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Exam Title: AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty DAS-C01 Exam

Certification Name: DAS-C01

Exam Code: DAS-C01 AWS-Certified-Big-Data-Specialty

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BEST Exam Dumps for AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam

DAS-C01 Exam Overview

If you work in a data analytics-related position, you should take the “AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialist (DAS-C01)” test. If a test taker can develop, implement and safeguard an analytics system that provides insight from data, this test will prove it. It confirms a candidate’s capacity to know fitting AWS data analytics services into collecting, storing, processing, and visualization of data workflow.

Exam Name Microsoft Azure Developing Solutions
Exam Code DAS-C01
Exam Cost USD 300
No. of Questions 65
Exam Time Duration 180 minutes
Passing score 750/1000 Or 75%
Language English, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
Format of Exam Multiple Choice Questions, Drag and Drop, Multiple Answers, Scenario-based


The AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty certification verifies a candidate’s skills to:

  • To begin, familiarize yourself with AWS data analytics services and how they integrate.
  • First of all, detailing how AWS data analytics services may be used to gather, store, analyze, and visualize a user’s data.

Who are the candidates Aiming For DAS-C01:

  • Someone who is a member of the IT industry
  • The ideal candidate would have experience as a Data Platform Engineer/Architect.
  • Aspiring Data Analysts Wanted
  • Candidates who are Data Scientists are sought.
  • Aspiring Solution Architect candidates.

Recommendation for Education and Expertise for AWS DAS-C01

Applicants for the “AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty” certification exam must meet the following requirements:

  • First, you must possess 5 years’ expertise working using tools of data analytics and 2 years of expertise directly with AWS.
  • Secondly, a good knowledge of AWS services for developing, constructing, protecting, and managing analytics applications is required.

Learner’s Purposes

Once you’ve finished this program, you’ll be able to

  • Systems for collecting data.
  • You will understand all the Data storage and management concerns.
  • Information technology services.
  • A method for visualizing the results of data analysis
  • Securing data analysis systems.

The AWS DAS-C01 Certification Training Program Outlines

Exam goals and a study guide are included in the “AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) exam”. The following are modules of the test:


  • Establishing the collecting system’s operating parameters.
  • Consider the amount, frequency, and origin of your data when choosing a collecting system.
  • Data sequence, format, and compression are all important considerations when choosing a collecting system.

Storage and Data Management—22%

  • Analyzing a storage method’s operating properties.
  • Identifying patterns of data access and retrieval.
  • Deciding on the best way to organize and store your data
  • A data lifetime should be defined based on consumption patterns and business needs.
  • Finding an acceptable system for categorizing data and maintaining metadata is step number.


  • Identifying the data processing needs of the project.
  • Creating a method for processing and preparing data for analysis.
  • Putting a data processing system into action and automating it.

Analysis and Visualization—18%

  • Analyzing and visualizing a system to determine its operating properties.
  • the process of determining which data analysis solution is most suited for a certain situation.
  • Choosing a suitable data visualization method for a specific situation.


  • Choosing the right authentication and authorization methods.
  • Protecting and encrypting sensitive information is a must.
  • The implementation of data governance and compliance measures.

Exam Guide: Tips for Better Preparation for AWS DAS-C01 Exam

1. PDF Exam Dumps provided by Dumpsgate

 Using Dumpsgate’s AWS DAS-C01 test preparation resources, you can put your worries to rest. “AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty” may be passed by the help of DAS-C01 PDF questions or DAS-C01 practice exams on your desktop or laptop.

Only a smartphone, tablet, or laptop is required to download DAS-C01 PDF practice examinations. “AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty” certification requires a DAS-C01 test dumps study.


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2. AWS DAS-C01 Exam Guide

The study guide for this exam covers all of the test’s subjects and information. Read more about the test’s target audience and knowledge requirements with this exam guide. Candidates may find out whether they are ready to take the DAS-C01 exam by taking this assessment.

3. AWS DAS-C01 Training

An important service provided by AWS is course recommendations based on the test. However, for the “AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam”, the following course is recommended:

Data Analytics Fundamentals

You’ll learn about several data analytic methods, as well as how to implement them. AWS services for data collection, processing, analysis, and presentation are indicated by five important criteria. Additionally, the course has several goals, some of which are:

  • In the beginning, the qualities of data analysis solutions and a solution are identified.
  • As a second step, let’s go through the different forms of data and how they differ.
  • Furthermore, describing several data storage options, including data lakes, AWS Lake Formation, data warehouses, and Aws Simple Store Services.
  • Next, we’ll take a look at the differences and similarities between batch and stream processing techniques.
  • Amazon Kinesis is then explained in detail as a tool for processing streaming data.
  • Assessing the features of various data storage solutions as a last resort.
  • Row-based and column-based data storage systems are also compared.

4. Training provided by AWS for exam readiness

Study time management and test question explanations are made easier with Exam Readiness training. To get ready for the AWS DAS-C01 exam, a training course is offered that is, nonetheless,

Exam Readiness

This exam aids students in grasping the exam’s subject matter and getting a feel for the exam’s question pattern and strategy. You’ll learn the following things from this:

  • Mastering the test procedure is the first step in preparing for the exam.
  • The second step is to get acquainted with the test format and the sorts of questions that will be asked.
  • When it comes to AWS data analytics ideas, this is the third step.
  • In the next section, we will explain what the exam questions are testing.
  • Finally, putting together a study schedule for test prep.

5. Practice Tests provided by the AWS

It is possible to gauge one’s level of preparedness by taking a practice exam. You will be able to better get ready for the “AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty” certification by taking practice tests. And it enables you to get a handle on the questions so that you don’t run into any difficulties throughout the test.

8 benefits of passing the AWS Certified Data Analytics DAS-C01 Exam

1. Making plans for the future.

First, AWS certification advantages reference cloud technology’s rise. According to estimates, 83% of corporate workloads is on the cloud by 2020. Now AWS is the top cloud provider. AWS credentials may set you up for IT job market dynamics.

Because AWS owns 37% of the market and is growing slowly. Most firms require AWS-certified workers soon. AWS certification may demonstrate to prospective employers your expertise and boost your work prospects.

2. New ways to build competence

AWS certification helps establish professional knowledge. AWS certifications demand study, practice, and dedication to AWS technology.  You must demonstrate your knowledge to earn and retain certification. Aspirants may earn additional AWS certifications to extend their competence. Every AWS pro may switch roles. You may get AWS DevOps after AWS Developer associate.

3. Recognize your efforts

AWS-certified experts are respected. AWS-qualified professionals get digital badges. You may show digital badges as evidence of qualification on social media and email signatures. Digital badges enable instant access to AWS-sponsored events. Digital credentials provide “AWS re-Invent” guests access to AWS Summit events and AWS Certification Lounges.

4. Show dedication

AWS certification advantages include commitment proof. AWS test candidates expend a lot of time and effort to pass. Choosing AWS credentials shows applicants’ loyalty to the platform. AWS certification displays a professional’s dedication to AWS. AWS certification is difficult.

Successful AWS certified professional must have worked hard. The certificate shows experts’ perseverance. AWS certification demonstrates dedication and persistence.

5. Easy AWS certification

AWS credential is also easier than other certifications. Many sites can help you become certified now including Dumpsgate Documents, exam pdf dumps, and teacher-directed training help applicants become AWS certified.

Digital and online training give hands-on exposure to AWS services. AWS certification candidates may quickly obtain test questions and practice examinations. Many hopefuls prefer AWS certification’s flexibility.

6. Better compensation is the sixth reason.

AWS certification pays well. Global Knowledge projects that an AWS certification will boost a professional’s revenue by 24.9%. AWS experts may make around 113,932 USD. Non-certified professionals average US$90,512 per year. This shows how AWS certification may boost your monthly earnings. Who wouldn’t desire more money? The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner(CCP) test demonstrates AWS competence, especially for beginners. Before taking the real exam, take the free AWS cloud practitioner practice test and answer questions in the same manner.

7. Networking opportunities

Accreditation by AWS demonstrates a person’s proficiency in a certain field. The AWS Certified Global Community membership is a significant certification benefit. LinkedIn is open to AWS-certified professionals who want to connect with others. You may also expand your professional network in the neighborhood. It is possible to attend conferences and other events if you have an AWS certification. Your network will grow as a result of this exposure and interaction.

8. Increase the number of projects!

It’s possible to get more work as a freelancer thanks to AWS certification. This accreditation increases a freelancer’s credibility with AWS customers. A well-placed digital badge on social media and a digital signature may be a powerful marketing tool. Because of this, you may utilize the badge to demonstrate your trustworthiness to potential customers and increase your earning potential.


In this article, we have detailed the necessary outlines and information for your “AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty Exam DAS-C01”. As a last thought, AWS is the wave of the future for cloud computing.

AWS, along with other Clouds, is a well-known cloud service provider. Preparing for future developments in the cloud computing employment market so seems to be a real advantage to prepare for.

In addition, we should look at bright prospects for a wage increase and more employment chances. And that too just after clearing the exam by using exam dumps provided by experts at Dumpsgate.

In addition, obtaining an AWS certification assures that professionals be part of the broader AWS community. In addition to establishing a professional credential, AWS certification also provides opportunities to extend one’s professional network. With the criteria for renewal, AWS certification also assures ongoing learning and growth.


1. What is DAS-C01?

Individuals who work in the data analytics field should take the AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01) exam. The exam validates a candidate’s comprehensive grasp of how to utilize AWS services to create, develop, secure, and manage analytics solutions that extract insights from data.

2. What does AWS certification get you?

With the AWS Certification, people can demonstrate their cloud competence and enterprises can develop successful, creative teams for cloud projects with AWS. Choose from a variety of certification examinations based on your job and specialty to help you and your team succeed.

3. Will the AWS DAS-C01 certificate get me a job?

There are a lot of students who question, “Is it enough only to acquire an AWS DAS-C01 certification?”

The answer is that it is never enough to obtain a high-paid job with only an AWS certification. Several additional qualities are critical to launching a successful career in AWS. Along with that you should have a proper knowledge about exam and should have proper material to ace the exam in shortest possible time. Here you can take help from Dumpsgate services. Dumps provided at this platform will give you an in depth knowledge about AWS DAS-C01 exam. 

4. Is it worth getting AWS certification?

Not only does AWS certification appear nice on your CV, but it may also increase the pay or rate you demand dramatically. Our compensation study found that 70% of AWS workers who passed their certification saw a rise in income of up to 20%.

5. What is AWS DAS-C01 Professional salary?

According to our IT skills and Salary survey, the pay rate for AWS DAS-C01 ranges around USD 159,033.

6. Do AWS certifications expire?

It takes 3 years for an AWS certification to expire, regardless of the date, it was achieved. To maintain your certification valid and fresh, you must requalify before the three-year term ends.

7. Is AWS still in demand?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most sought-after talents by companies. Google for “Cloud” on and you’ll notice that there are more than 70,000 results for full-time employment. Skills such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) have the highest number of available positions at 24,361.

8. Is AWS certification hard?

Cloud computing is a broad-ranging discipline, and the exam’s curriculum covers a wide variety of ideas and topics. No certification is easy. You need to do a lot of prep work before appearing in the exam. Moreover grip on subject matter give you an edge over other aspirants. Dumpsgate is giving you that edge over everybody else. Dumpsgate is one amazing platform which is providing latest exam dumps which are designed according too the examiners demand. If you study through these brilliant pdf exam dumps. I assure you that no one can beat you in any certification exam. 

9. Is AWS Data Analytics Specialist exam hard?

The AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty exams are difficult since they cover a wide range of topics. Participants in the test who have already failed once (or twice) will be asked questions about new services on their second (or third) attempt. As a result, you should not rely just on one study source since it shows how varied the test objectives may be. However, we recommend that you look at Dumpsgate’s practice exam. This will assist you in passing your exam.

10. Which certification is best for data analyst?

Following are some famous certifications for Data Analyst:

11. Do data analysts need AWS?

Every data scientist, from a data scientist to a data analyst, must understand AWS and how it works.

12. Which AWS certification is most in demand?

The Solutions Architect – Associate certification is the best all-around AWS cloud certification. It’s the most common and accepted AWS cloud computing certificate, and it provides a solid foundation in the subject. This certification is also sought after by employers in other industries due to its strong fundamentals. The Solutions Architect – Associate accreditation was ranked third-highest in North America by Global Knowledge in 2021, with an average salary of $159,033.

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