2024 Updated Microsoft PL-500 Dumps for Power Automate RPA Developer Exam

Real Microsoft PL-500 Exam Dumps

Exam Title: Microsoft Power Automate RPA Developer Exam

Certification Name: Microsoft Certified: Power Automate RPA Developer Associate

Exam Code: PL-500

Total Questions: 107

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Exam PL-500 Dumps: Microsoft Power Automate RPA Developer

About PL-500 Exam:

The Microsoft Power Automate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer exam will grant you access to the new Microsoft Certified: Power Automate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer, Associate certification! It is now available to take this exam in Beta and save up to 80% off the market price by using the code PL500. The code is not confidential, and seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

This test assesses your ability to perform the following technical tasks: design solutions, develop solutions, deploy solutions, and manage solutions.

PL-500 Exam Information:

Some basic information about PL-500 is given below:

Exam name Microsoft Power Automate RPA Developer (beta)
Exam Code PL-500
Language English
Retirement date None
Passing marks 700/1000
Passing marks 700/1000 (Beta exams are not scored immediately because they gather data on the quality of the questions and the exam)
Exam fee $165 USD* however, the price varies depending on the country where the exam is invigilated. Like for India it is ₹4800 INR*while for UK it is £113 GBP*

Who can participate in PL-500 Exam?

Candidates for this exam use Microsoft Power Automate to automate time-consuming and repetitive processes. They examine solution requirements, document processes, and design, develop, troubleshoot, & evaluate solutions.

Candidates collaborate with stakeholders in the organization to optimize and automate business procedures. They work with administrators to deploy solutions to production environments and provide support for those solutions.

Exam Knowledge Requirements for PL-500:

Candidates should be familiar with JSON, cloud flows, and desktop flows, as well as integrating solutions with REST and SOAP services and analyzing data using Microsoft Excel, VBScript, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), HTML, JavaScript, one or more programming languages, and the Microsoft Power Platform suite of tools (AI Builder, Power Apps, Dataverse, and Power Virtual Agents).

Course Content of PL-500 Exam:

This exam assesses your ability to complete the technical topics listed below, based on the most recent update from Microsoft Learning.

  • Design solutions (25–30%)
  • Develop solutions (40–45%)
  • Deploy and manage solutions (30–35%)

Remember that the bullets after each of the skills to be evaluated are supposed to show how we are assessing that competency. This isn’t a comprehensive or final list.

Also keep in mind that the majority of questions are about things that are open to everyone (GA). If you use the Preview features frequently, the exam may include questions about them. Further information can be obtained by clicking on the following LINK.

Now look at the detailed contents of the course:

Design solutions (25–30%)

Determine how to interact with an application targeted for automation

  • evaluate whether a target application can be automated
  • choose which automation technology to use to interact with a target application, including using selectors and user interface element inspection
  • plan connection, payload, and other relevant information for required APIs
  • verify access to target applications

Determine which types of Power Automate flows to implement

  • differentiate cloud flows and desktop flows
  • select which logical components are required for a solution, including flows, triggers, connectors, canvas apps, and model-driven apps
  • develop a strategy for running flows, including running flows serially or in parallel
  • choose connectors for a solution, including custom connectors

Design the solution

  • design an automation model that includes required flow types and automation methods
  • select the types of triggers to use to meet specific business requirements
  • choose whether to run the solution attended versus unattended
  • develop fault tolerance requirements for the solution
  • design required user interface elements for a solution
  • design retry and exception handling logic
  • design a strategy for scaling a solution and reusing solution components
  • design required variables and variable types

Develop solutions (40–45%)

Create core solution components

  • create custom connectors
  • create components to launch, connect to, and authenticate with target applications
  • create components to perform business logic and process transactional work
  • create components to safely exit from and close target applications
  • create components that perform actions by calling external APIs
  • implement actions to perform application integration tasks
  • implement system actions to run custom scripts and change target screen resolution
  • implement Power Automate actions to run Microsoft Office scripts
  • create flows by using Microsoft Visio, the mobile app for Power Automate, and other tools

Configure solution components

  • select an environment for the solution, and configure environment details
  • Map target application accounts to environments and other solution components
  • configure connection features, and manage references to connections
  • configure flow queues, triggers, and schedules

Enhance solution components

  • create exception handling blocks to manage business and system exceptions
  • create routines to handle and log errors and business exceptions
  • create routines to manipulate Power Automate data objects, including JSON objects
  • configure role-based security
  • configure security for sensitive data

Integrate AI Builder and Azure Cognitive Services with solutions

  • describe use cases for and capabilities of AI Builder
  • describe the Bring your own AI model feature
  • differentiate between prebuilt and custom-trained AI Builder models
  • select the appropriate AI Builder model for a solution

Finalize development and test solutions

  • differentiate between features and behaviors of debug and compiled solutions
  • create and implement a test plan
  • perform unit testing, and resolve identified issues
  • configure and run attended and unattended desktop flows
  • debug solutions by using Power Automate debugging features, including Run from here and breakpoints.
  • identify machine-level differences and dependencies
  • prepare and deploy solutions to a user acceptance testing (UAT) environment

Deploy and manage solutions (30–35%)

Configure solution infrastructure

  • configure machine management options, including machine registration and machine groups
  • implement queue management to distribute workloads
  • implement logging and alerts
  • implement role-based access control (RBAC)
  • manage credentials by using Azure Key Vault
  • determine whether to implement data loss prevention (DLP) policies at the tenant level or the environment level
  • implement Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies and other options to protect sensitive and
  • Confidential data
  • connect to on-premises data by using a data gateway

Prepare solutions for deployment to production

  • create and manage environment variables and solution configuration files
  • select a package type, and prepare a solution package
  • configure priority for flows
  • configure machines and machine groups
  • configure child flows

Deploy and manage solutions

  • replicate settings from development and user acceptance testing (UAT) environments to production
  • deploy a solution to a production environment
  • describe use cases for and capabilities of process advisor
  • monitor solutions by using process advisor
  • upgrade and patch solutions

Share solutions and collaborate with others

  • describe the process for sharing solutions
  • create a copy of a cloud flow, and send the flow to other users
  • share a cloud flow with a user as a co-owner or run-only user
  • share a desktop flow
  • share machines and machine groups

Reasons to start taking PL-500 Exam:

Microsoft Certifications can help you advance your career in the IT industry! If you’re still not sure whether you should take this exam or not, check out the following advantages.

1. Improve your performance

IT certifications might help you get forward in your profession. You can expect to breeze through your interview with Microsoft PL-500 certification. This solution will help you stand out and get a job soon. This is because hiring managers are aware of what you bring to the table and how valuable you may be to their company. Microsoft PL-500 certified professionals have a 25% higher chance of getting promoted or getting a raise than their non-certified counterparts.

Certifications certify your talents; in fact, they demonstrate that you are competent of doing specific activities using Microsoft services.

2. You became extremely valuable to your company

Certified experts, according to management, provide superior value and have a direct impact on their organizations. According to the report, they are 90 percent more productive than non-certified coworkers. Every company wants to hire high-performing employees, and if you have a Microsoft PL-500 certificate on your resume, you may expect to land the job of your dreams immediately.

You will advance up the career ladder more quickly if you provide value. Microsoft Certification can provide you with this. In the process of studying for the exam, you will gain skills and information. As your job progresses, you will be required to continue learning. This allows you to advance in your career and achieve your objectives faster.

3. Future development possibilities

This certification guarantees your success. About 23% of Microsoft certified employees said they received a raise of up to 20%. It also assists in the pursuit of more complex IT goals.

Certifications increase your chances of landing a better job. There are numerous certifications available; you can obtain any certification that piques your interest. MCSA and MCSE were dropped from the game in recent years. The certification process was modified from “product specific” to “job specific” by Microsoft. This modification demonstrated that the role is more essential than the product.

How to clear the PL-500 Exam? Tips and Tricks

Microsoft exams might be stressful because they affect whether or not you obtain a Microsoft certification. You may assume that passing the PL-500 test is difficult, but with thorough preparation and dedication, you may pass it. Here are some tips to help you pass this test:

1. Follow Microsoft’s Official guidelines:

For most, if not all, exams, Microsoft provides two basic preparation methods:

  • Guided Learning Paths

Microsoft provides three free online guided learning pathways for this exam: Microsoft Endpoint Manager Foundations, How to modernize a business environment with Windows 10 and Microsoft 365, and How to manage enterprise deployment with Microsoft 365.

Guided learning routes are ideal for students who have irregular schedules or prefer to introduce self-paced learning. They provide all the knowledge and information needed to effectively complete and pass the exam.

This is the best option for applicants who want to participate in a more traditional classroom setting. Candidates can study with other experts by participating in relevant discussions and debating.

2. Make Your Own Study Plan

Everything worthwhile in life requires a strategy. To pass the PL-500 exam, you must devise a study strategy. It might be a schedule that enables you to priorities your study time and make the most of it in preparation for the exam. To improve your retention, a study schedule for your Microsoft exam should allow you to train when you are most productive. It also informs you about your exam preparation progress.

3. Look for quality study materials and exam dumps

Clearing your exam will necessitate extensive preparation. Multiple Microsoft PL-500 test preparation alternatives are now accessible. Dumpsgate test dumps are something we recommend you look at. These dumps are a compilation of questions and answers that you might encounter on the test. Practicing with them before the exam is a good method to learn how to approach the questions.

Final Words for PL-500 Exam:

It was all about the PL-500 Exam. You should now be aware of all exam-passing strategies. You would be familiar with the exam syllabus. And the value of this exam will be raised for you once you understand its perks and advantages. You now have all you require to pass the pl-500 Exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Microsoft Power Automate an RPA?

Yes! Microsoft has been recognized a Leader in the Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for July 2021 . The Forrester WaveTM: Robotic Process Automation, Q1 2021 has declared Microsoft a Leader. RPA has also been integrated into other Microsoft applications, such as Power Platform.

2. Can I use Microsoft Power Automate for free?

Microsoft’s Power Automate Desktop is now available to all Windows 10 users for free. Microsoft recently announced that Power Automate Desktop, their enterprise-level tool for designing automated desktop-centric processes, will be made available for free to all Windows 10 users.

3. Is there certification for Power Automate?

Microsoft announces the Microsoft Certified: Power Automate RPA Developer Associate certification, which allows you to demonstrate your proficiency in designing robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to automate time-consuming and repetitive operations using Microsoft Power Automate.

4. What is the difference between RPA and Power Automate?

RPA is a sort of business automated processes that employs bots or artificial intelligence (AI) workers. It is intended to minimize monotonous chores, allowing humans to focus on what they do best. Scaling and automating business processes is difficult – Power Automate is Microsoft’s attempt to combine API-based and UI-based automation in a single solution.

5. What is Microsoft’s RPA equivalent?

Microsoft just announced two exciting Power Platform product releases. Microsoft Flow has been rebranded as Power Automate, and new Robotic Process Automation (RPA) features known as UI flows have been added.

6. What is pl-500 exam?

The new Microsoft Certified: Power Automate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer, Associate credential is available if you pass the Microsoft Power Automate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer exam. This test evaluates your abilities to create solutions, build solutions, deploy solutions, and manage solutions.

7. Which MCSA is most in demand?

  • Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104)
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)
  • DA-100: Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI.
  • Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-303)
  • Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500)
  • AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure etc. are among the most desirable Microsoft certifications nowadays.

8. What is Microsoft RPA tool?

Microsoft’s Power Automate supports RPA functionality for both modern applications with APIs and legacy applications with incomplete or missing APIs; it even allows you to combine legacy apps, current apps, and manual operations in a single automation.

9. What is the passing score for PL-500?

The passing score of PL-500 Exam is 700/1000 or 70%.

10. Is PL-500 difficult?

PL-500 is a bit difficult one, and it is recommended that who are expert in this field should invest in this exam, in order to polish their skills further.

11. Is the PL-500 worth it?

Definitely! It is not easy to pass the-500 beta exam. Passing this exam increases your value and makes you more precious; it is definitely worthwhile.

12. How can I study for PL 500?

You can prepare for the PL 500exam by studying the various dumps examinations accessible online. For example, I recommend that you look into Dumpsgate for this reason. Dumpsgate provides students with high-quality, up-to-date test materials to help them pass the PL 500 exam. On a regular basis, they have the best Microsoft experts working on content upgrades and PL 500 exam material updates.

13. What is a Beta Exam?

A beta exam is one that has not yet gone live. This step allows Microsoft to review and improve the exam’s quality. Because of the Beta status, there will be less study material available, however exam takers will be able to take the exam at an 80 percent discount or for free!

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