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Exam Title: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant Exam

Certification Name: Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate

Exam Code: PL-200

Total Questions: 108

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Exam PL-200: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant

About PL-200 Exam:


The PL-200, also known as the Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant, is an examination that, like all tests, allows Microsoft to examine a wide range of topics. This test assesses your abilities to configure Microsoft Dataverse, construct apps using Microsoft Power Apps, create and administer Microsoft Power Automate, implement Microsoft Power Virtual Agents chatbots, and combine Microsoft Power Apps with other apps and services.

Since they test random on the many subjects accessible, knowing the majority of PL-200 content is essential. Keep in mind that experience requirements are frequently in place since they have observed the ordinary individual and what is required. One can always move past it with the PL-200 to succeed, but it will take some more effort.

Basic Exam Information for PL-200

Some basic information about PL-200 is given below:

Exam name Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant
Language English, Japanese
Retirement date None
Passing marks 700/1000
Exam code  PL-200
Duration 2 Hours
No of questions 110
Exam fees $165 USD* however, the price varies depending on the country where the exam is invigilated. Like for India it is ₹4800 INR*while for UK it is £113 GBP*

Targeted Audience for PL-200

Candidates for this exam execute discovery, requirement capture, engagement with subject matter experts and stakeholders, requirement translation, and configuration of Microsoft Power Platform solutions and apps. Application upgrades, custom user experiences, system integrations, data conversions, custom process automation, and custom visualizations are all things they do.

Candidates apply the design provided by a solution architect, as well as the standards, branding, and artefacts produced by User Experience Designers, in partnership with them. They create integrations to allow third-party apps and services to work together seamlessly.

Candidates work closely with members of the quality assurance team to verify that solutions meet both functional and non-functional criteria. They identify, develop, and distribute artefacts for packaging and deployment to DevOps engineers, as well as providing Microsoft Power Platform administrators with operations and maintenance training.

Course Outline of PL-200 Exam

This exam assesses your ability to complete the technical topics listed below, based on the most recent update from Microsoft Learning.

  • Configure Microsoft Dataverse (20-25%)
  • Create apps by using Microsoft Power Apps (15-20%)
  • Create and manage Microsoft Power Automate (15-20%)
  • Implement Microsoft Power Virtual Agents chatbots (10-15%)
  • Integrate Microsoft Power Apps with other apps and services (10-15%)
  • Manage solutions (15-20%)

Remember that the bullets after each of the skills to be evaluated are supposed to show how we are assessing that competency. This isn’t a comprehensive or final list.

Also keep in mind that the majority of questions are about things that are open to everyone (GA). If you use the Preview features frequently, the exam may include questions about them.

The candidate has to achieve the targeted skills set by Microsoft Learning. There are links provided by Microsoft for such a purpose. For this exam, candidates can visit the LINK.

Now look at the detailed contents of the course:

Configure Microsoft Dataverse (20–25%)

Manage a data model

  • assign a type for a table including standard, activity, or virtual
  • configure tables ownership
  • create new tables or modify existing tables
  • determine which type of relationships to implement including 1: N and N: N
  • configure table relationship behaviors including cascading rules
  • create new relationships or modify existing relationships
  • create new columns or modify existing columns
  • create alternate keys for tables
  • configure table properties
  • configure connection roles
  • create and configure views

Create and manage logic

  • define requirements for business rules
  • define and implement business rule logic
  • define the scope for business rules
  • configure and test business rules
  • configure a synchronous classic workflow

Configure Dataverse

  • configure Relevance Search
  • configure auditing
  • perform data management tasks including import, export, and bulk detection
  • configure duplicate detection settings
  • configure privacy preferences

Configure security settings

  • create and manage business units
  • create and manage security roles
  • create and manage users and teams
  • create and manage column security
  • configure hierarchy security
  • configure Azure AD group teams

Create apps by using Microsoft Power Apps (15–20%)

Create model-driven apps

  • create and configure forms
  • create and configure views
  • create and configure charts
  • create and configure dashboards
  • configure site maps
  • select applicable assets for an app including tables, forms, views, business process flows,

dashboards, and charts

  • share a model-drive app
  • apply organizational branding by using themes

Create canvas apps

  • create a canvas app
  • configure Dataverse as a data source for an app
  • create canvas app screens
  • implement form navigation, formulas, variables and collections, and error handling
  • build reusable components and component libraries
  • configure offline capabilities for apps
  • run Power Automate flows based on actions that occur in a canvas app
  • interpret App Checker results and resolve identified issues including accessibility issues
  • manage apps
  • monitor app analytics data

Create portal apps

  • create a portal app
  • expose Dataverse data
  • configure portal web pages, forms, and navigation
  • configure portal security including web roles and page access
  • configure portal details and actions
  • configure portal authentication

Create and manage Microsoft Power Automate (15–20%)

Create flows

  • recommend types of flows and flow components including when to use a classic


  • trigger a flow by using Dataverse connectors
  • run actions by using the Dataverse connector
  • implement logic control including branches, loops, conditions, error handling, and


  • implement dynamic content and expressions
  • test and troubleshoot flows

Create and manage business process flows

  • configure a business process flow
  • add business rules, workflows, flow steps, and action steps to a business process flow
  • define stages and steps
  • configure parallel branches
  • manage the business process flow table for a business process flow

Build desktop flows

  • describe types of desktop flows
  • identify use cases for desktop flows including differentiating between attended and

Unattended desktop flows

  • build web and user interface automations by using Power Automate Desktop
  • implement variables, loops, and conditionals in Power Automate Desktop flows
  • trigger desktop flows from cloud flows
  • monitor automation runs
  • analyze processes by using Process Advisor

Implement Microsoft Power Virtual Agents chatbots (10–15%)

Create chatbots

  • create a standalone chatbot
  • add standalone chatbots to Teams and other channels
  • create a chatbot within a Microsoft Teams channel
  • publish a chatbot
  • share a chatbot
  • monitor and diagnose bot performance, usage, and topic usage
  • authenticate end users for a chatbot

Configure topics

  • define topic conversation triggers
  • create questions, messages, and conditions
  • extract topics from a web page
  • implement greetings, escalations, error messages, and statuses
  • call a Power Automate flow to run an action
  • configure a fallback topic

Configure entities

  • create custom entities
  • implement entities in conversations
  • implement variables to store data

Integrate Microsoft Power Apps with other apps and services (10–15%)

Integrate Microsoft Power BI with Microsoft Power Platform components

  • create Power BI visualizations, reports, and dashboards
  • add Power BI tiles to model-driven apps and canvas apps
  • add canvas apps to a Power BI dashboard
  • trigger Power Automate flows from Power BI alerts

Implement AI Builder

  • determine which AI Builder model type to use
  • create an AI Builder model
  • prepare source data for use by models
  • train, test, and publish a model
  • consume a model by using Power Apps
  • consume a model by using Power Automate

Configure and use templates

  • configure and use Microsoft Excel templates
  • configure and use Microsoft Word templates
  • configure and use email templates

Manage solutions (15-20%)

Create a solution in a development environment

  • create solutions to contain solution assets
  • create a publisher
  • add assets to a solution
  • build solution-aware components
  • manage solution component dependencies

Transport solutions between environments

  • resolve connection references
  • set environment variables
  • export solutions
  • import solutions
  • update solutions
  • configure managed properties
  • run Solution Checker and interpret results

Localize solutions

  • configure currencies
  • enable language packs
  • Export and import translations

PL-200 Exam Requirements

The prerequisites for each exam and certification are varied. If this is a serious undertaking, make sure you read the prerequisites beforehand. Nothing is more frustrating than wasting months studying for a test you won’t be able to take or passing an exam that doesn’t lead to a certification. Our simple search tools are meant to assist you in finding relevant information and searching for a variety of tests.

Microsoft Power Platform functional consultants ought to be familiar with how to extend and configure Microsoft programs and services including Teams, Dynamics 365, Excel, and Word utilizing Microsoft Power Platform components.

Reasons to start taking PL-200 Exam

Here I am mentioning some of the reasons that why you should take this exam.

1. Salary Increment

If you have a job and pass this exam, your compensation will almost surely rise due to increased market demand. Employers provide many rewards and incentives to workers who have acquired the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification by passing the PL-200 Exam because these experts are known to add value to the organizations they work for.

If you have superior qualifications and are more trustworthy, you will be able to negotiate a higher compensation. Employers seek workers with certifications and are ready to spend money for them. Certified employees earn 15% more on average than non-certified employees, are 20 percent more productive, and have a longer tenure.

2. Salary Hike

If you are already working and take this exam, your salary will almost certainly improve as a result of increasing market demand.

Employers offer a variety of benefits and incentives to employees who have obtained Microsoft Certifications.

3. Higher growth potential

Microsoft Certification Training can help you get a job by boosting your CV, but it can also help you advance inside your existing organization. You may be more likely to negotiate a salary rise if you have the certification program’s credentials.

Those credentials may also make you a more appealing candidate for advancement inside your existing company. The knowledge you get through Microsoft certification training should help you become more productive and better equipped to address challenges, preparing you for leadership roles.

4. Increased flexibility

The Microsoft Certification Program’s wide range of abilities allows you to demonstrate your versatility to current and potential employers. These certifications show your company that you can solve problems and address consumer and stakeholder concerns using a variety of tactics.

By completing certain training, you can formally show your credentials through Microsoft’s Certification Program. Such a track record strengthens your CV, allowing it to better reflect the range of your abilities and demonstrating to your employer that you are deserving of the advancement you’ve been fighting for.

Tips for Passing PL-200 Exam

I’m going to give you a few tips to assist you prepare for the PL-200 exam

1. Make a Study Schedule

A study plan might assist you in prioritizing the Microsoft PL-200 test topics. You risk missing vital information if you don’t have a syllabus. Many of us are not stress-free. You must create a balance between studying and resting throughout exam preparation.

Exam time should be extended for difficult topics in the curriculum. This will allow you to focus on the most difficult and important aspects of the PL-200 certification exam.

2. Become a member of an online club

There are various online groups where you can meet people who are studying for the same exam as you. Professionals that have passed the Microsoft PL-200 exam can advise you on the best study materials to use and how to succeed. You are free to ask questions and receive responses. It’s also a great place to get emotional support from those who are on the same path as you as you study for the test.

3. Dumps gate

The best way to prepare for the Microsoft SC-200 exam is to take practice examinations. It’s preferable to take the practice tests if you’re confident you can answer the PL-200 exam questions. For up-to-date practice tests, go to Dumpsgate. Each SC-200 practice exam will assist you in determining your level of preparation.

You can see where you’ve progressed and where you still have work to do. You can get a large number of practice questions on Dumpsgate to assist you prepare for the PL-200 exam.

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Benefits of Getting PL-200 Exam

Many people pick Microsoft certifications to advance their professions in a variety of ways. The demand for these credentials has recently risen considerably, owing to the numerous benefits they provide:

  • Students will learn how to use Microsoft Power Platform components to extend and configure Microsoft programs and services such as Teams, Dynamics 365, Excel, and Word.
  • The credential will provide you with broad operational security knowledge and awareness.
  • It inspires you to continue honing your skills.
  • It also demonstrates your genuine commitment to professional development and constant progress.
  • It will encourage you to advance in your career and result in a fair boost in pay.
  • Microsoft hosts workshops and events to assist businesses in developing and marketing new services and products. If you pass the Microsoft PL-200 test, you’ll gain access to Microsoft’s vast community and be able to attend Microsoft’s seminars and events.

Expected Salary

Expected salary of a Microsoft certified power platform developer in different regions is given below:

Country Expected Salary(Average)
USA USD 79,000 to USD 126,000
India Rupees 3 lakhs to 14 lakhs
UAE AED 70,000 to 186,000
United Kingdom Pounds 50,000 to 76,000


The PL-200, also known as the Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant, is a test that allows Microsoft to analyses a wide range of topics, as do all tests. This exam measures your ability to configure Microsoft Dataverse, build apps using Microsoft Power Apps, establish and administer Microsoft Power Automate, use Microsoft Power Virtual Agents chatbots, and combine Microsoft Power Apps with other apps and services.

Possessing a Microsoft certification on your resume increases your chances of landing a better job. If you want to demonstrate your potential to succeed, obtaining a Microsoft certification is a great method to do so. If you want to be successful in your career, you must devote time and effort to finishing your education, obtaining the necessary qualifications, and honing your talents.

As a result, we propose that you use Dumpsgate’s Exam Dumps for Microsoft Certifications, which have been reviewed by specialists.


1. Is PL-200 easy?

The PL-200 exam consists of 40-50 questions of ‘moderate’ complexity. – The exam will take 180 minutes to complete, including 30 minutes for feedback. – To pass the exam, you’ll need to score around 70%. (a score of 700). As a result, using study tools and taking practice examinations is critical for improved preparation. These tests will allow you to examine yourself as well as learn about your weak and strong points.

2. How can I clear my PL 200 exam?

You can clear PL 200 exam by followings different dumps exams available online. As for instance, I would suggest you to check out Dumpsgate for this purpose. Dumpsgate offers high-quality, up-to-date test materials that aid students in passing the PL-200 exam. They have the greatest Microsoft specialists working on content improvements and PL-200 exam material updates on a regular basis.

3. Is PL 200 and MB 200 the same?

Since PL-200 is the replacement for MB-200, most MB-200 talents are also included in PL-200. However, PL-200 appears to cover a broader range of abilities. CDS, Power App, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents are more closely associated with PL-200.

4. What does a Microsoft Functional consultant do?

A Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant is in charge of developing and configuring apps, automations, and solutions for the Microsoft Power Platform. They provide as a point of contact for users and the implementation team.

5. How much do Microsoft Dynamics consultants make?

While annual salaries for Microsoft Dynamics Consultants range from $72,500 (25th percentile) to $125,000 (75th percentile) on ZipRecruiter, the majority of Microsoft Dynamics Consultant salaries currently range from $72,500 (25th percentile) to $125,000 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $145,500 annually across the United States.

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    The exam prep material was really beneficial, and I passed the PL-200 exam last week. The study material was especially useful in providing a comprehensive overview of parts of Microsoft that I had previously overlooked, since they aren’t utilized in our organization. I would strongly advise anyone who purchases the practice tests to also purchase the exam dumps from Dumpsgate. Dumpsgate’s priority is to provide their customers with good content.

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