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Exam Title: Snowflake SnowPro Advanced: Data Scientist Certification

Certification Name: SnowPro Certification

Exam Code: DSA-C02

Total Questions: 65

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Valid Snowflake DSA-C02 Dumps with Real DSA-C02 Exam Questions For Any Exam

Being a data scientist seems to be a promising career role but it also demands continuous upskilling and learning. If you have been working in this domain, you must know that to build a promising career in data science, you need good knowledge and the latest skill sets. One way to level up your game in this domain is to get an industry-recognized certification. SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist is one of the prestigious certifications offered by Snowflake in the domain of data science. 

Moreover, getting this prestigious certification requires hard work and Dumpsgate Snowflake DSA-C02 helps you get this. This article will give a clear and precise idea of how these SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist dumps are life-savior. 

A Quick Overview of the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist Certification 

The SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist certification will test advanced knowledge and skills used to apply wide-ranging data science principles, tools, and methodologies using Snowflake.


The certification tests your ability in:

  • Outlining data science concepts
  • Implementing Snowflake data science best practices
  • Preparing data and feature engineering in Snowflake
  • Training and use of machine learning models
  • Using data visualization to present a business case

Ideal Candidate for the DSA-C02 Exam 

The candidate enrolling in this exam should have 2+ years of practical data science experience with Snowflake, working in an enterprise setting. Additionally, the candidate must have:

  • A statistical, mathematical, or science education (or equivalent work experience)
  • Strong grip and previous experience in working with one of the following programming languages (Python, R, SQL, PySpark, etc.)
  • Good command of modeling and using machine learning platforms ( SageMaker, Azure Machine Learning, GCP AI Platform, AutoML tools, etc.)
  • Experience assembling, cleaning, and transforming data sets from various sources.
  • Experience developing features for machine learning training.
  • Experience in validated and interpreted models.  
  • Implemented and monitored production models.
  • Used visualization tools to convey data.

Intended Audience 

The exam is targeted for data scientists and AI/ML Engineers

Exam Breakdown and Other Pertinent Information 

Exam Code DSA-C02
Exam Format 65 Multiple Select, Multiple Choice Questions
Time Limit 115 minutes
Language English
Pass Score 750 + Scaled Scoring from 0 – 1000
Prerequisites SnowPro Core Certified

Updated Syllabus For DSA-C02 Exam – 2024

Below are the domains and their % weightage which constitute the major portion of the exam:

Domain and % Weightage

1.0 Data Science Concepts 15-20%

2.0 Data Pipelining 15-20%

3.0 Data Preparation and Feature Engineering 30-35%

4.0 Model Development 15-20%

5.0 Model Deployment 15-20% 

Master Your Success: The Crucial Role of Dumpsgate SnowFlake DSA-C02 Exam Dumps

When you first look into the comprehensive exam syllabus, it may daunt you but always remember big success comes with a lot of struggle. You can’t expect to be spoon-fed by anyone or rely on sheer luck for ultimate success.  In the fast-paced realm of certification exams,  finding genuine study materials is vital to achieving triumph. Our SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist exam questions emerge as the secret weapon in your arsenal, propelling you toward unparalleled success. These meticulously and in-depth crafted dumps give you a streamlined pathway to comprehension, offering a dynamic blend of real-world examples and coverage of exam domains.

Having our 100% refreshed SnowPro Advanced test dumps in your learning resources is akin to unveiling a multitude of information, enabling you to learn concepts with complete accuracy and fortify your confidence before the actual exam day. Without any second thought download our DSA-C02 actual exam questions and witness not just a study aid but a gateway to transforming the challenging exam journey into achievable success. Begin your success story with these wide-ranging exam questions. 

How Dumpsgate SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist: DSA-C02 Dumps Stand Out Unmatched In Sea of Exam Dumps?

The thing here is not to prove our success but to show why you should put your trust in us. Our Snowflake DSA-C02 exam dumps stand out as unmatched in the sea of exam prep material because of their compelling features that elevate the candidate’s learning experience. 

Firstly, these SnowPro Advanced exam questions have precision and relevance that is unparalleled, reflecting the actual exam scenario with every little detail. This relevance assists candidates in getting acquainted themselves with the format, content, and challenges they will encounter in the actual exam, promoting a sense of preparedness.

Secondly, the comprehensive and in-depth coverage ensures that every facet and objective is covered, leaving no knowledge gap unchecked. These Snowflake DSA-C02 test dumps don’t merely just scratch the surface, they delve deep into the exam domains, establishing a thorough learning. 

Thirdly, these exam questions are adapting in nature that cater to each candidate’s learning needs and according to their pace. The versatility and dependability of these exam questions set a benchmark, making them a vital tool for excelling in the certification journey. 

Super-Duper Features of Dumpsgate DSA-C02 Exam Dumps

Stay Ahead of the Learning Curve with 100% Updated Content

Our exam questions are designed to be 100% real, authentic, and dependable. The exam questions also guarantee that they contain the latest and most relevant information, allowing you to stay abreast with changes and modifications within the exam syllabus. 

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With the help of these real exam questions, you can immerse yourself in a practical learning experience with questions crafted from real-world scenarios. Moreover, our test dumps help you bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application, ensuring a comprehensive preparation.

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The adaptive nature of exam questions made it easy to cater to your learning approach, ensuring adaptive questions that adjust to your proficiency level. Moreover, they increase efficiency by focusing on the areas that need improvement and gauging your preparation level. 

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Our exam questions cover call exam objectives, leaving no topic or statement untouched. With these dumps, you can have a holistic preparation that provides you with the in-depth knowledge needed to excel in the exam.

User-friendly Format

The intuitive interface is designed for easy navigation and seamless user experience. The format is easily readable and there are organized sections for quick access to specific topics to save your study time.

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We all know that certification exam changes are subject to change without any prior notification. For this, we offer one-click updates that help you stay current with the latest content revisions. Moreover, our team tries their utmost effort to ensure that our study material is in sync with the most recent exam requirements and syllabus.

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What is the passing score for the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist exam?

To attain success on the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist exam, you must have a 750 score on a scale range of 0-1000.

How much does the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist certification exam cost?

The SnowPro advanced data scientist certification exam costs $375 (per exam attempt). Each registration will require the full 375 USD amount. 

How hard is SnowPro’s advanced data scientist certification?

Well, describing the difficulty level of any exam is difficult because it varies according to each individual. Generally, it is considered a terribly difficult certification for a person who is not acquainted with Snowflake and doesn’t have good experience in data science. Most of the people who enrolled in the exam referred to this certification exam as the most difficult. However, if you have enough experience, meet the eligibility criteria, work with Snowflake, and study properly, you can achieve triumph in this exam.  Moreover, if you spend maximum study time, prepare with a holistic study approach, and study with our trustworthy DSA-C02 dumps, you can swiftly pass the exam. Don’t worry and give your best shot! 

How many questions are on the SnowPro advanced data scientist exam?

The exam consists of 65 questions that are mainly multiple-select, and multiple-choice. 

Do you have to learn to code for the SnowPro advanced data scientist exam?

Yes! The SnowPro advanced data scientist needs you to have experience with any of the following programming language

  • Python
  • R
  • SQL
  • PySpark

What happens if you fail the DSA-C02 exam attempt?

Well, you can re-appear in the exam. You can attempt this exam 4 times in 12 months. However, after three attempts, it is recommended to attend one of the onsite Snowflake training courses. 

Does SnowPro’s advanced data scientist certification expire?

All SnowPro certifications automatically expire two after you pass the exam. You are entitled to apply for a SnowPro Recertification exam six months before your certification expires.

How can you prepare for the Snowflake DSA-C02 exam?

Several ways will help you to prepare for the SnowPro advanced data scientist exam but you must choose the one that is cost-effective, less time-consuming, and ensures thorough preparation. Snowflake offers online training, a study guide, and various other resources. If you can afford online training, you must give it a try. It surely helps you in effective preparation. However, not everyone can afford to spend so much on preparing for one certification exam. You can opt for free resources from Snowflake as well as our DSA-C02 actual exam questions are a useful way of effective preparation. 

Are there any prerequisites for getting SnowPro advanced data scientist certification?

Well, yes! Besides meeting the eligibility criteria, you also have to pass the SnowPro core certification as a prerequisite for SnowPro advanced data scientist certification. 


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