clash with one another in terms of port setups. 
  • Tableau Online Help is a great resource for learning about the necessary software.

Get to User Licensing

  • Defend the concept of user licensing. 
  • Use and maintain any licensing key. 
  • Carry out the measures for offline activation.

Procedure Setup

  • Define the role of Tableau Services Manager and Tableau Server in the overall system. 
  • Check to see whether a program is active. 
  • Make that the right jobs are being performed on the right servers. 
  • Recognize the distinction between a basic network system and a replicated rising or crisis system.

Administration of Data Sources and Identification

  • Locate the necessary input/output ports. 
  • Make sure database permissions are checked during runtime. 
  • Determine where drivers for the database may be found and then install them. 
  • Know the distinctions between file, relational, and cube databases. 
  • Recognize the distinctions between extract and real-time connections 
  • Learn to take use of publicly available information. 
  • Tableau Desktop may be used to generate live connects to data sources and extraction. 
  • Control access to protected information that has been made public.

Communications System

  • Get a grasp on the ramifications of network delay. 
  • The dangers of dynamic IP addressing must be explained. 
  • Make a new Run as Service account and fix any problems it may have.

D3 – Installation

  • Options and instructions for installing, such as the install directory, gateway port, etc. 
  • Various methods of verification. 
  • Components of Tableau Server may be installed using a number of different authentication methods. 
  • Be aware of the ramifications of the one-click login feature. 
  • Implement SSL encryption.

Learn Tableau’s recommended procedures

  • Host-only computing setup. 
  • A setup that uses a decentralized system. 
  • Configured for maximum uptime.

Get Tableau Server Setup

  • Host-only computing setup. 
  • A setup that uses a decentralized system. 
  • Configured for maximum uptime.

D4 – Configuration

Preparing a Windows Server

  • Adjust your cache settings to get the speed you want. 
  • Method distribution should be used. 
  • Set up email notifications, subscriptions, and SSL. 
  • Set up any available preferences.

The Tableau Server Setup Process

  • Set up site preferences. 
  • User quotas may be set up. 
  • Learn who can add users and why. 
  • Create limits on how much data may be stored. 
  • Set up and manage memberships to the site. 
  • Alter an individual’s or a group’s default landing page. 
  • You may create new projects and set their settings. 
  • You can use tsm to do things like stop and start the server, check its status, and change its configuration parameters. 
  • When dealing with settings or regular chores, tabcmd is a useful tool.

User Inclusion

  • Participating users must be added manually. 
  • Assign duties to various users on the site. 
  • Access Active Directory or a CSV file to bring in new users.


  • Set up access controls and security settings. 
  • Websites. 
  • Assignments. 
  • Teams. 
  • Clients. 
  • Resources for Gathering Information. 
  • Workbooks.

Take the Time to Learn About Access Controls

  • Constructing a system with granted access. 
  • Consequences of permissive design. 
  • Distinctions between permit, prohibit, and prohibit. 
  • The security model of Tableau.

D5 – Maintenance & Administration

  • Please keep your data lines open. 
  • Construct timetables. 
  • Subscriptions may be updated or removed. 
  • Clean up and analyze the server. 
  • Prevent cluster failure at the first node. 
  • Users may be created, deleted, and deactivated. 
  • The licenses should be updated. 
  • Begin, end, and begin again. 
  • Make use of the TSM web client and the CLI.

Spell out the steps on how to:

  • Access server status in a number of convenient ways. 
  • Learn more by checking your email. 
  • Use data to inform your notifications. 
  • Make use of in-built management tools. 
  • Produce unique administrative perspectives. 
  • Make a recording of your act. 
  • You should create a project inside of another project. 
  • Managing Sites and Site Admin Features.


  • Guidelines for the table. 
  • Making one’s opinions and data sources public. 
  • This includes renaming a workbook. 
  • Communicating with a view over the Web. 
  • Creating and revising content for the World Wide Web. 
  • What to do when you disagree. 
  • Assurance of Reliable Data Sources.

D6 – Troubleshooting

  • Get familiar with the browser cookie needs of third-party sites.

Learn the ropes and you’ll

  • User and Tableau Run-As Service credentials may be reset here. 
  • Packing up the logs for further analysis. 
  • It is recommended that you use tsm to verify the site’s resources. 
  • The search index should be rebuilt. 
  • Utilize analysis reports for upkeep. 
  • Do things like make or open requests for help.

D7 – Migration & Upgrade

  • Comprehend how an upgrade works. 
  • Please detail the process of a clean reinstall and its need. 
  • Specify the steps required to switch to new hardware. 
  • Learn about compatibility with older systems.

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How hard is Tableau certified associate?

The examinations are of a high difficulty level. Don’t be disheartened by a poor score; on average, candidates score 70% on these examinations and 95% on the actual ones. Instead, attempt to figure out where you went wrong so you can avoid such pitfalls in the future. Also, we recommend here using dumps provided by Dumpsgate. They’ll help you greatly in exam preparation and easily get you certified.

What does it mean to be Tableau certified?

The ability to use Tableau Desktop and data analytics to address issues is recognized with the Specialist certification in this field. This certificate attests to your familiarity with Tableau’s fundamental principles and vocabulary, as well as your ability to link to and prepare data, explore and analyze it, and communicate what you’ve learned.

Is Tableau Desktop Certified Associate worth it?

Obtaining your Tableau Certification is a great investment of your time. Gaining Tableau Certification may significantly increase your compensation, improve your performance in job interviews, expand your career options, and catch the eye of prestigious employers—but only if you already possess the necessary skills (both technical and soft).

What is the use of Tableau certification?

If you’re a data analyst with experience in Microsoft Excel, learning Tableau and being certified will be a great move for your career. Earning your Tableau Certification will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze data and find effective solutions. Both learning and using it are breezes.

How much does Tableau certification cost?

Accredited Desktop Professional – $250. The usual rate for a desktop certification expert is $600 per year. Associate Certification in Server Technology – $250.

How long is Tableau certification valid for?

3 years

Two of the three examinations are Certified, while all three are accessible for Tableau Desktop. Since certifications are valid for three years from the day they are earned, you will have plenty of opportunity to familiarize yourself with the constantly evolving Tableau Platform.

Is Tableau in high demand?

Experts in Tableau are in high demand, and not only do they stand to profit financially, but they also have a lot of work to do. Since the 6th of May, 2019, a Tableau Developer can expect to earn a median wage of $108,697 a year. Similarly, earnings have been on the rise, with the median increasing to $158,000 in recent years.

Where do I find the real Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam Dumps?

If you are looking for real and genuine Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam material, then you have come to the right place. Exam dumps provided by DUMPSGATE are the best ones. They are designed to help you relax and focus on your studies. You can better understand the concepts and retain them for the exam by using the content of the dumps.

How can I prepare Effectively for Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam?

with the help of Dumpsgate ‘s exam dumps, you can prepare very well for the Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam. The dumpsgate exam dumps are comprehensive and cover all the topics that are included in the exam. They are also updated regularly, so you can be sure that you are studying from the most recent information. Using these dumps will help you to score high on the exam and achieve your certification.


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