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Exam Title: Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Exam

Certification Name: Microsoft Certified: Cybersecurity Architect

Exam Code: SC-100

Total Questions: 108

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Exam SC-100 Dumps: Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect

About Exam SC-100

This test assesses your abilities to build a Zero Trust strategy and architecture, evaluate Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) technical strategies and security operations strategies, design infrastructure security, and develop a data and application strategy.

The Microsoft cybersecurity architect possesses subject matter expertise in building and evolving a cybersecurity strategy to defend an organization’s mission and business processes across all parts of enterprise architecture. The cybersecurity architect creates a Zero Trust strategy and architecture, covering data, application, access management, identity, and infrastructure security techniques.

The cybersecurity architect also assesses Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) technological initiatives and security operational plans. The cybersecurity architect works consistently with executives and practitioners in IT security, privacy, and other positions across an organization to create and implement a cybersecurity strategy that fits the business goals of the firm.

A brief overview of SC-100 Exam

Some basic information about SC-100 is given below:

Exam name  Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect
Exam Code  SC-100
Language English
Retirement date none
Passing marks 700/1000
Duration 2hours
No of Questions  40-60 Questions
Exam fee $165 USD* however, the price varies depending on the country where the exam is invigilated. Like for India, it is ₹4800 INR*while for UK it is £113 GBP*

Interested Audience

The Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect exam is for candidates with advanced knowledge and competence in security engineering domains such as identity and access, platform protection, security operations, data security, and application security. They should also have experience with hybrid and cloud deployments.

Exam Syllabus

This exam assesses your ability to complete the technical topics listed below, based on the most recent update from Microsoft Learning.

  • Design a Zero Trust strategy and architecture (30–35%)
  • Evaluate Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) technical strategies and security operations strategies (20–25%)
  • Design security for infrastructure (20–25%)
  • Design a strategy for data and applications (20–25%)

Remember that the bullets after each of the skills to be evaluated are supposed to show how we are assessing that competency. This isn’t a comprehensive or final list.

Also keep in mind that the majority of questions are about things that are open to everyone (GA). If you use the Preview features frequently, the exam may include questions about them. Further information can be obtained by clicking on the following LINK.

Now look at the detailed contents of the course:

Design a Zero Trust strategy and architecture (30–35%)

Build an overall security strategy and architecture

  • identify the integration points in an architecture by using Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture (MCRA)
  • translate business goals into security requirements\
  • translate security requirements into technical capabilities, including security services, security products, and security processes
  • design security for a resiliency strategy
  • integrate a hybrid or multi-tenant environment into a security strategy
  • develop a technical and governance strategy for traffic filtering and segmentation

Design a security operations strategy

  • design a logging and auditing strategy to support security operations
  • develop security operations to support a hybrid or multi-cloud environment
  • design a strategy for SIEM and SOAR
  • evaluate security workflows
  • evaluate a security operations strategy for incident management lifecycle
  • evaluate a security operations strategy for sharing technical threat intelligence

Design an identity security strategy

Note: includes hybrid and multi-cloud

  • design a strategy for access to cloud resources
  • recommend an identity store (tenants, B2B, B2C, hybrid)
  • recommend an authentication strategy
  • recommend an authorization strategy
  • design a strategy for conditional access
  • design a strategy for role assignment and delegation
  • design security strategy for privileged role access to infrastructure including identity based firewall rules, Azure PIM
  • design security strategy for privileged activities including PAM, entitlement management, cloud tenant administration

Evaluate Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) technical strategies and security operations strategies (20–25%)

Design a regulatory compliance strategy

  • interpret compliance requirements and translate into specific technical capabilities (new or existing)
  • evaluate infrastructure compliance by using Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • interpret compliance scores and recommend actions to resolve issues or improve security
  • design implementation of Azure Policy
  • design for data residency requirements
  • translate privacy requirements into requirements for security solutions

Evaluate security posture and recommend technical strategies to manage risk

  • evaluate security posture by using benchmarks (including Azure security benchmarks, ISO 2701, etc.)
  • evaluate security posture by using Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • evaluate security posture by using Secure Scores
  • evaluate security posture of cloud workloads
  • design security for an Azure Landing Zone
  • interpret technical threat intelligence and recommend risk mitigations
  • recommend security capabilities or controls to mitigate identified risks

Design security for infrastructure (20–25%)

Design a strategy for securing server and client endpoints

NOTE: includes hybrid and multi-cloud

  • specify security baselines for server and client endpoints
  • specify security requirements for servers, including multiple platforms and operating systems
  • specify security requirements for mobile devices and clients, including endpoint protection, hardening, and configuration
  • specify requirements to secure Active Directory Domain Services
  • design a strategy to manage secrets, keys, and certificates
  • design a strategy for secure remote access

Design a strategy for securing SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services

  • specify security baselines for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services
  • specify security requirements for IoT workloads
  • specify security requirements for data workloads, including SQL, Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse, and Azure Cosmos DB
  • specify security requirements for web workloads, including Azure App Service
  • specify security requirements for storage workloads, including Azure Storage
  • specify security requirements for containers
  • specify security requirements for container orchestration

Design a strategy for data and applications (20–25%)

Specify security requirements for applications

  • specify priorities for mitigating threats to applications
  • specify a security standard for onboarding a new application
  • specify a security strategy for applications and APIs Design a strategy for securing data
  • specify priorities for mitigating threats to data
  • design a strategy to identify and protect sensitive data
  • specify an encryption standard for data at rest and in motion

Exam Pre-Requisites:

Candidates for this exam ought to have advanced knowledge and experience in a variety of security engineering domains, including as identity and access, platform protection, security operations, data security, and application security. They should also have prior hybrid and cloud deployment experience.

Candidates must additionally complete one of the following tests to earn the Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect certification: SC-200, SC-300, AZ-500, or MS-500. This is something we strongly advise you to complete before taking the exam.

Why Should You Take the SC-100 Exam?

Am going to highlight some reason for which you should take this exam:

1. Improved Career:

Microsoft’s intense course will provide you new skills and knowledge. Learn best at an authorized IT college. “Consultant syndrome” may be familiar. If not, try: Your answer to an issue in your field isn’t applied. A consultant arrives, provides your solution, and it’s executed. Why? Consultant syndrome develops for several causes, including the greater credibility of certified and specialized specialists. By acquiring a Microsoft certification, YOUR expert opinion will carry greater weight in decision-making.

2. Improved visibility:

It might be difficult to distinguish yourself from the large pool of other applicants, whether you are seeking for a new job or attempting to grow in the position that you now have. The Microsoft Certification Training can help you stand out from the competition by providing further certification of your experience.

You may visibly highlight your experience by include a Microsoft certification badge that says “Microsoft certified Cybersecurity Architect” rather to simply stating “Cybersecurity Architect” in the skills part of your resume. Alternatively, you can list “Cybersecurity Architect.” In addition, the certification program makes it simple for you to submit your credentials online, which may help you stand out among your professional network when you are looking for new job.

3. Higher growth potential

Passing Microsoft Certified exams would help you get a job by boosting your CV, but it can also help you advance inside your existing organization. You may be more likely to negotiate a salary rise if you have the certification program’s credentials. Those credentials may also make you a more appealing candidate for advancement inside your existing company. The knowledge you get through Microsoft certification training should help you become more productive and better equipped to address challenges, preparing you for leadership roles.

4. Flexibility of work

The availability of a Microsoft application online is a generation’s next great thing. From anywhere, you may share your work with business executives and stakeholders via the internet. This allows you to be more flexible at work, and your ability to operate MS applications quickly makes you a stellar leader.

The Most Effective Way to Prepare for SC-100 Exam

Here, I am sharing some tips that could be beneficial for you while preparing for SC-100 Exam:

1. Prepare a study plan.

A study plan might help your priorities the topics on the Microsoft SC-100 exam. If you don’t have a syllabus, you risk missing important information. Many of us do not live in a stress-free environment. During exam preparation, you must strike a balance between studying and resting.

Exam time should be increased for tough curriculum topics. This will help you to concentrate on the most difficult and crucial areas of the SC-100 exam.

2. Microsoft’s free & paid training material

On its website, Microsoft has also provided candidates with instructional resources. Microsoft offers a variety of study materials to help you prepare for the SC-100 exam. The official Microsoft training program is a terrific option if you have some spare time and money to spend on Microsoft SC-100 exam preparation.

The first is a free service, whereas the second is a paid service. This training course will assist you in better preparing and learning, and it will be led by experts in the field.

3. Microsoft Learning Partners

Blended learning, in-person instruction, and online instruction are some of the different types of training that are offered by Microsoft Learning Partners. Regardless of whether you’re an individual trying to advance your career or a manager looking to improve your team’s cloud capabilities, Microsoft Learning Partners has a variety of training options to match your needs. Microsoft Learning Partners all around the world have fulfilled the standards of the program in order to instruct Microsoft-created training content that is delivered by Microsoft Certified Trainers.

4. Training Videos

There are various sources for both free and paid video instruction. They usually go into greater depth and explain the subject, as well as being peer-reviewed to ensure quality. When it comes to YouTube and Udemy, the quality of the video is determined by the person who made it, so check the reviews carefully.

5. Dumpsgate

Taking practice exams is the greatest approach to prepare for the Microsoft SC-100 exam. If you are convinced that you can answer the SC-100 exam questions, you should take the practice tests. Dumpsgate has the most up-to-date practice exams. Each SC-100 practice exam will help you figure out where you stand in terms of preparation.

You can see how far you’ve come and where you still need to improve. Dumpsgate has a big number of practice questions to help you prepare for the SC-100 test.


In the modern digital world, the Microsoft SC-100 PDF Exam 2024 is of surprisingly significant importance. The incorporation of the Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert SC 100 test into each and every facet of everyday life has elevated the value of the Microsoft SC-100 exam to a whole new level. In order to be successful, passing the SC-100 Microsoft certification test is now an absolute need.

This criterion has become an absolute must. Students taking the Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect test have a significantly increased probability of finding respectable employment in the market. The SC-100 test teaches students of Microsoft how to answer problems in a critical way that are related to the Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect exam in a way that is effective and leaves no room for uncertainty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Microsoft Security certification is best?

Certain certifications, such as the Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Associate Certificate, place a significant amount of emphasis on the need of maintaining security and compliance in an Office 365 setting. It is highly recommended that you obtain this certificate if you are working toward a position as a security administrator.

2. What is Cyber Security Microsoft?

Protecting your digital information, devices, and assets is an essential part of practicing cybersecurity, which is also known as digital security. This includes any and all of your private information, accounts, files, and images, as well as any money you may have. The team responsible for Microsoft’s cybersecurity strategy works in partnership with governments and policymakers all across the world, bringing together legal and policy knowledge with technological know-how.

3. What is security operations analyst?

A corporation, organization, or government agency may employ a security operations analyst to assist in the process of identifying and mitigating potential threats to the integrity of their computer network.

4. What are the Microsoft security certifications?

The following is a list of certifications in security that Microsoft offers:

  • Exam SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst
  • Exam SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator
  • Exam SC-400: Microsoft Information Protection Administrator
  • Exam SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals

5. Does Microsoft offer cyber security?

Yes! The team responsible for Microsoft’s cybersecurity strategy works in partnership with governments and policymakers all across the world, bringing together legal and policy knowledge with technological know-how. Microsoft has introduced new cybersecurity services that will assist customers in protecting themselves from ransomware and other types of threats.

6. Which cyber security certificate is best?

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification is one of the most sought-after certifications in the business. It is offered by the Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2). Earning your Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential proves that you have extensive expertise in information technology security and the ability to plan, execute, and manage a cybersecurity program.

7. Which certification is best for Cyber security entry level?

The CompTIA Security+ certification is a certification that is more appropriate for beginners than the ISC Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) certification, and it may be the initial step toward occupations such as cybersecurity specialist or security administrator.

8. Are Microsoft certifications Recognized?

A professional advantage may be gained by obtaining Microsoft Certifications since they provide evidence of having mastered abilities in a digital and cloud-based corporate environment. These certifications are widely recognized and acknowledged by industry.

9. How to pass SC-100 Exam?

You can pass the SC-100 test if you study the various dumps examinations that are accessible online. If you do this, you will be able to pass the exam. And for that reason, I strongly suggest that you look into the Dumpsgate dumps. Students have a better chance of passing the SC-100 exam if they utilize the high-quality and up-to-date test resources that are provided by Dumpsgate. Regular content revisions and changes to the SC-100 exam material are being worked on by some of the most experienced Microsoft professionals available.

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