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Exam Title: Professional Scrum Product Owner I

Certification Name: Professional Scrum Product Owner

Exam Code: PSPO-I

Total Questions: 80

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PSPO I Certification: Unlock Your Agile Potential With Dumpsgate PSPO 1 Exam Dumps

The PSPO I Certification is a pivotal achievement in the agile world signifying your proficiency in the Scrum Product Ownership principles. While it opens doors to lucrative career opportunities, preparing for the PSPO I certification exam can be a formidable challenge. The exam requires a deep understanding of Scrum concepts and agile product management, making effective study materials even more crucial. But not to worry! That’s where we come in. 

Our PSPO I exam dumps are your reliable companion on this journey, offering meticulously curated PSPO I dumps. We understand the complexities of this certification and have tailored our materials to provide comprehensive coverage, verified accuracy, and detailed explanations. With us, you can confidently take your PSPO I exam, secure your certification, and embark on a rewarding career in agile product ownership. 

Unlock Your Success With Our PSPO I Exam Dumps! 

Elevate your chances of Scrum Product Owner PSPO I certification success by choosing Dumpsgate for your exam preparation. We stand out as your trusted partner in this journey, offering unrivaled quality in our exam dumps. Our materials are continuously updated to keep pace with the latest PSPO I exam content, ensuring you’re always learning from the most relevant information. 

Our verified, consistently updated materials can ensure your preparation process is a breeze. Countless successful candidates have relied on us, attaining their PSPO I certification on the first attempt. With our commitment to your success, you can confidently choose us for your PSPO I exam preparation needs. 

What Is The PSPO I Certification? 

Offered by, the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I) demonstrates your grasp of the Scrum framework and your capability to enhance value generation and delivery. Earning the PSPO I certification validates that you have a thorough understanding of how to connect strategic planning with agile product management to craft valuable products through Scrum. 

Exam Overview For The PSPO I Certification Exam 

Here are some basic details you will need to know for the Professional Scrum Product Owner PSPO I certification exam: 

Exam Name  Professional Scrum Product Owner I Certification
Exam Code  PSPO-I
Exam Format  Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True/False
No. of Questions  80 questions 
Passing Score  85%
Exam Duration  60 minutes 
Exam Cost  $200 USD per attempt

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With all different kinds of study resources and materials available online for the PSPO I certification exam, you should rely on our dumps to confidently prepare for your exam. Here is why you should choose Dumpsgate for your PSPO I exam:

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Dumpsgate offers a collection of exam questions that are 100% genuine, serving as a valuable resource for your PSPO I certification exam preparation. Our team consists of certified IT professionals who meticulously validate the authenticity of each question that is likely to appear in the exam. This way, we provide you with authentic and genuine exam questions for all your certification exams.

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At Dumpsgate, our primary objective is to ensure that you stay well-informed at aligned with the latest developments in the IT field. We understand the tremendous effort candidates invest in their pursuit of exam excellence. With this commitment in mind, we take every measure to ensure that our PSPO I brain dumps remain current and in sync with the most recent curriculum changes. 

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When utilizing our top-tier brain dumps for your certification exam preparation, we guarantee your success. We take pride in our track record of satisfied customers, boasting an impressive passing rate of approximately 97% in professional exams. 

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What is the PSPO I certification?

The PSPO I (Professional Scrum Product Owner I) certification is offered by It validates your knowledge and understanding of the Scrum framework, specifically focusing on the role of a Product Owner.

What are exam dumps?

Exam dumps refer to study resources designed to help individuals pass their exams quickly and with minimal effort. They typically consist of practice questions to assist candidates in preparing for their exams.

With Dumpsgate, you can enhance your readiness for the PSPO I exam by accessing authentic sample questions along with verified answers, enabling you to successfully pass your exam on your initial attempt.

Is the PSPO I exam hard? 

The PSPO I exam can indeed be challenging due to its comprehensive coverage of Scrum Product Ownership principles and agile product management concepts. It requires a deep understanding of these areas to successfully pass the exam.

However, Dumpsgate is designed to make your journey easier. We provide meticulously curated PSPO I exam dumps with comprehensive coverage, verified accuracy, and detailed explanations. With our support, you can effectively prepare and confidently tackle the exam, making it more manageable and increasing your chances of success. 

Is the PSPO I certification worth it? 

he PSPO I certification is worth pursuing if you work in product management or roles closely tied to Scrum. It demonstrates your commitment to agile practices and equips you with valuable skills for effective product ownership. This certification is respected in the industry, enhancing your professional reputation and making you a preferred candidate for Scrum-related roles, potentially leading to career advancement in agile organizations.

Ultimately, if you are in a role where Scrum and agile practices are essential, the PSPO I certification is a credential that can significantly boost your career prospects and effectiveness in your role.

What is the cost of the PSPO I certification exam?

The cost of the PSPO I certification exam is USD $250.

What is the passing rate for the PSPO I exam? 

The passing rate for the PSPO I exam is 85%. 

Is the PSPO I useful? 

The PSPO certification holds significance as it verifies an individual’s competence in efficiently handling product backlogs and delivery within the Scrum framework. Achieving this certification showcases your dedication to excelling in product management and your capability to contribute value to any organization.

How to effectively prepare for the  PSPO I exam? 

Dumpsgate’s exam dumps are a valuable resource for achieving thorough readiness for the PSPO I Exam. These dumps provide in-depth coverage of all the exam’s topics, and they are consistently updated to ensure you are studying the latest information.

Utilizing these dumps can significantly improve your chances of performing well on the exam and successfully obtaining your certification.

How many attempts are there for the PSPO I certification exam? 

There is no limit to the number of times you can attempt your PSPO I certification exam nor is there a time limit or set period you will need to wait in between takes for the exam. 

In fact, you can resit the assessment, but you will have to purchase a new attempt from However, you may be able to opt for a free 2nd attempt in the event that you availed of their Professional Scrum Product Owner course and failed the PSPO I assessment within 14 days of completing the course. 

Who can give the PSPO I certification exam?

You don’t need specific qualifications to take the PSPO Level I training. Having some basic knowledge of Scrum in a practical setting can be useful, but it’s not a strict requirement. Attending a one-day Agile and Scrum Foundation training is a helpful introduction.

What is the top exam dump platform for 2024?

In the year 2024, Dumpsgate emerges as the exclusive destination for legitimate and trustworthy exam dumps. Our materials are meticulously kept up-to-date and provide comprehensive coverage, significantly increasing your chances of passing the exam on your first try.

Each exam dump we provide comes with in-depth explanations and has undergone rigorous validation by industry experts, reinforcing their credibility and efficiency.


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