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Exam Title: Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services Exam

Certification Name: Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate

Exam Code: MS-600

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Exam MS-600: Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services

About Exam MS-600

This test assesses your technical abilities to deploy Microsoft identity, construct apps with Microsoft Graph, extend and customize SharePoint, extend Teams, and extend Office. This test assesses your technical abilities to deploy Microsoft identity, construct apps with Microsoft Graph, extend and customize SharePoint, extend Teams, and extend Office.

Microsoft 365 Developers who design, create, test, and maintain applications and solutions tailored for the productivity and collaboration needs of organizations utilizing the Microsoft 365 platform are eligible to take this exam.

Brief overview of MS-600 Exam

Some basic information about MS-600 is given below:

Exam name Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services
Exam Code MS-600
Language English.
Retirement date none
Passing marks 700/1000
Duration 2hours
No of Questions 40-60 Questions
Exam fee $165 USD* however, the price varies depending on the country where the exam is invigilated. Like for India it is ₹4800 INR*while for UK it is £113 GBP*

Interested Audience for MS-600 Exam 

This exam is for Microsoft 365 Developers who design, develop, test, and support applications and solutions for the productivity and collaboration needs of organizations that use the Microsoft 365 platform. They are familiar with user interface components (such as Fluent UI (Office UI Fabric)), integration points (such as Office Add-ins, SharePoint Framework, and Actionable Messages), and workload platform targets (such as Office Add-ins, SharePoint Framework, and Actionable Messages).

MS-600 Exam Syllabus

This exam assesses your ability to complete the technical topics listed below, based on the most recent update from Microsoft Learning.

  • Implement Microsoft identity (20-25%)
  • Build apps with Microsoft Graph (15-20%)
  • Extend and customize SharePoint (15-20%)
  • Extend Microsoft Teams (20-25%)
  • Extend Office (15-20%)

Remember that the bullets after each of the skills to be evaluated are supposed to show how we are assessing that competency. This isn’t a comprehensive or final list.

Also keep in mind that the majority of questions are about things that are open to everyone (GA). If you use the Preview features frequently, the exam may include questions about them. Candidates can get further information by clicking on this LINK

Now look at the detailed contents of the course:

Implement Microsoft identity (20-25%)

Register an application

  • determine the supported account type
  • select authentication and client credentials for app type and authentication flow
  • define app roles

Implement authentication

  • configure the JavaScript implementation of Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) for endpoint and token cache
  • plan and configure scopes for dynamic or static permissions
  • use the MSAL (JavaScript) login method

Configure permissions to consume an API

  • configure delegated permissions for the app
  • configure application permissions for the app
  • identify admin consent requirements

Implement authorization to consume an API

  • configure incremental consent scopes
  • call MSAL (JavaScript) using acquire Token Silent/acquire Token pattern

Implement authorization in an API

  • validate access token
  • configure effective permissions for delegated scopes
  • implement app permissions using roles
  • use a delegated access token to call a Microsoft API

Create a service to access Microsoft Graph

  • configure client credentials using a certificate
  • configure application permissions for the app
  • acquire an access token for Microsoft Graph using an application permission and client
  • credential certificate
  • acquire an access token using the client secret

Build apps with Microsoft Graph (15-20%)

Optimize data usage with query parameters

  • use $filter query parameter
  • use $select query parameter
  • order results using $orderby query parameter
  • set page size of results using $skip and $top query parameters
  • expand and retrieve resources using $expand query parameter
  • retrieve the total count of matching resources using $count query parameter
  • search for resources using $search query parameter
  • determine the appropriate Microsoft Graph SDK to leverage

Optimize network traffic

  • monitor for changes using change notifications
  • combine multiple requests using $batch
  • get changes using a delta query
  • detect and handle throttling

Access user data from Microsoft Graph

  • get the signed in user’s profile
  • get a list of users in the organization
  • get the user’s profile photo
  • get the user object based on the user’s unique identifier
  • get the user’s manager’s profile

 Access files with Microsoft Graph

  • get the list of files in the signed in user’s OneDrive
  • download a file from the signed in user’s OneDrive using file unique id
  • download a file from a SharePoint Online site using the relative path to the file
  • get the list of files trending around the signed in user
  • upload a large file to OneDrive
  • get a user object from an owner list in a group and retrieve that user’s files

Manage a group lifecycle on Microsoft Graph

  • get the information on a group by id
  • get the list of members in a group
  • get the list of owners of a group
  • get the list of groups where the signed in user is a member
  • get the list of groups where the signed in user is an owner
  • provision a group
  • provision a team
  • delete a group

Extend and customize SharePoint (15-20%)

Describe the components of a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web part

  • identify the appropriate tool to create an SPFx web part project
  • describe properties of client-side web parts
  • describe Fluent UI (Office UI Fabric) in client-side web parts
  • describe when to use an app page
  • differentiate between app page and web part
  • describe rendering framework options
  • describe branding and theming in SharePoint Online

Describe SPFx Extensions

  • identify the appropriate tool to create an SPFx Extension project
  • describe page placeholders from Application Customizer
  • describe the ListView Command Set extension
  • describe the Field Customizer extension

Describe the process to package and deploy an SPFx solution

  • describe the options for preparing a package for deployment
  • describe the options for packaging a solution
  • describe the requirements of tenant-scoped solution deployment
  • describe the requirements of isolated web parts
  • describe the options to deploy a solution

Describe the consumption of Microsoft Graph

  • describe the purpose of the MSGraphClient object
  • describe the methods for granting permissions to Microsoft Graph

Describe the consumption of third-party APIs secured with Azure AD from within an SPFx


  • describe the purpose of the AadHttpClient object
  • describe the methods for granting permissions to consume a third-party API

Describe Web Parts as Teams Tabs

  • describe how to build a Microsoft Teams tab by using SPFx
  • describe the considerations for creating an SPFx Web Part to be a Teams Tab
  • describe the options for deploying an SPFx Web Part as a Teams Tab

Extend Teams (20-25%)

Create a Microsoft Teams app manifest

  • configure an app manifest using App Studio or Developer Portal
  • manually create an app manifest to deploy an SPFx Web Part to Teams
  • create an app package for a Microsoft Teams app

Deploy a Teams app

  • describe the options for deploying a Teams app
  • sideload an app in Microsoft Teams
  • publish a Teams app to an organization app catalog

Create and use task modules

  • create a card-based task module
  • create an iframe-based task module
  • invoke a task module from a tab
  • invoke a task module from a bot
  • chain task module invocations

Create a webhook

  • create an outgoing webhook
  • create an incoming webhook

Implement custom Teams tabs

  • create a personal tab
  • create a channel/group tab
  • create a tab with a deep link
  • implement single sign-on authentication for a tab

Create a messaging extension

  • create a messaging extension search command
  • create a messaging extension action command using an Adaptive Card
  • create a messaging extension action command using parameters

Create a conversational bot

  • create a personal bot
  • create a group/channel bot
  • use proactive messaging with a bot
  • send Actionable Messages from a bot
  • implement single sign-on authentication for a bot

Use Microsoft Graph to work with Teams

  • create a team
  • list teams
  • configure a built-in tab
  • send activity feed notification to user
  • enable resource

Extend Office (15-20%)

Describe fundamental components and types of Office Add-ins

  • describe task pane and content add-ins
  • describe dialog boxes
  • describe custom functions
  • describe add-in commands
  • describe the purpose of the Office Add-ins manifest

Describe Office JS APIs

  • describe the Office Add-in programming model
  • describe Office Add-in developer tools
  • describe the capabilities of the Excel JavaScript API
  • describe the capabilities of the Outlook JavaScript API
  • describe the capabilities of the Word JavaScript API
  • describe the capabilities of the PowerPoint JavaScript API
  • describe the capabilities of Excel custom functions

Describe development of Add-ins

  • describe the options for persisting state and settings
  • describe Fluent UI (Office UI Fabric) in Office Add-ins
  • describe when to use Microsoft Graph in Office Add-ins
  • describe authorization when using Microsoft Graph in Office Add-ins

Describe testing, debugging, and deployment options

  • select deployment options based on requirements
  • describe testing and debugging concepts for Office Add-ins

Describe actionable messages

  • describe the features of actionable messages with an Adaptive Card
  • describe the scenarios for refreshing an actionable message

MS-600 Exam Pre Requisites

This exam requires knowledge of Microsoft identity, Microsoft Graph, and developing apps for Microsoft Teams. They are familiar with UI elements (such as Fluent UI (Office UI Fabric)), integration points (such as Office Add-ins, SharePoint Framework, and Actionable Messages), and workload platform targets.

Candidates should have worked on Microsoft Teams, Office, or SharePoint solutions at all stages of the software development process. REST APIs, JSON, OAuth2, OData, OpenID Connect, Microsoft identities (including Azure AD and Microsoft accounts), Azure AD B2C, and permission/consent principles should all be familiar to them.

Why Should You Take the MS-600 Exam?

Am going to highlight some reason for which you should take this exam:

1. Validate your skills:

One of the most significant tests for Microsoft 365 professionals and developers is Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services. The MS-600 exam verifies your ability to use Microsoft 365 core services efficiently. It’s a crucial exam to pass if you want to get Microsoft 365 developer or other high tech Microsoft 365 certifications.

You may easily acquire the Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate certification after passing the MS-600 certification exam. You’ll be also able to demonstrate and validate your Microsoft 365 core development skills, such as designing, building, testing, and managing applications and solutions that are suited for the productive and effective needs of Microsoft 365-enabled enterprises.

2. Improved visibility

Standing out among the many other candidates, whether you’re looking for a new job or trying to advance in your existing one, is a problem. By offering further verification of your expertise, Microsoft Certification Training can help you stand out.

Rather than simply listing “Proficiency in Microsoft app development” in your resume’s skills section, you can include a Microsoft certification badge to visually show your experience. In addition, the certification program makes it simple to post your credentials online, which can help you stand out in your professional network as you look for new work.

3. Higher growth potential

Passing Microsoft Certified exams would help you get a job by boosting your CV, but it can also help you advance inside your existing organization. You may be more likely to negotiate a salary rise if you have the certification program’s credentials. Those credentials may also make you a more appealing candidate for advancement inside your existing company. The knowledge you get through Microsoft certification training should help you become more productive and better equipped to address challenges, preparing you for leadership roles.

4. Flexibility of work

The availability of a Microsoft application online is a generation’s next great thing. From anywhere, you may share your work with business executives and stakeholders via the internet. This allows you to be more flexible at work, and your ability to operate MS applications quickly makes you a stellar leader.

The Most Effective Way to Prepare for MS-600 Exam

Here, I am sharing some tips that could be beneficial for you while preparing for MS-600 Exam:

1. Prepare a study plan.

A study plan might help you priorities the topics on the Microsoft MS-600 exam. If you don’t have a syllabus, you risk missing important information. Many of us do not live in a stress-free environment. During exam preparation, you must strike a balance between studying and resting.

Exam time should be increased for tough curriculum topics. This will help you to concentrate on the most difficult and crucial areas of the MS-600 exam.

2. Microsoft’s free & paid training material

On its website, Microsoft has also provided candidates with instructional resources. Microsoft offers a variety of study materials to help you prepare for the MS-600 exam. The official Microsoft training program is a terrific option if you have some spare time and money to spend on Microsoft MS-600 exam preparation.

The first is a free service, whereas the second is a paid service. This training course will assist you in better preparing and learning, and it will be led by experts in the field.

3. Training Videos

There are various sources for both free and paid video instruction. They usually go into greater depth and explain the subject, as well as being peer-reviewed to ensure quality. When it comes to YouTube and Udemy, the quality of the video is determined by the person who made it, so check the reviews carefully.

4. Dumpsgate

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Benefits you’ll get after passing MS-600 exams.

You will be able to do the following after passing Exam MS-600: Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services:

  • Able to create productive and collaborative applications leveraging the Microsoft 365 platform and develop, deploy, and support solutions and apps.
  • Experience working on challenging Microsoft 365 projects for leading businesses like Microsoft, Hitachi, Accenture, Wipro, and others.
  • Keep your Microsoft 365 development roles in demand and future-proofed.
  • You will be given excellent opportunities and a respectable remuneration..


Only the MS-600 test is required to obtain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate certification. Microsoft 365 Developers who design, create, test, and maintain applications and solutions tailored for the productivity and collaboration needs of organizations utilizing the Microsoft 365 platform are eligible to take this exam.

Microsoft has introduced a course for Microsoft 365 developers who have experience developing, building, testing, and supporting applications and solutions that are optimized for productivity and organizational needs. Microsoft 365 developers can use this certification program to exhibit their abilities. The evaluation is based on a thorough exam that use industry-standard methodology to determine whether a candidate passes Microsoft’s competency requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MS-600 exam?

Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services (exam MS-600). This test assesses your technical skills in the areas of Microsoft identity, building apps with Microsoft Graph, extending and customizing SharePoint, extending Teams, and extending Office.

2. How do I pass the MS-600 exam?

By studying the numerous dumps examinations available online, you can pass the MS-600 exam. For this reason, I urge that you investigate Dumpsgate. Students may pass the MS-600 exam with the help of Dumpsgate’s high-quality, up-to-date test resources. They have the greatest Microsoft specialists working on content upgrades and MS-600 exam material updates on a regular basis.

3. Is the MS-600 exam hard? 

Although it is not tough, you may still fail. For starters, passing the Microsoft tests without preparation is difficult. However, if you study intelligently, you can be confident of passing the exam. If you don’t pass the first time, you have the option to retake it after 24 hours.

4. How many questions are on the MS-600?

The MS-600 Exam contains 40 to 60 questions.

5. What is the passing score for Microsoft exam?

Exams must be passed with a score of 700 or above. A “pass” is defined as a score of 700 or higher. A score of less than 700 is considered a “fail.” During the preparation and maintenance of the exam, a group of subject matter experts in collaboration with the Microsoft psychometrician calculate the real number of items you must answer correctly to pass.

6. Where can I find the MS-600 exam dumps pdf?

You don’t need to roam here and there in order to find the best pdf exam dumps for your MS-600 Exam. Dumpsgate is providing you with best exam dumps. All you need is to give Dumpsgate a try and avail their services. 

7. Which site is providing latest MS-600 questions pdf?

Dumpsgate is providing you with the latest MS-600 questions. After practicing with these questions you’ll be able to ace your exam with flying colors. 

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