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Exam Title: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure Exam

Certification Name: Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate

Exam Code: DP-300

Total Questions: 197

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Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure DP-300 Exam

Exam Overview for the DP-300.

The Microsoft DP-300 is developed for Azure database administrators. They are in charge of keeping databases secure and accessible. In addition, current relational database systems’ performance may be monitored and optimized.

This certification is an objective for Data Architects, Data Professionals, and for people who are handling data and databases available on Microsoft Azure.

Exam Code  DP-300
Exam Name Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure
Exam Cost USD 165
Passing score 700/1000 or 70%
Number of Questions  40-60
Exam Time Duration  150 minutes.
Language English, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions and Multiple Response Questions

Who Can Do DP-300 Certification?

You may be questioning Am I qualified for this Certification…?? Here is the solution for you

  • IT professionals with a focus on database design and development as well as application development.
  • People who want to be involved in maintaining databases.
  • A data administrator who is able to maintain the integrity of data and protect it from unauthorized access.
  • IT experts that have a deep grasp of data processing languages, such as SQL.
  • Applicants who are familiar with the basics of Azure.

Roles and Responsibilities

You will be expected to perform the following duties while working as an Azure Database Administrator:

  • Operational tasks should be carried out using a range of techniques and instruments.
  • Administer cloud-native and hybrid data platform systems based on Azure Data Services and SQL Server.
  • Handle mode of procedure of data platform offerings in tandem with the Azure Data Engineer position.
  • Analyze and optimize contemporary relational database systems for presence, security, and improvement.

Prerequisites for Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure DP-300 Exam

There aren’t any specific prerequisite certifications required to achieve before taking this exam.

  • Overall knowledge of IT skills will be beneficial.
  • Individuals developing applications that deliver content from SQL-based relational databases are the most appropriate target audience who can take up the “DP-300 Azure Database Administrator Associate Exam”.

Microsoft Exam “Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure DP-300 Exam Course Outline”

Creating and managing sales entities and configuring additional tools and services are among the tasks included in the Exam DP-300. As a consequence, students should read the course overview once to familiarize themselves with the objectives. Further guidance can be obtained by clicking on the following LINK

Module 1: “Plan and Implement Data Platform Resources (15-20%)”

Manually distribute resources.

  • Choose architectures for database deployment.
  • Customized deployment templates may be set up.
  • Update hybrid and IaaS installations with fixes and updates.

Propose a suitable database solution based on your needs.

  • Determining what is needed for a successful implementation.
  • Analyze potential database offers for their functional advantages and overall effect.
  • Analyze the potential database’s scalability.
  • Consider the database’s HA/DR capabilities.
  • Analyze the database’s security features to see whether they are adequate.

Perform resource configurations for scalability and Performance

  • Achieve optimal scalability and performance by setting up Azure SQL managed occurrences.
  • Setup SQL Server on Azure VMs for sustainability and efficiency.
  • Setup the Azure SQL database and elastic pools for high performance and scalability.
  • Calculate the number of resources needed.
  • Study the pros and cons of various methods for dividing up a database such as sharding.
  • A SQL Data Sync may be set up.

Moving to Azure should be evaluated.

  • Make a list of the things you’ll need to move.
  • Make a decision on whether to migrate offline or online.
  • Evaluate the upgrade’s needs.
  • Analyze the pros and cons of both offline and online upgrades.

Plan your move to Azure and develop a migration or upgrading plan.

  • A plan for online migration should be implemented.
  • Implement a plan for offline migration.
  • Develop a plan for internet upgrades.
  • Implement a method for offline upgrading.

Module 2: “Implement a Secure Environment (15-20%)”

By utilizing system and database tools, you may set up database authentication.

  • Authenticate with Azure AD using this method.
  • Create users from the Azure AD IDs.
  • Identify and set up security principles.

Database permission may be set up using the platform’s and the database’s built-in tools.

  • Implement database and object permissions with the use of visual tools.
  • All securable should be subject to the least privilege principle.

Consider using security measures to protect your data while it is in storage.

  • Set up Encryption for Transparent Data (TDE).
  • Encrypt data at the object level if possible.
  • Make use of Dynamic Data Masking.
  • Configure the Azure Virtual Machines with disk encryption and the Azure Key Vault.

Set up safeguards for the transfer of data.

  • Rule out unauthorized access to servers and databases via firewalls.
  • Use Always Encrypted to protect your data.

Procedures for sensitive data should be implemented to ensure its compliance.

  • The use of a data categorization approach.
  • Plan and implement server and database audits.
  • Data change tracking must be implemented.
  • Analyze your system for weaknesses. 

Module 3: Monitor and Optimize Operational Resources (15-20%)

Keep an eye on activity and results.

  • Preparation of a baseline for operational performance is a must.
  • Identify the sources of performance measurements.
  • Analyze and make sense of performance indicators.
  • Use Intelligent Insights for Azure SQL Database to monitor database performance.

An application that is being managed.

  • Setup and analyze architecture, host, process, and database activity and performance.

Maintain the performance of the system.

  • Involve yourself with index maintenance.
  • Take care of statistics-related responsibilities.
  • The database should be set up to automatically fine-tune.
  • Maintaining a database should be automated wherever possible.
  • Make use of available memory.

Identify the root causes of poor performance.

  • Gather performance statistics by configuring your query store.
  • Look for instances where blocking occurs.
  • Check for database and log growth and fragmentation.
  • Analyze database setup options that affect performance.

Adjust resources so that they function at their best.

  • Performance may be improved by configuring server and service account settings.
  • Storage and infrastructure resources must be configured.
  • Optimize the Resource Governor by configuring it for speed.

Perform a database configuration that is as efficient as possible.

  • Specify database-specific settings.
  • Scale computing resources by configuring them in a scalable manner.
  • Establish an “Intelligent Query Processing System (IQP)”.

Module 4: “Optimize Query Performance (5-10%)”

Check out the queries.

  • Know the best way to carry out the project.
  • Currently recognized of weakness in a plan’s implementation.
  • Extracted from the Query Store, query plans may be extracted.

Take a look at how your performance has improved.

  • In order to get query performance statistics, choose the relevant Dynamic Management Views (DMVs).
  • Use DMVs to find out what’s causing your computer to run slowly.
  • Changes to the index should be identified and put into effect.
  • Recommend changes to query constructs depending on resource use.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of query tips.

Check out the database tables and indexes.

  • Analyze the duplicated data to see whether there are problems with its quality.
  • Recognize the standard table structure of a database.
  • Consider the index’s performance while designing it.
  • Verify the specified column data types.
  • Consider using file groups to store your tables and indexes.
  • Your table partitioning approach should be reviewed.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of table and index compression.

Module 5: “Perform Automation of Tasks (10–15%)”

Create tasks that can be completed at a predetermined time.

  • Organize the routine maintenance work that must be done.
  • The multi-server automation may now be set up
  • Notifications may be set up to notify you when a process completes, fails, or does not complete.

Analyze and develop a notification and alerting strategy.

  • Use metrics to create event alerts.
  • Set up alerts for Azure resources when certain events occur.
  • Configure alerts to notify you when server settings change.
  • Create tasks that are triggered by events and react appropriately.

Tasks in Azure may be managed and automated in several ways.

  • Resource deployment may be done using automated ways.
  • Backing up automatically.
  • Automated optimization and patching.
  • Using modalities of automated assessment, implement policies.

Module 6: “Plan and Implement a High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) Environment (15-20%)”

For a data infrastructure solution, recommend a HADR approach.

  • Depending on the RPO/RTO criteria, recommend a HADR approach
  • Consider HADR for hybrid installations
  • Inquire about Azure-based HADR options 
  • Always have a copy of your data backed up.

Analyze the effectiveness of a HADR approach employing platform, operating system, and database resources.

  • Failover may be used to test HA.
  • Failover or restoration tests DR

Use database technologies to backup and restore a database.

  • A data backup with configurations may be performed
  • With parameters, do a database restore
  • Restore the database to a previous state.
  • Define backup retention for the lengthy period

Configure HA/DR using tools for the operating system, platform, and database.

  • Set up a replication system.
  • Availability Groups may be created.
  • Set up groups for automatic failover.
  • An Accessibility Group may be used to host a database.
  • Specify the quorum choices for a failover cluster in Windows Server 2008.
  • Set a listener for a Durability Group. 

Module 7: “Perform Administration by Using T-SQL (10–15%)”

Analyze the overall strength of the system.

  • DMVs may be used to monitor server health.
  • Utilizing DMVs, check the strength of your database.
  • Use DBCC to perform consistency tests on the database.

T-SQL may be used to monitor database settings.

  • Perform an audit of your database’s automatic expansion.
  • Analyze the amount of available disk space in your database.
  • Take a look at the database choices.

T-SQL may be used to do database backups and restores.

  • Assemble databases in preparation for Always On Availability Group deployment.
  • Take a copy of your transaction log for safekeeping.
  • Perform a database restoration for all users.
  • The ability to customize database backups is available.

T-SQL may be used to manage user authentication.

  • Certificates may be managed.
  • Manage the fundamentals of security.

T-SQL may be used to manage access permissions.

  • Specify database object access rights for users.
  • Custom roles may be used to set permissions.

The Advantages of DP-300 Certification

  • Database administrators are in high demand. Almost any industry has a prominent place for them.
  • Earning a credential opens up new job possibilities and raises one’s salary considerably.
  • Your chances of getting selected for a position might be improved by using this certificate to update your profile.

A Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure Administrator’s pay

Microsoft Certified Azure Database Administrator pay estimates are critical in this topic. Why? The desire to make money is the primary driver for cloud professionals in their pursuit of various career paths.

It is estimated that the yearly compensation for a Microsoft Certified Azure Database Administrator ranges from USD 90k to USD 112k. As part of their compensation, Microsoft Certified Azure Database Administrators get perks such as health insurance and paid time off. In addition, participation in various initiatives and the accumulation of expertise by experts may lead to long-term increases in compensation.

DP-300 Exam Day Tips

  • Don’t overthink any of the answers. There are no difficult circumstances in this certification exam. Either an answer is correct or incorrect.
  • If you can’t find the correct answer, choose the option that is as near to it as possible. Use the hints and terms in the question to your advantage.
  • Don’t go into too much detail while reading a DP-300 exam question, and don’t try to relate it to your own experiences. Get a sense of perspective and focus on the question at hand. Follow the instructions in the question and don’t come up with any extra or alternative situations in your mind.

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It’s time for you to get started on your DP-300 certification test preparations. The DP-300 test preparation guide provided here is the best approach to be ready for it. Additionally, applicants must be able to hold themselves accountable for sticking to their study schedules.

The material in this article is only one of several that may help you study for the DP-300 test. Azure SQL Database and Microsoft Azure Data Services FAQs and whitepapers might be useful resources for your preparation.

In conclusion, applicants must ensure that they adhere to the rightful material online. Do your research on the reliability of the educational materials and platforms you’re considering, and then make an educated decision. Set yourself up for success straight away by making preparations today!


1. Where can I get DP-300 test dumps?

If you need to prepare for an exam, you may want to check out sites like Dumpsgate, where experts in the subject field and working professionals may be found. When preparing for the exam, be confident in your talents and self-esteem.

2. Is DP-300 difficult?

An extremely difficult certification test, the DP-300, is offered. Exams for database administrators, data analysts, and anyone in the data management field who wants to prove their expertise should take the DP-300 certification exam.

3. What is DP-300 in Azure?  

Associate in Database Administration for Microsoft Azure (DP-300) Managing Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure is a significant focus of the exam that Microsoft has launched. Microsoft Azure data professionals and architects, as well as those in charge of managing data and databases, are encouraged to take this test.

4. What is DP certification?  

In order to operate boats that employ a dynamic position system, DP operators must be trained and qualified to do so.

5. How do I prepare for Azure DP 300?  

  • Incorporate Privacy into Your Workplace
  • Utilizing platforms and database tools, you may set up database authentication.
  • Using Azure SQL, you can set up and manage Azure AD’s authentication.
  • Ensure the safety of data while it is in transit or storage.
  • Incorporate security measures for data while it is in transit.
  • Make sure sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access.

6. How much do azure administrators make?  

Microsoft Azure Administrator salaries presently vary from USD 84k to USD 125k, with super-wealthy earning USD 163k yearly throughout the United States, while ZipRecruiter sees annual wages as much as USD 185.5k and as low as USD 26k.

7. Can I get a job with Azure certification?

After earning the badge, you have the option to pursue a career as a cloud administrator, developer, security engineer, data engineer, solutions architect, etc. All of these Azure-related job functions will be covered in-depth by the Azure certification program.

8. How many questions are on the DP-300?

There are 40-60 questions in the DP-300 exam.

9. How can I pass DP-300?

You can pass the DP-300 exam by doing preparation through various mediums available either on Microsoft’s official website or on other multiple resources in the form of tutorials, videos and exam dumps. Dumpsgate is providing best exam dumps right now.  

10. How much does a SQL DBA make?

The average SQL database administrator salary in the United States is $107,500 per year. Earning a starting salary of $97,500 per year and maximum earnings of $141,938 per year are typical for beginning and experienced professionals.

11. How do I become a SQL database administrator?

These are the stages to become a database administrator:

  1. Decide which technology: Oracle or Microsoft (usually).
  2. Learn the SQL for that database vendor.
  3. Learn more advanced SQL and database topics.
  4. Learn about database administration.
  5. Look for junior database developer roles.
  6. Get experience as a database developer.
  7. Look for junior database administrator roles.
  8. Move into a database administrator role.

12. Is it difficult to learn SQL?

In my opinion the answer is NO. The mechanics of SQL are quite easy to grasp. Creating databases, tables, and editing data is all simple enough. All you need is a basic knowledge of all the commands, and you’re ready to go.

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