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Exam Title: Microsoft Implementing Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Fabric

Certification Name: Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate

Exam Code: DP-600

Total Questions: 80

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New Launch DP-600 Dumps Questions (2024) 

Cracking the DP-600 exam is one of the challenging tasks for the candidates who are desiring to make their career as Fabric Solutions professionals. Implementing Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Fabric exam with the exam code DP-600 exam is the best exam in this field. This exam is focused and skill-oriented. Passing this exam requires you to have a strong grip over your concepts. For concept building, you must have the authentic and real exam dumps. Dumpsgate offers the most precise and genuine dumps for the DP-600 exam. Preparing from our dumps will not only polish your exam taking skills but also help to boost your exam taking skills much times higher. 

How many questions are there in the DP-600 exam?

There are 50-60 questions in the DP-600 exam 

What is the format of the questions in the DP-600 exam?

DP-600 exam contains 

  • Multiple choice questions with a single correct answer
  • Multiple response questions where multiple answers are correct
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Drag answers in the right order

What are the roles and responsibilities of DP-600 Professionals?

The certified professionals are responsible for transforming data into reusable analytics assets by using Microsoft Fabric components, such as:

  • Lakehouses
  • Data warehouses
  • Notebooks
  • Dataflows
  • Data pipelines
  • Semantic models
  • Reports

What are the prerequisites to take the DP-600 exam?

DP-600 exam is suitable for the candidates who have a good deal of knowledge in:

  • Data modeling
  • Data transformation
  • Git-based source control
  • Exploratory analytics
  • Languages, including Structured Query Language (SQL), Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), and PySpark

What Topics are Included in DP-600?

The following detailed topics are included in the DP-600 exam:

  • Plan, implement, and manage a solution for data analytics (10–15%)

Plan a data analytics environment

  • Identify requirements for a solution, including components, features, performance, and capacity stock-keeping units (SKUs)
  • Recommend settings in the Fabric admin portal
  • Choose a data gateway type
  • Create a custom Power BI report theme

Implement and manage a data analytics environment

  • Implement workspace and item-level access controls for Fabric items
  • Implement data sharing for workspaces, warehouses, and lakehouses
  • Manage sensitivity labels in semantic models and lakehouses
  • Configure Fabric-enabled workspace settings
  • Manage Fabric capacity

Manage the analytics development lifecycle

  • Implement version control for a workspace
  • Create and manage a Power BI Desktop project (.pbip)
  • Plan and implement deployment solutions
  • Perform impact analysis of downstream dependencies from lakehouses, data warehouses, dataflows, and semantic models
  • Deploy and manage semantic models by using the XMLA endpoint
  • Create and update reusable assets, including Power BI template (.pbit) files, Power BI data source (.pbids) files, and shared semantic models
  • Prepare and serve data (40–45%)

Create objects in a lakehouse or warehouse

  • Ingest data by using a data pipeline, dataflow, or notebook
  • Create and manage shortcuts
  • Implement file partitioning for analytics workloads in a lakehouse
  • Create views, functions, and stored procedures
  • Enrich data by adding new columns or tables

Copy data

  • Choose an appropriate method for copying data from a Fabric data source to a lakehouse or warehouse
  • Copy data by using a data pipeline, dataflow, or notebook
  • Add stored procedures, notebooks, and dataflows to a data pipeline
  • Schedule data pipelines
  • Schedule dataflows and notebooks

Transform data

  • Implement a data cleansing process
  • Implement a star schema for a lakehouse or warehouse, including Type 1 and Type 2 slowly changing dimensions
  • Implement bridge tables for a lakehouse or a warehouse
  • Denormalize data
  • Aggregate or de-aggregate data
  • Merge or join data
  • Identify and resolve duplicate data, missing data, or null values
  • Convert data types by using SQL or PySpark
  • Filter data

Optimize performance

  • Identify and resolve data loading performance bottlenecks in dataflows, notebooks, and SQL queries
  • Implement performance improvements in dataflows, notebooks, and SQL queries
  • Identify and resolve issues with Delta table file sizes
  • Implement and manage semantic models (20–25%)

Design and build semantic models

  • Choose a storage mode, including Direct Lake
  • Identify use cases for DAX Studio and Tabular Editor 2
  • Implement a star schema for a semantic model
  • Implement relationships, such as bridge tables and many-to-many relationships
  • Write calculations that use DAX variables and functions, such as iterators, table filtering, windowing, and information functions
  • Implement calculation groups, dynamic strings, and field parameters
  • Design and build a large format dataset
  • Design and build composite models that include aggregations
  • Implement dynamic row-level security and object-level security
  • Validate row-level security and object-level security

Optimize enterprise-scale semantic models

  • Implement performance improvements in queries and report visuals
  • Improve DAX performance by using DAX Studio
  • Optimize a semantic model by using Tabular Editor 2
  • Implement incremental refresh
  • Explore and analyze data (20–25%)

Perform exploratory analytics

  • Implement descriptive and diagnostic analytics
  • Integrate prescriptive and predictive analytics into a visual or report
  • Profile data

Query data by using SQL

  • Query a lakehouse in Fabric by using SQL queries or the visual query editor
  • Query a warehouse in Fabric by using SQL queries or the visual query editor
  • Connect to and query datasets by using the XMLA endpoint

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What is the cost of the DP-600 exam?

The cost of the DP-600 exam is $165. 

What languages is the DP-600 offered?

DP-600 exam is offered in English. 

Does the DP-600 exam gets retired?

There is no retirement of the DP-600 exam. 

Do I need to renew the DP-600 exam?

Yes, you need to renew the DP-600 exam each year. 

Do I need to pay for taking the DP-600 exam?

No, you do not need to pay for taking the DP-600 exam. The exam is free of cost. 

How to prepare for the DP-600 exam?

To prepare for the DP-600 exam, follow these step:

  1. Study the official exam guide
  2. Choose an appropriate study course. 
  3. Practice the exam dumps. 
  4. Revise your concepts.  

What score is required to pass the DP-600 exam?

The passing criteria of Microsoft exams is the same. You must attain 700 marks to pass the exam. Thus, the passing percentage of the DP-600 exam is 70%. 

How hard is the DP-600 exam?

DP-600 exam is a tricky and a challenging exam. It has the hard fabric concepts that require you to have a strong grip over the basic and necessary data analytics concepts.

Can I retake the DP-600 exam?

The DP-600 test can be passed in five attempts within a year. You have a year from the date of your first attempt to use your attempts whenever you like. Twelve months after your first attempt, you can retake your sixth attempt after your five attempts are over.

How can I take the Dumpsgate DP-600 exam?

To get Dumpsgate DP-600 dumps, follow these steps:

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  2. In the ‘Exams’ section, click on ‘DP-600’ dumps.
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