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Exam Title: Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Online

Exam Code:  MS-220

Certification: Microsoft 365

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Exam MS-220: Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Online

Exam Summary:

This test assesses your abilities to troubleshoot mail flow, compliance and retention, mail client, Exchange Online configuration, and hybrid and migration difficulties.

Some basic information about MS-220 is given below:

Exam name Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Online
Exam Code MS-220
Language English
Passing marks 700/1000
Retirement date none
Duration 120 Minutes
Exam fee $165 USD* however, the price varies depending on the country where the exam is invigilated. Like for India it is ₹4800 INR*while for UK it is £113 GBP*

Targeted Audience for MS-220 Exam:

This exam requires candidates to identify, debug, and resolve issues with Microsoft Exchange Online, hybrid Exchange environments, and related components, technologies, and services. Candidates collaborate with consumers and other stakeholders to understand the nuances of any problems. They also communicate with administrators and colleagues who work with other connected technologies.

Course Outline of Exam MS-220:

This exam assesses your ability to complete the technical topics listed below, based on the most recent update from Microsoft Learning.

  • Troubleshoot mail flow issues (20–25%)
  • Troubleshoot compliance and retention issues (25–30%)
  • Troubleshoot mail client issues (20–25%)
  • Troubleshoot Exchange Online configuration issues (15–20%)
  • Troubleshoot hybrid and migration issues (10–15%)

Remember that the bullets after each of the skills to be evaluated are supposed to show how we are assessing that competency. This isn’t a comprehensive or final list.

Also keep in mind that the majority of questions are about things that are open to everyone (GA). If you use the Preview features frequently, the exam may include questions about them. Further information can be obtained by clicking on the following LINK. 

Now look at the detailed contents of the course:

Troubleshoot mail flow issues (20–25%)

Troubleshoot Exchange Online mail flow issues

  • review and interpret message headers
  • review and interpret message trace results and policies associated with those results
  • determine whether a transport rule or conditional routing rule is affecting mail flow
  • identify rules that are evaluated and policies that are applied when sending or receiving email
  • troubleshoot issues where users cannot send or receive email and no NDR is generated or displayed
  • troubleshoot issues where mail destined for one tenant is incorrectly routed to another tenant
  • troubleshoot delivery delays

Troubleshoot mail flow issues with external systems

  • read and analyze SMTP protocol logs for hybrid deployments and third-party systems
  • troubleshoot issues related to mail flow for hybrid deployments
  • troubleshoot DNS-related mail flow issues
  • troubleshoot SMTP relay issues
  • troubleshoot SMTP certificate issues

Troubleshoot other mail flow issues

  • identify types of NDRs and interpret NDR data
  • determine which active rules impact email attachments
  • determine which rules are triggered when an email arrives at a user’s inbox
  • troubleshoot issues related to blocked attachment types
  • troubleshoot issues with corrupted inbox rules

Troubleshoot issues reported by Microsoft Defender for Office 365

  • determine why an email is marked as spam
  • determine why messages are being quarantined
  • determine whether the sender SPF DMARC and DKIM records are valid
  • troubleshoot spam filter policies
  • troubleshoot messages that are categorized as false positive or false negative

Troubleshoot compliance and retention issues (25–30%)

Troubleshoot compliance issues

  • identify roles required to perform eDiscovery actions
  • describe Compliance center retention policies
  • troubleshoot eDiscovery issues
  • determine what types of holds are associated with an item
  • troubleshoot in-place and eDiscovery holds
  • search for and delete email messages in an organization
  • determine how to clear or purge recoverable item folders

Troubleshoot retention issues

  • describe retention tag types and actions
  • describe the process for calculating item retention age
  • troubleshoot issues creating and applying retention policies
  • review and interpret Messaging Records Management (MRM) mailbox diagnostics logs
  • interpret message properties used by message records management (MRM)

Troubleshoot Office Message Encryption (OME) and S/Mime issues

  • troubleshoot issues with messages that are not encrypted or decrypted as expected
  • troubleshoot issues where external users cannot decrypt messages but internal users can decrypt messages
  • troubleshoot issues reading, replying to, or forwarding protected messages from Microsoft 365 on mobile devices
  • troubleshoot mail flow rules
  • troubleshoot revocation issues for encrypted emails
  • troubleshoot S/Mime issues

Troubleshoot mailbox auditing Issues

  • troubleshoot issues searching audit logs
  • troubleshoot user actions (for example user reports an item is deleted but they say they did not delete)
  • troubleshoot bulk actions including email creation, moves, modifications, and deletion
  • track non-owner actions
  • troubleshoot audit log retention period issues
  • troubleshoot auditing not working

Troubleshoot journaling

  • troubleshoot duplicate journal entries
  • troubleshoot mail not being journaled
  • troubleshoot journal OME decryption issues

Troubleshoot mail client issues (20–25%)

Troubleshoot connectivity and authentication issues

  • describe how to obtain Outlook client configuration information
  • troubleshoot Exchange authentication policies
  • troubleshoot client access rules
  • troubleshoot issues with modern authentication
  • troubleshoot Outlook on the Web (OWA) sign in issues
  • troubleshoot auto-discover issues
  • outlook client cannot connect to Exchange Online mailbox
  • troubleshoot Outlook continuously asking for Exchange Online password

Troubleshoot calendaring Issues

  • review and analyze mailbox and calendar diagnostic logs
  • troubleshoot broken manager/delegation issues
  • troubleshoot Resource Booking Assistant issues

Troubleshoot calendar sharing issues

  • troubleshoot permissions issues related to calendar sharing
  • troubleshoot issues publishing and accessing calendars shared with external users
  • determine why content for a published calendar is not up to date

Troubleshoot issues with mobile devices

  • identify mobile device access states and what the states indicate
  • review mobile devices statistics to confirm the reason for a block
  • review the Allow Blocked Quarantine (ABQ) list to identify blocked or quarantined devices
  • troubleshoot Exchange device access rules
  • review and interpret ActiveSync logs to troubleshoot Outlook Sync EAS connection issues
  • troubleshoot connectivity issues with native ActiveSync

Troubleshoot Exchange Online configuration issues (15–20%)

Troubleshoot provisioning issues

  • interpret and troubleshoot validation errors encountered during object provisioning
  • determine when to restore or recover an inactive mailbox
  • troubleshoot issues managing resource mailboxes
  • troubleshoot issues purging deleted users

Troubleshoot recipient issues

  • troubleshoot automatic email forwarding
  • troubleshoot matching issues with Azure AD
  • troubleshoot distribution list membership issues (including dynamic distribution groups)
  • troubleshoot issues with archive mailboxes including auto-expanding archive mailboxes

Troubleshoot org-wide settings

  • troubleshoot domain setup and configuration issues
  • troubleshoot address book policies
  • troubleshoot address lists
  • troubleshoot allowed file types
  • troubleshoot mailbox plans
  • troubleshoot Client-Access Services (CAS) mailbox plans

Troubleshoot public folder Issues

  • troubleshoot Exchange Online access to public folders
  • troubleshoot mail-enabled public folders
  • troubleshoot issues sending email to public folders
  • troubleshoot hybrid access to public folders
  • troubleshoot load-balancing issues for public folders

Troubleshoot hybrid and migration issues (10–15%)

Troubleshoot hybrid configuration issues

  • troubleshoot Hybrid Configuration Wizard issues
  • troubleshoot hybrid mail flow issues
  • troubleshoot free/busy issues for hybrid deployments
  • troubleshoot issues synchronizing remote recipient attributes with Exchange Online

Troubleshoot migration issues

  • troubleshoot endpoint creation issues
  • review migration users and move requests
  • troubleshoot slow migrations
  • troubleshoot Data Consistency Score (DCS) issues
  • troubleshoot failed migrations
  • troubleshoot public folder migration issues

Benefits of taking the MS-220 Exam:

In addition to being a generally helpful educational tool, the Microsoft Certification program offers many benefits that will apply both in your current workplace and your future job search:

1. Increased flexibility

Today’s workplace requires adaptability to frequent technology changes and problem-solving strategies. The variety of skills you can learn in the Microsoft Certification Program allows you to display your flexibility to current and prospective employers. These credentials demonstrate to your employer that you can use a variety of strategies to solve problems and resolve the concerns of consumers and stakeholders.

Microsoft’s Certification Program allows you to officially display your credentials by completing specific training. Such a record enhances your resume to better reflect the breadth of your skills and show your employer that you deserve the progress for which you’ve been striving.

2. Improved visibility

One challenge in both searching for a new job and progressing in your current one is standing out among the many other candidates. The Microsoft Certification Training can set you apart by providing additional verification of your abilities. Rather than simply placing “Proficiency in Microsoft app development” in the skills section of your resume, you can allow a Microsoft certification badge to represent your experience with a visual emblem. The certification program also makes it easy to share your credentials online, which can help you stand out in your professional network as you seek out new employment.

3. Higher growth potential

Microsoft Certification Training can bolster your resume to help you acquire a job, but it can also enable you to progress in your current company. With the qualifications granted by the certification program, you could be more likely to negotiate a salary increase. Those qualifications may also make you a more attractive candidate for promotion within your current business. The knowledge validated through the Microsoft certification training should make you more productive and better equipped to solve problems, which prepares you to excel in leadership positions.

4. Fluency in Microsoft Office

Being able to compose a document in Microsoft Word is a common requirement for most job applicants, but complete fluency across all of Microsoft Office’s apps can provide you the transferrable skills to solve a variety of problems using the Office suite. In addition to proving your ability to develop professional documents and impressive presentations, the Microsoft Certification Training will also show that you can develop effective charts, which are crucial in work as a finance professional, business analyst, data analyst and many more positions.

Pre Requisites of the Exam MS-220:

Candidates should have experience with PowerShell and the Exchange PowerShell module. The support engineer should also have significant experience deploying, managing, and troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Online environments.

How to clear the MS-220 Exam? Tips and Tricks

Microsoft exams might be stressful because they affect whether or not you obtain a certification. You may assume that passing the MS-220 test is difficult, but with thorough preparation and dedication, you may pass it. Here are some tips to help you pass this test:

1. Follow Microsoft’s Official guidelines:

For most, if not all, exams, Microsoft provides two basic preparation methods:

Microsoft provides three free online guided learning pathways for this exam: Microsoft Endpoint Manager Foundations, How to modernize a business environment with Windows 10 and Microsoft 365, and How to manage enterprise deployment with Microsoft 365.

Guided learning routes are ideal for students who have irregular schedules or prefer to introduce self-paced learning. They provide all the knowledge and information needed to effectively complete and pass the exam.

This is the best option for applicants who want to participate in a more traditional classroom setting. Candidates can study with other experts by participating in relevant discussions and debating.

2. Make Your Own Study Plan

Everything worthwhile in life requires a strategy. To pass the MS-220 exam, you must devise a study strategy. It might be a schedule that enables you to priorities your study time and make the most of it in preparation for the exam. To improve your retention, a study schedule for your Microsoft exam should allow you to train when you are most productive. It also informs you about your exam preparation progress.

3. Look for quality study materials and exam dumps

Clearing your exam will necessitate extensive preparation. Multiple Microsoft MS-220 test preparation alternatives are now accessible. Dumpsgate test dumps are something we recommend you look at. These dumps are a compilation of questions and answers that you might encounter on the test. Practicing with them before the exam is a good method to learn how to approach the questions.


This study guide provides you with everything you require to succeed on the MS-220  exam. On this site, you will discover all of the information that you want on the format of the examination as well as the criteria. When competing with other applicants for well-paying jobs, having a MS-220 certification might put you in a better position. You can do everything you set your mind to if you are willing to put in the necessary time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we pass MS-220 with dumps?

Yes of course! You can pass MS-220 with the help of different dumps available online. I would strongly suggest you to check out Dumpsgate dumps, it would be very beneficial for you, as they have expert team and very helpful customer handling process.

2. Is MS-220 exam hard?

MS-220 is hard but with preparation and hard work you can pass it easily.  Focus on the given official course content and follow the mentioned steps in preparing for your exam.

3. Is the MS-220 certification worth IT?

Definitely yes! Passing MS-220 will increase your worth in the market and will make you more valuable. It will open up new and great future opportunities for you.

4. Is IT easy to pass MS-220?

It is definitely not really easy to pass MS-220 exam, it’s an official Microsoft exam so indeed you would need extensive amount of preparation and hard work to clear this exam.

5. What happens if you fail MS-220?

When you fail the exam, Microsoft does not provide reimbursements for failed exams or missed exam appointments. Prioritize the abilities you should practice by concentrating on the subject areas wherein your exam result was the weakest and the content areas with the largest percentage of questions.  Also Schedule an appointment as usual when you are prepared to retake the exam. You need pay for every exam you retake and adhere to Microsoft’s retake policy.

6. Is MS-220 multiple choice?

Yes! Questions in MS-220  are in the usual formats: Multiple-choice, drag and drop, fill in the blanks etc.

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