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Exam Title: Microsoft Security Compliance and Identity Fundamentals

Certification Name: Microsoft Certified: Security Compliance and Identity Fundamentals

Exam Code: SC-900

Total Questions: 128

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Grab your Certification Today in “Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals SC-900 Exam”

A passing score on the Microsoft SC-900 Exam indicates that the applicant has shown a thorough knowledge of cybersecurity, compliance, and identification issues. Next, it evaluates “Microsoft identity and access management solutions and Microsoft security solutions”.

It’s never been more important to get a cybersecurity certification, with over 3.5 million new employment expected in the GRC sector by the end of 2021. 

Microsoft SC-900 Exam Overview

When taking the Microsoft SC-900 exam there are 40-60 questions, some of which are situational, others multiple choice and some of which are drag and drop, and some of which are mark review. If we’re talking about passing the SC-900 exam, a candidate must get at least a 700 on the scale. Additionally, the Microsoft SC-900 Exam costs USD 99 and is only available in English.

Exam Code SC-900
Exam Cost USD 99
Passing Score 700
Language English
No. of Questions 40-60
Exam Time Duration 180 min

Microsoft SC-900 Exam Registration

Follow these steps to sign up for the “Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals SC-900 exam”:

  • Visit the official site and choose the “Schedule Now” button.
  • As a result, you’ll be sent to the Certiport sign-up page.
  • Complete your registration by following the instructions.
  • Once you’ve submitted your transaction, you’ll get an email with a confirmation.

Eligible Candidates for SC-900 Exam 

Cloud-based and other relevant Microsoft services are covered by the Microsoft SC-900 certification exam, which is intended for candidates who have a firm grasp of the SCI principles.

The following individuals might be among those who take the Microsoft SC-900 Exam:

  • First and foremost, business stakeholders.
  • Second, IT experts, whether new or old.
  • Finally, students are interested in “Microsoft security, compliance, and identity solutions”.

Aim of Microsoft SC-900 Exam

Candidates must be acquainted with the test objectives to successfully prepare for the Microsoft SC-900 Exam. There are four key parts covered by the Microsoft SC-900 Exam objectives. These are: Security, compliance, and identification are being discussed.

  • showcasing Microsoft’s “identity and access management” IAM systems’ features.
  • demonstrating the abilities of security products by Microsoft.
  • explaining Microsoft’s compliance solutions’ strengths.

Microsoft SC-900 Exam Prerequisites

Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 knowledge is a prerequisite for the Microsoft SC-900 Exam.

Security, compliance, and identity are all intertwined and must be understood as a whole in order to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Skill measured in Microsoft SC-900 Exam

This test is based on Microsoft Learning’s most current updates, and it measures your ability to finish the following technical subjects.

As a bonus, I’ve included a reference to the Microsoft documentation for each target.


  • “Describe the Concepts of Security, Compliance, and Identity (5-10%)”
  • “Describe the capabilities of Microsoft Identity and Access Management Solutions (25—30%)”
  • “Describe the capabilities of Microsoft Security Solutions (30—35%)”
  • “Describe the Capabilities of Microsoft Compliance Solutions (25—30%)”

Each skill is followed by a series of bullets that explain how we arrived at that conclusion. Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list.

Now see the course detail:

Course Outline for Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals SC-900

“Describe the Concepts of Security, Compliance, and Identity (05-10%)”

Describe the processes involved in maintaining security.
  • An explanation of the Zero-Trust approach.
  • explain the concept of shared accountability.
  • Definition of defense
Describe the fundamentals of security.
  • explaining warning about frequent dangers.
  • explaining the process of encryption.
Explain the concepts of Microsoft's security and regulatory compliance
  • providing a description of Microsoft’s privacy policies
  • enumerate the services provided by the trust portal

“Describe the capabilities of Microsoft Identity and Access Management Solutions (25—30%)”

Define the principles and notions of identity.
  • As the first line of defense, establish the concept of identity.
  • Authentication is defined here.
  • Provide an explanation for the term “authorization.
  • Defining identification service providers.
  • Explain the nature of Active Directory.
  • The notion of “Federated services” as described above.
  • Explain the most typical types of identity theft and fraud.
Azure AD provides a wide range of identity services and identity kinds. Describe these features in detail.
  • A description of what Azure Active Directory is would be helpful.
  • Define the identities of Azure AD.
  • Hybrid identity is not defined by what it excludes.
  • Provide an overview of the many sorts of external identities.
Describe Azure AD's identity verification features.
  • Outlining the many forms of identification that can be used.
  • Explain the process of resetting a password on your own.
  • Security and administration features for passwords are discussed.
  • Multi-factor authentication is described here.
  • Describe the windows hello for the business feature.
Describe Azure AD's ability to control user access.
  • Conditional access may be explained.
  • How to exploit conditional access to its fullest extent
  • Azure AD roles provide several advantages.
Azure AD's identity protection and governance features.
  • Explain the concept of identity management.
  • It’s important to explain the difference between the two.
  • Outline the PIM’s features and functions.
  • Explaining the “azure ad identity protection”.

“Describe the capabilities of Microsoft Security Solutions (30—35%)”

Explain Azure's core security features.
  • Explaining Azure Network Security groups in detail.
  • Describe the DDO’s protection in Azure.
  • Defining what Azure Firewall is and how it works.
  • Azure Bastion is a kind of virtual machine.
  • A Web Application Firewall is described here.
  • Describe the many methods by which Azure protects your data.
Explain about Management of Azure's security capabilities.
  • Describe the Azure Security Center.
  • Describe Azure Securer’s rating.
  • How to utilize and profit from Azure Defender – the cloud workload protection product that was formerly known as Azure Defender (CWPP).
  • The administration of cloud security posture is described in detail (CSPM).
  • Outline the security standards that apply to Azure.
Explain Azure Sentinel's security features.
  • Definition of SIEM, SOAR, and XDR are required.
  • Defining Azure Sentinel’s role and value in delivering comprehensive threat defense.
Provide a description of Microsoft 365 Defender's threat detection and response capabilities.
  • Provide an overview of the services offered by Microsoft 365 Defender.
  • Explaining the features of Microsoft Defender for Identity.
  • Explain Microsoft Defender for Office 365.
  • This section focuses on explaining “Microsoft Defender” for Endpoint.
  • Define the security structures of the “Microsoft Cloud App”.
Provide a brief overview of Microsoft 365's security management features.
  • Explaining the Security Center for Microsoft 365.
  • Explain the process of utilization of “Microsoft Secure Score”.
  • Explaining reports and profile platforms in terms of their security measures.
  • Describe the occurrence of events and the ability to handle such issues.
Explain how Microsoft Intune's endpoint security features work.
  • Explaining the nature of Intune.
  • Explain the use of Intune for endpoint security.
  • Explaining how to secure a computer using Microsoft Endpoint Manager’s administration interface.

“Describe the Capabilities of Microsoft Compliance Solutions (25—30)”

Microsoft's compliance management features may indeed be described.
  • Give an explanation of the compliance center’s operations.
  • Compliance may be described.
  • The usage and advantages of a compliance score are described in this section.
It's important to know how Microsoft 365 protects and governs data.
  • Defining the ability to classify data.
  • The material and activity explorer is a valuable tool.
  • Explaining the meaning of the labels on medical supplies.
  • Define the records management system.
  • Discussing data loss prevention.
Explain Microsoft 365's insider threat characteristics.
  • A risk management strategy for insiders should be discussed.
  • Describe how people communicate.
  • Identify and characterize informational bottlenecks.
  • Explaining privileged access management.
  • Explain the customer lockbox
Microsoft 365's e-Discovery features may be described.
  • Defining eDiscovery’s purpose.
  • The data search tool’s features should be described here.
  • Explaining the basic eDiscovery process.
  • Explain the process of advanced discovery.
Explain Microsoft 365's auditing features.
  • Discussing M365’s primary audit features.
  • Provide an explanation of the importance and benefits of Advanced auditing
Indicate how Microsoft Azure manages its resources.
  • explaining how Azure Resource Locks are used.
  • Explain the concept of Azure Blueprints.
  • Explain the use scenarios for Azure Policy.
  • Explain the framework for implementing cloud computing services.

How to Prepare for the SC-900 Exam?

Dynamic learning expertise is essential to passing “Exam SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals”. As well as reading relevant materials, clearing doubts, and practicing! To help you out, we’ve compiled some learning tools that the applicant may use! like our exam dumps prepared by professionals at dumpsgate.com.

To discover more about Microsoft’s learning pathways, visit their official website. The official webpage has all the information. This test has multiple study routes and materials. Finding related information on Microsoft’s website is simple. But it gets easier to take help f those who passed themselves.

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Who can take advantage of “Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals (SC-900)”?

There is a wide range of people who may benefit from Microsoft SC-900 Certification Training, including:

  • Customers and Suppliers.
  • Compliance experts.
  • Specialists in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Computer and network security experts.
  • IT Administrators.
  • Managers of the cloud.
  • Controllers of Configuration Data.
  • Aiming to pass the SC-900 certification test.

Reasons why you should take Microsoft SC-900 Exam

How SC-900 Exam Can Speed Up Your Job Search?

So your certification will help you stand out as a great candidate. To gain the job, you must be certified. Certified employees have higher development potential than non-certified personnel.

Continue to spread.

Investing in or updating your abilities may help you become a valuable team member. They are 90% more productive and 60% more efficient than their non-Microsoft peers. According to Pearson VUE, 36.9% of IT employees say certification helps them execute more demanding tasks. Certification demonstrates not just mastery of skills but also an openness to new technologies and a commitment to lifelong learning. Most poll respondents said they were valued employees following certification.

Achieve a higher place.

In order to get a better career or move up the corporate ladder, you may need professional certification. To get promoted, you must be a qualified employee who manages your colleagues. In actuality, organizations routinely utilize certification as a promotion criterion.


We’ve put all the material you’ll need to ace the SC-900 test. Everything you need to know about the test, including the structure and regulations you must be aware of, is laid out in this article.

The SC-900 certification test gives you a leg up on the competition for high-paying employment. If you put in the time and effort, you can achieve your dreams. So, if you’ve chosen to take the test, don’t waste time browsing the internet; instead, go straight to Dumpsgate.com and get the exam dumps. You don’t need anything else.


1. How to enroll for this “Microsoft Security, Compliance, Identity Fundamentals SC-900 Exam”?

MS Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals Certification Exam (SC-900). By choosing a day and time that suits you best to take the SC-900 course. Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst training is available for you when you’ve paid the cost.

Take advantage of Dumpsgate and Microsoft’s free pre-reading resources to get a head start on the SC-900 exam.

2. Is the “SC-900 exam” hard?

The SC 900 is an important test that covers a wide range of subjects, similar to the AZ-900 and MS-900. The test isn’t too tough, and it covers a wide range of topics, such as identity management, regulatory compliance, and data privacy and security.

3. Does SC-900 certification expire?

A Microsoft Azure certification is only valid for one year from the date of issue.

4. Where can I get help with studying for the SC-900 exam?

If you want to prepare for the SC-900 exam using actual exam questions, go no further than Dumpsgate’s SC-900 exam dumps. SC-900 exam candidates may rely on these test dumps since they were produced by experts.

5. What is the passing mark for SC-900?

There are 40 – 60 questions and a 180-minute test window. A wide variety of questions are on the test. Around 70% or 700/1000 of the time, a student is considered to have passed.

6. What does SC-900 certification mean?

The “Microsoft Security, Compliance, Identity Fundamentals Certification exam SC-900” is required to pass.

7. Why is Microsoft security?

To limit the vulnerabilities and compliance violations, Microsoft Security provides the essential coverage to achieve Zero Trust.

8. How much does the SC-900 test cost?

You’ll have to stump up USD 99 to sit for the SC-900 exam.

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